Thursday, December 31, 2009

FF in 2010

I have been holding audiences at my Temple in Popke for the past few days, to hear anyone who wishes to air their New Years Resolutions. Now I will mention just a few of the resolutions that Future Femdom itself will make!

More Connectivity!
We will be setting up better ways for all group members to stay connected, find each other and meet. The old issue of 'popping in and out' and 'missing each other' must be dealt with!

The House Of The Future!
There will be a working model of a house, with many 'modern' conveniences, including all of those features that will demonstrate how societal slaves are integrated into the culture.

Reconditioning Center
To increases the quality and involvement of all slaves we will be opening and running the Reconditioning Center officially. (Now we only use it for occasional classes)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Precepts of the Future Goddess


...To provide some understanding of the ways and insight into the attitudes of the Next Generation of Woman, these Precepts shall indicate Living Guidelines for a world where humanity shall be Evolved.


1. slaves are a species of playthings created for the pleasure of Women - and are inferior to Women as a Whole

2. We Play as We May - yet even if a Woman crawls, She is higher than a slave

3. slaves are not to be coveted, nor are they to be the source of any disagreement or agitation - 1,000 slaves are not worth one Woman's tear

4. We gain strength with Our connections and Our superiority must therefore be greatly Known, and woven into the fabric of society

5. As Women, We Play Together to keep the World in motion and the Harmony in Balance

6. When one Woman cannot walk, Her Sisters take her Steps

7. One Woman's insistence on freedom and indivuality inspires such powers in Us All

8. Depart from anger and breathe in the Wisdom of Your Ancestry

9. Strive For the Future as it must be endlessly obtained through Our Efforts

10. We Laugh and Cry together, in equal measure, as this is Our World Forever.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Peace and the Future

To all of those who wish for peace, work hard for peace and fight for peace, I take great joy in the celebration of your efforts, for this is a world destined for great peace and love, and it a world built by you.

This is a time in a history of wonderful realization, of new paths towards a better humanity and a greater connection between imagination and reality. My heart is warmed with each expression of love. I have seen men working together in love, and Sisters holding hands across borders to build a great future.

Happy Holidays to everyone with eyes forward and open hearts. - Love, Gina

Friday, December 18, 2009

Poor Popke!

The entire region of Popke seems to be 'offline' which can mean anything right now. Certain regions are supposedly being fixed, Popke being one of them, so all that can be done is: find a nice coffee shop and relax to wait it out. Hmmmm. An early holiday gift from Second Life?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter 2009 Catalog Out Now

The Dec 2009 Future Femdom Catalog and Guide is out now! get a free copy at the Future Femdom city landing or at any of the Reading Seats throughout the city. Most of the contents are also duplicated in our online guid on the Future Femdom website.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Femdom Magazine 8 is Out

Femdom Magazine volume 8 is out now!
Get it inworld OR see it online.
See it Online!
(I am very happy with the Holiday Greetings I wrote on page 27

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Effort Counts

As I always tell slaves, the Sisterhood appreciates effort.
It's less about results than it is about willingness to try, to work hard, to do your best.
The Future is not made by results.
The Future is built by effort.

I always find it warming to see men really trying to improve, trying to satisfy, trying to really think about what would be best. Are they perfect, or even good at this? No, of course not. That's not the point.
The point is the energy of slaves trying to worship (I call it Worship Energy) is what keeps the fun going, and moving forward. It is the support and love the Sisterhood will enjoy as time goes on.

That is why men must evolve away from their arrogance and barbaric self-centered natures to focus on working hard to worship us. Will they all make it? No....
Only those that TRY.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Facesiting Joke Contest

I always thought the term 'facesitting' was very funny.
It just makes me laugh when I hear it.
In honor of that., I am havinga 'Facesitting Joke Contest'
Send me your funniest joke (somehow related to facesitting)and the winenr will geta choice of two prizes....
1) a faceistting toy (furniture)
2) 30 minutes under my rear as I drink coffee and read a magazine

send the joke in a notecard to me (Ginette Pinazzo) in Second Life.
Never been in Second Life? Here's the direct SLURL to Future Femdom city....


You can send a joke in other ways (Facebook, etc) but only those in SL will be eligible to win.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

See Us On Video!

During a recent search we accidetally stumbled upon this video, apparently recorded by a tiny slave at the old Spikey Steps Femdom Shoestore. You can see myself, Desh and other standing around, chatting and shrinking men. It's not great, but it;s a funny look back in time.
See Video...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Apology Cycle

It is maddening, and it goes something like this: (a typical, though made-up example)

Gina: slave, you did not remove your shirt and shoes
slave: sorry, mistress
Gina: I am not 'mistress', I am Gina..or Goddess..or both.....and do not say 'sorry', only explain things and fix them
slave: I understand, sorry
Gina: (waits)
slave: how can I serve you, mistress?
Gina: twice you said 'sorry' but did not fix or explain anything
slave: yes, mistress
Gina: and THAT isn't even a response that makes any sense
slave: you are right, gina
Gina : (looks at slave's shirt and shoes)
slave: I think women are the greatest. I really love them.
Gina: love starts with respect which starts with listening and paying attention. You do not really respect Women so far.
slave: but I do, mistress
Gina: who is 'mistress'?
slave: errr, Goddess...sorry...
Gina: one more apology and you get kicked into the ocean
slave: I have been so bad. Please kick me.
Gina: goodbye worm. You get ignored.
slave: sorry

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Star Skating Rink Opens!

Maybe it's not 100% complete, but I am so excited about skating, I will announce that Future Femdom's Star Skating Rink will be opened Sunday. There is a basic skating animation system there for those who need it, plus a notecard that explains where to get a really professional skating system. There are benches and mats along the side to sit and watch skaters plus play with slaves. Of course, any men must be on their knees or bellies or backs, so they cannot even try to skate, but must worship Us as we do. I will add a hot cocoa machine soon. Happy Skating!
(the rink is just above the Landing Point)

Friday, November 27, 2009

What Makes A Man Appealing?

Only one thing really matters, if you ask me:
a man's ability to pay attention!
that includes (but is not limited to):
  • Listening
  • Reading AND Comprehending
  • Remembering Things
  • Noticing Details
See? It's not about intelligence, creativity, humor or physical ability (though, they are all great qualities) because if the Paying Attention is not there, none of those other qualities matter anyway.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gifts For A Goddess

(a reprint from an article I wrote for a magazine a long time ago...but it's the season to start thinking about gifts, right?)

Gifts For A Goddess

by Ginette Pinazzo (aka Boot Goddess Gina)

In the spirit of the holiday season, I have compiled this suggestion list of innovative ideas that any little slave can use as inspiration in its pursuit of that perfect 'gift' for its Goddess. I will preface this list with three pieces of advice:
1. Do not use a gift of any kind as a substitute for the fulfillment of your regular, expected, required duties and acts of devotion. Gifts are an 'extra' way to please Us.
2. Do not expect increased attention or preferential treatment as a result of gift-giving. Your reward is the giving, and any knowledge that you may have given well.
3. For a Goddess, any and every day may be a holiday, and if you do not think it is a holiday, you may make it a holiday with the right gift!

Now on to the list!

10 Ways To Please

1. SCULPTURE: It may seem old-fashioned, but a sculpture in Her image is not inappropriate IF it is done well. Consider the hiring of a truly professional artist and have relevant source materials at hand! Bear in mind that this gift may or may not be displayed in Her Realm, but may, in fact, be installed in a Shrine or other such location. (She may not 'keep it' but it will get used nonetheless) Her Image is best, as an abstract piece of art or other subject matter may not suit Her design tastes.

2. SHOPPING: Regarding design (and fashion) tastes, the gift of jewelry, accessories or even clothes is not not advised as such are matters of private preference. Instead, consider a 'Gift Card' to a shop that specializes in high-end merchandise AND good customer service. (rare but critical) For the best experience, spend the extra money and arrange for a store representative to be available as a Shopping Assistant for the time when She uses the Gift. Personally, I believe Jewelry is the safest choice as there is literally no end to the jewelry requirements We normally have!

3. FLOWERS: Another type of Gift Card to consider is one for a Flower and Gardening Shop. Resist the predictable notion of buying flowers and allow her to browse and choose her own arrangements, to her personal taste. A shop with a hired Shopping Assistant is recommended for this, too. Do not expect to attend these shopping experiences. You will probably 'get in the way'.

4. TIME: An obvious but unbeatable gift is Time, particularly when that time is spent relaxing, meditating and communing with the Universe. Research an ideal 'vacation spot' and pay for a few days and nights. There are many such beautiful places that may be rented. Do not expect to share the vacation. The point is the Alone Time.

5. MUSIC: This requires research and much hard work (but if you were a lazy slave you probably do not know a Goddess anyway).
Follow these steps:
...Discover the various styles of music She enjoys. Be persistent until you have a good, long list and a true understanding of her tastes. More than the names of artists or 'bands', but a good understanding of what aspects of music Move Her.
....Research LIVE Events and make a list of any and all such Events you feel will fit Her tastes. Compile a list that spans many week's worth of time.
...If possible, compile a list of links to any music videos or audio that shows examples of the artists in any of those Events
...Give Her these lists in an organized fashion so that She has a calendar with which to plan her schedule. The benefit of this? The time-consuming work of finding good LIve Music Events is now being addressed. Quite lovely. an extra option, be available as a guest to go with Her to some of the Events OR notify her closer friends to see if they also want to go. Concerts can be fun with others, notably friends.

6. READING: If possible, spend time with Her in conversation that is deeper than usual. (I am aware that this task is not for all slaves!) Discuss philosophy, science, art, any topic that engages the intellect and imagination. Based on these conversations, research literature that you feel will interest Her. A Gift of a compelling book (in whatever form of media is expedient) is a treasure.

7. WRITING: a well-written series of prayers, poems, prose pieces and other words of praise to a Goddess is always enjoyable. Short pieces that work together to form a larger, impressive body of work are the best as the work may be enjoyed in small doses at a time.

8. SLAVES: for the Goddess that enjoys a multitude of worshippers (as I do), consider the fabulous prospect of presenting Her with a large group of new slaves. This may be done in a ceremonial manner or in a more casual party atmosphere, depending upon the nature of The Goddess.

9. CEREMONY: A well executed ceremony designed to praise a Goddess is very traditional but still in style. A few points: Ensure that She has time to be present for the Ceremony. (Scheduling!) Involve many participants....a ceremony with just you is hardly a ceremony....Keep it Interesting! Have many parts to the Ceremony, but keep each section short and fast-moving, so that the entire Ceremony does not exceed one hour. Include music, dancing, impressive visual effects, props, etc.

10. Chocolate

Happy Holidays! - GINA

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nightime Events / Scheduling

This is how I have been scheduling the various daily events at Future Femdom for a long time.....(this way you can see the 'method' to it!)
Generally, I pick a time of day (it can be anything.....7AM......11AM.....3PM....8PM...etc), and then I try to have one event every day at that time for a full week.
(last week, everything was at 9AM...this week , everything will be at 9PM, for example)
Why do I do this?
The theory is to help 'build' some consistency within that week to help build attendance and awareness, and also to be 'fair' to members from all over the world. Eventually,. more people will be in the city ...a little more spread out over all 24 hours. I have no preference myself for any specific time. (I travel and time is almost a non-issue with me) and I think this MIGHT be a good compromise given SL's global attendance.
Feel free to comment!

New Oral Stimulator

the poster for the latest fun toy at Future Femdom..I must admit: I really like running demonstrations of this toy

Thursday, November 19, 2009

SL's Best Bathroom?

We are running a cute photo contest this week. Send us a photo of 'SL's Best Bathroom / Powder Room / Restroom' and the winner will receive a new Jewelry Pod. Photos will be judges on artfulness, creativity, bathroom design, etc. Deadline: Sun NOV 22 at Noon SLT
Send submissions (inworld) to Ginette Pinazzo.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is Cheating?

I see many visitors stop by Future Femdom every day. Most are very nice and respectful of the culture and rules. Most do the simple reading necessary to learn the basic rules.

But there are some that blatantly disregard rules or refuse to even read them, (they get kicked out fast)...
In any case, this has caused me to come up with a funny thought:

Men that are looking to 'play' but cannot be bothered to read 'rules' sound like they are really looking to 'cheat'

My best quotes tend to be on Mondays but a Wednesday quote is possible, no?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Strange Love

We have quite a few cases at this point of men who seem to prefer to show their love of the Sisterhood by being remarkably absent. Is this a trend of slaves in SL? Professing love and respect for Women but making sure never to be around? It's a funny, quirky man-behavior. Well, not that funny. Just strange.

Strange love, I call it. Men who profess amazing passion and supposed respect but cannot bring themselves to staying in basic communication. On one hand, it does not matter, as places like SL provide a never-ending stream of men with so-called 'passion'. On the other hand, what's the point, if very man in that stream is as useless as this?

Well, the point is that, things will improve over time. It's just one ugly road to get there!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Future Femdom Catalog Nov 2009

The cover (and inside spread) of the new November 2009 Future Femdom Guide / Catalog

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shrunken Slave Chase

I was happy with our very first Shrunken Slave Chase event and I hope it becomes a regular event at Future Femdom. We let loose tiny men in the toy city of Micropolis, and Deane and Deshirelle competed to catch them. As of today, Denae was the champion! I'll post pictures soon!

Monday, November 9, 2009

An Apology From A Man is Worth What?

The unwritten (but maybe soon-to-be-written) policy around here is this:
men, if you do something stupid or silly or absolutely wrong, DO NOT APOLOGIZE! An apology is the most annoying sound ever.
If you make a mistake, EXPLAIN why you did it.
Then, FIX the problem.
I am appalled that men in SL do one stupid thing after another and somehow think 'apologizing' will erase the mistake and incur forgiveness.
No, it does not work that way.
And I encourage all Sisters to take my position.
How it works is THIS way:
you earn forgiveness by explaining what you did wrong and why, and then work hard to fix the problem. This is the ONLY way we can have any confidence you have actually learned from your mistake.
Any questions?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

300 Members and Growing

We get more members everyday..faster than I kick them out! (joke....well..sort of). This means we grow slowly, but have a tighter, more dedicated group. Today we passed 300 members. Yay!

Some days I think they are hanging out on the Landing Point at the same time...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What I Have Learned From Second Life: Part 3

More 'bdsm' and other concepts that have baffled me since arriving in SL. Everyday, I learn more.

This is one of the funnier terms to me and I still laugh when I hear it or use it. At first, I was not sure if it meant to sit on something using your own face or not. Now I know. Is sitting on a man's face comfortable? Is it even good for your back?

This is a very common term everywhere, I know. In SL, it is particularly funny to me, though. People in a 'virtual world' who, on top of that. are 'playing characters'. I cannot tell where the RP and whatever-is-not-RP ends. Is it all RP? Is none of it RP? (RP = Role-Playing). I prefer to keep things simple and have fun, work on the message, and make an impact.....but not worry about whether my fairy wings are 'part of an RP' or just 'a fashion statement' (never wore fairy wings...just an example). The entire 'RP' thing seems to make everyday Chat very confusing! (are you speaking in your vampire voice just then??)

This is a serious one. A truly cult-like misogynist phenomenon that is rampant in SL. Many are not too deep into it (yet are still participating in a barbaric realm, whether they have thought about it or not...thanks for keeping the Movement back 2000 years), while others are completely brainwashed. Just what the world needs: ANOTHER exercise in revolting primitive practices where the patriarchy attempts to thwart destiny. One issue with these types and their world is the practice of nonconsensual acts (ie. rape)...Do I really need to go on about this? The fact that, as of this writing, SL STILL does not screen gor nonsense as 'adult' (yet screens 'femdom' as adult), makes me ill. Despite what many brainwashed goreans will tell you, their world is about sex to a large degree, and about hate or abuse of Women. More to come about my growing campaign to get SL to relegate gor into 'adult' status soon......This misogyny must end

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Moon Meditation

Just some spare moments under the Moon

Monday, November 2, 2009

Femdom Art Auction Starts

FEMDOM ART AUCTION (November 2009)

We are running a 'silent' auction throughout the first 2 weeks of November to make room for our next art exhibit and to help raise money for the city. This is a fundraiser.

All of the art on the Gallery Walkway is available for the auction. (there are 12 pieces)
Remember these pieces are limited edition (limited prints).
They are NOT copies. You are bidding on one-of-a-kind pieces.
I don't know if anyone else does this is SL!

Look at the art.
Send me a notecard with a list of which pieces you like and your bid for each piece.
You may bid on as many pieces as you want. (do not send money...just bid)
All bids must start at 100L.

Auction ends: November 15 Sunday at Noon
At that time, the highest bidder of each piece will win that piece and must buy it.

All winners will also receive a gift certificate for a professional photo shoot by a talented SL photographer.

Good Luck! (Love, GINA)

Teleport to City

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Femdom Limericks Are In

We received all of the entries for the Fall Femdom Limerick Contest and I was amazed to see that we had MORE entries from people OUTSIDE of our membership than from those IN our membership. This says something about the Future Femdom group...or says something about those NOT in the group. (sigh) Either way, I am glad for the entries we did receive and look forward to the judging process! More to come!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

What I Have Learned from Second Life (part 2)

More 'bdsm' and other concepts that have baffled me since arriving in SL. Everyday, I learn more.

FURRIES: This is a HUGE phenomenon in SL. People dressing as animals, or who look exactly like animals, or have animal parts attached to them, etc. (I am sure they have smaller categories for these types). Never sure how to handle some of them in Future Femdom. Let's see....
A man with a head of a dog? I suppose that's a man.
A man on all fours with a dog-tail? Definitely a man.
A man with a full 'dog costume' but who talks? A man but one that sends mixed signals.
(ummm..sorry...but I won't 'play' with animals)
A man who looks exactly like a real dog that barks and does not talk? I suppose I can treat that one like an actual dog, maybe, I don't know. Ugh! Only in SL!

MINI-GIANTESS: This one makes no sense at first but I THINK it refers to a Woman who is very large but not 'too' large. (How many meters is too large??) Whatever that means. I shrink men sometimes and do not 'grow giant' so I am no Giantess and really don't get this one. It's just a really funny-sounding term to me.

CBT: Another acronym. This one appeared to me when I had made a cute set of steps designed to allow the action of stepping on a slave's cock. I think it means Cock and Ball Torture. This needs an acronym? Haha. Anyway, how about making new ones? MUHT: Messing Up Hair Torture? SNONCT? Scratching nails on Chalkboard Torture?

What I Have Learned from Second Life (part 1)

I admit to having a certain ignorance of some 'bdsm' terms and other concepts when I first arrived in SL. Everyday, I learn more. (part of this is due to the fact I am not really so connected to that culture, but anyway...)

SISSIES: what a shock to see how many men dress as Women and call themselves 'sissies' especially odd phenomenon to me. At first, I was mortified that a man would dress as a Woman to somehow show submissiveness. What message is that?? That a whining caricature of a Woman is a slave? So many strange signals there. Now I find many of them annoying or very rude, but there are a small number that are better. Now I sometimes make them undres sand squirm and scream their man-ness in public.

CFNM: yet another acronym (can't get enough of those!) Stands for Clothed Female Naked Male. Apparently this deserves an acronym? Anyway, it amused me because that was the status I assumed to be normal anyway. Why waste fabric on a man? Why cover up the pleasure objects known as men?

SAPIOSEXUALITY: I am still not sure what this really means. I think it refers to people who love The Mind, or Humanity in general, or being erect? I will need to find out more, I guess!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Added a document: Shrunken Slave Tags and Procedures to the Future Femdom website.
This is a simple 'code of conduct' created as a guide for using the Shrunken Slave System.
Not only is the system a technical matter, but an issue of standards that must be aligned with the concerns of the Sisterhood.
By the way, here is the link to the site!
Future Femdom site

Monday, October 26, 2009

Multitasking: The Myth

Many times, a slave will approach but seems hesitant and sometimes leaves because it claims it 'does not want to interrupt'. What?

Maybe I am doing something, or maybe chatting with others. In any case, I can do many things at once. When We are chatting or playing or anything, it's really NOT a problem if another man crawls up to Us and says hello. Trust me, we can handle it.

Men, you insult Us by assuming we can't do more than one thing at a time. And you are crazy if you think you being silent or (worse yet) leaving is somehow better than saying hello.

I realize in some circles that a Mistress often tells men not to speak until spoken to, or never to interrupt. This is one of many ways I differentiate the term Goddess from mistress. A Goddess can oversee and care for many. In fact, 'many' is the preferred situation anyway. I LIKE to have many slaves around. That is warming to me.

And it is beyond rude to think you deserve some type of solitary attention!
So, next a good man and crawl close and offer worship....Join the Crowd!

Jewelry Pods finally are Here!

Here's the poster....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hard Work!

It fascinates me how much hard work is really required to run a place in SL. Especially a place with ANY type of rules or specific culture. As we tend to attract many 'newbies' (either new to SL or new to our place) it can sometimes be a constant flow of arrivals who have no idea what to do or how to behave. Few actually read signs or notices or touch kiosks for notecards. (I will guess that 3/4 do not).

This means that someone (often myself!) can get 'caught' at the Landing Point, directing newbies and in some sad cases, kicking them out. On busy days, this can be tiring work.

In any case, it's one more reason I am horrfied when anyone thinks everything should be 'free' in SL. Running a city or any type of realm is endless work, but actually dealing with people with such intensity is far beyond that. It's real time. It's very demanding and requires high professionalism. Not for the 'faint-hearted'!

Videos and Lag

I am running a short survey throughout the membership, asking about lag and any effect the video stream might have on it. It seems that some peopel really slow down when they have their media stream turned on. (I suggest, if that happens, turning off the media stream in your preferences). I will make a decision based on responses to the survey this week, as to whether or no I will keep the videos looping 24/7 or not.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

All New Jewelry Pods

Will be selling the all new Jewelry Pods by tomorrow...very happy!
They come in 3 styles so far. 'Melon' contains gold and silver inside. 'Spectral' contains games. 'Sakura' contains pearls. The Pods can be opened or closed and play music when open. Plus teh pedestal inside can be used to display a Shrunken Slave! Here are some photos....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's the 'boy' thing all about?

Maybe it is a local expression / custom but I never quite understood the habit of calling men 'boys'.

It seems a common practice in the 'femdom community'. and I don't find it offensive, just odd. 

To me, it is significant that a man falls to the floor and worships. Not a boy. There is no significance to a 'boy' falling in reverence, because a boy is a yet-unformed man anyway. When men fall to the floor and accept their destiny to worship the Matriarchy, its has great significance. They are ending the old, unnatural ways of the oppressive patriarchy and crawling on a New Path.

Calling them boys does 2 things: it removes that significance, and it also lessens their level of responsibility in their behaviors. We can try to expect some level of maturity from men, but from 'boys'? That is setting a 'low standard'. I don't love being called a 'girl' (depending on context, it can be acceptable, but is often belittling)....but I really don't love referring to men as 'boys'.

Calendar Reminder

We keep an ongoing schedule online at:
Although we prefer smaller, more casual events, rather than big, laggy ones...we encourage all members to keep up-to-date with latest parties and happenings.

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Shrunken Slave Ballet Animation

We have just added new addition to the popular Shrunken Slave that makes tiny men spin and dance (touch the slaves and they also play music!). These will be fun on their own and veen more fun when the new line of musical Jewelry Boxes come out next week....

This Week at FF

Monday at 7PM SLT: Meeting in the Powder Room
Tuesday at 7PM SLT: CBT Party
Wednesday at 7PM SLT: Massage Hour

Update About Updates!

It is hard to get the word out sometimes in SL...
Not everyone reads Notices (or even knows that Notices get archived in a group's information so if they miss on they can 'catch up')
Not everyone reads Group IMs for those 'last minute' new items
Not everyone reads signs or touches kiosks to get chat or notecards
Not everyone reads 'autochat' or accepts 'autogiven' notecards
Not everyone reads a website or blog....
Many people just TP in and wander around, hoping to meet some green dots and that's it.
My latest idea is to have an autogiver (and touchable kiosk too) at the Landing Point of Future Femdom that hands out a Daily Update notecard. This card has the latest news only.
Changes to the city, new policies, new items in the catalog, new events, etc.
It's not spammy (never sent out as a notice), but only is given out to arrivals.Even if you check it every other day, i will still have great value.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Boots Licked Late At Night?

We had to switch this weekends' 2-part Bootlicking Marathon from early morning to late night.
New times
Slaves should expect to be licking leather an doing the best emoting ever.

When a slave is 'challenging'...

In my neverending attempt to decipher the male psyche, I discover some very odd and annoying habits. There is that occasional man who contacts me who seems to make 2 claims:
1) that he likes a challenge/to be challenged
2) that his worship must be 'earned'

On the surface, those 2 points may seem reasonable, and they would be if they were not 'code' for something else. Code for what? Her is what I THINK is a good translation, based on the many I have seen that follow this EXACT pattern.....
1) is arrogant/difficult
2) is selfish and is thinking of himself first and probably only

Cynical? Maybe, but I am basing this on case after case.
Here is the breakdown:
if a man is going to repeatedly tell you he likes a challenge and expects his 'worship' to be earned, then has NO idea how to make a good introduction and warm up to you. He is boasting in a sense and drawing lines in the sand. Not a very good way to begin a connection.

As I said, those 2 points may sound reasonable on their own, but what I have found is this: if a man feels the need to state these things early on and repeatedly, he must be doing it to try to convince himself, because really.....why declare it otherwise?

The one man today declared these things but was instantly offended when I told him to follow the SIMPLE house rules at Future Femdom. Excuse me? You love to talk about yur needs.wants/styles.philosophy but can't be respectful enough to take your shoes off in someone's property? Men that like to be difficulty ARE difficult! Who needs that stress?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making 2 New Friends!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yet Another Perplexing Moment in SL

They keep coming! Those perplexing moments!
A slave who started on 'shaky ground' a long time ago, finally seemed to be getter better. The man seemed to be learning the ways of Future Femdom and, while not the most active slave, was getting more involved a tiny bit at a time. (I am keeping this version of the possible very long story short on purpose).
As the result of an assignment, the slave wrote a very good piece about the Matriarchy. His essay was not perfect, but seemed cleverly put together and a good read about the future of the Sisterhood and humanity. I was pleased.
Oddly, that same slave began asking me to 'train' a mistress. This is something I do not really do ('training Sisters?). He claimed he was seeing her, but she was 'new' and needed guidance. I gave the slave polite encouragement and offered to meet her to, at least, chat and communicate (not train). This did not happen, though.
The next thing I know, when I IM the slave to congratulate the worm on his essay, my IMs are ignored.
The slave arrives eventually at the city and is rude, seemingly not following orders. It sits down finally and tells us he has now been owned by that mistress and cannot be used by any other Woman. This is a supreme insult to all Sisterhood, and I wasted no time in ridding of him for good.
Apparently, the worm's sudden discovery of a 'new mistress' was excuse for it to turn its back on all others (those who had been patient and loving with him for so long). This is ANOTHER example of why slave ownership is wrong. It turns respectful worshipers into rude filth, sometimes overnight.
There are good worshipers out there. I see them all the time. It amazes me that there are ones like this creature that still haunt Second Life, though.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The cover and inside of the new October Future Femdom Catalog and Guide

Monday, October 12, 2009

No Hunting, Stealing, Fishing!

Just a reminder that certain sneaky practices are prohibited in the city of Future Femdom. Of course, what would life be like without grey areas, especially Second Life, but nevertheless.,....we must try to have some standards, no?)
I define hunting, stealing and fishing this way:
The practice of coming to a realm (especially an Open Society such as Future Femdom) with the intent to 'capture men', take them away from the city and own them, or otherwise restrict them so they cannot return or be usable to All. This practice is a PLAGUE in SL, and is even connected to some real scams. We are not and never will be exclusive. We refuse to deny slaves to the Sisterhood; all men are to be usable to All. This makes us an 'easy target' for hunters, stealers, and fishers. Any men that fall for these tricks and get restricted will be removed for this society and probably banned. I have no tolerance for it. (I consider it a major insult to the Sisterhood) Any Women that engage in the practices obviously do not understand Societal Femdom and also cannot be involved in FF anymore. Liberation is what keeps an Open Society thriving.

MONDAY Meeting in the Powder Room

Monday at 12 noon, all Sisters are invited to join me in the Powder Room of Future Femdom to chat and freshen up if necessary (maybe you are on your way to a party?...or maybe you just came from a party?..or maybe THIS IS the party?????).
It's SL, so I can't guarantee the mirror actually 'work's' but is that really a problem?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reading Can be Fun!

We had a fun live 'reading' of last season's Femdom Limericks in the Play Garden today. Slave kneil and slave wilbur did a great job laying on the stage and presenting the material. Hopefully, we will great some fabulous entries for the Fall contest!
Here is a photo of a slave inside the Slavearium, during the event....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Femdom Limerick Contest Begins Sunday

On Sunday at noon SLT we will have a reading of Femdom Limericks from last seasons Femdom Limerick contest (come and's like poetry! but more fun!)

This also marks the beginning of the FALL Femdom Limerick Contets and we will be accepting submission through the end of October.

Don't know the exact structure of a limerick. Research it! There are alwasy good prizes for the top 3 submissions, and the limericks are collected into a volume that will be published.

Good Luck Limericking!
(to submit limericks, send them via notecard to Ginette Pinazzo) (in Second LIfe)
(you can send them in any other way.....via Facebook, etc...but only those in Sl are eligible for actual prizes)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Event Calendar on Facebook

The daily Event Calendar for Future Femdom is now 'embedded' on the Facebook site.
On FB, search for Ginette Pinazzo! (the calendar is there)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Liberation, Love and Worship

What is a free slave?
To restrict a slave in chains, prison bars, collars and chastity, is to stifle the energy of slaves and undermine the role they must play in the future. Men must learn to Worship. That requires great passion. A caged animal is fearful, hurt and may one day rebel or lash out. This is not a path to Worship. In Societal Femdom, we breed them to love. That means they must be free to do so. They must learn to be active and energetic, exercised and fit. They must always be working hard to amuse, please and ........worship!
I do not find any true passion from one that is so limited in its ability to express itself. Furniture that occasionally grunts is not a man to me. A slave that grovels immediately and prays to the bottom of my boot upon the mere sight of it, and offers its heart and body to all of Us without question...that is beautiful to me.
I am always warmed when I see slaves become 'free' from the chains of proprietary ownership and join the mass of men that are learning the ways of the love of the Sisterhood.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Slave Emote Class Special Edition

Thursday at 9AM I will hold a special edition of the Slave Emote Classes. This will be free (though tributes are highly advised) and will be the last class for while that is free, since registration s normally at least 400L. After Thursday, we will return to our normal schedule of classes with advanced registrations.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It Pays To Linger at Future Femdom

The traffic at Future Femdom has been fine for a while, but I have noticed an odd trend. (a typical SL trend, really)...people arrive and look around quickly, and then leave if not enough others are there. This 'popping in and out' cause a strange situation. I see people 'missing' each other all the time! If they would only wait longer! That is the normal way a crowd builds. (it needs time to build!)

Go to a place, but wait! Explore a little there. Find something to do. some toys..etc.

I used to laugh when I realized people were TPing all over SL but never staying, like a funny game. The sad part is that no one ever meets this way! Don't be anxious! Linger! (and feel free to use the Group's IM to call out to others. If not abused, it's a great way get a party started)

Facebook Fun!

For those who use it and care about it...
On Facebook, search for Ginette Pinazzo and become a friend!
Also, there is a Future Femdom group!
Search that and join!
Get socially infected!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Drumming With Elves

I decided to take the All Womens Drum Circle 'on the road' and our first stop was a place called Scythia (elves, fairies and other mystical creatures), in an effort to spread the message of Goddess-Empowerment. It was a very fun group! Here is a photo of the setup.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

House Rules Come First

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it both saddens and surprises me....someone arrives in Future Femdom and tells me that their own , personal rules come first and that the 'house rules' (rules of the sim) do not. This is beyond amazing to me. In one case, a Sister arrived and had 2 slaves accompanying her. The slaves were not following house rules and she told me that they never do because Her rules are what they follow! Is this any way to behave when traveling? It's impolite to a shocking degree. Another seemed to think that a slave she 'knew' was excepted from the normal rules. When I explained to her that all must follow them, she seemed annoyed and eventually both left. I am not sure why anyone would think it is ok to go someplace and impose their own principles on the established principles of a house. Be a good host when you are home, but be a great guest when traveling. That means read the signs and follow the rules. And yes, to all the slaves out teher who get confused...remember: House Rules Come First (no matter which house you are in!)

Slave in a Shoebox

a cute picture of a tiny, shrunken slave inside one of my shoeboxes

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Men Working Together

One of the most beautiful things to me is seeing slaves that cooperate and learn to worship as a group. As they evolve past their barbaric ways and combine their love of the Sisterhood, slaves can be trained to work together in harmony and this is an exciting benefit of a future under the loving and progressive Matriarchy.

Slaves can be trained to cooperate in many ways. (I always say it starts with hello, so we have them simply greet each other in the city of Future Femdom and help each other with tasks and learning). Cooperation can be turned into group worship, with no amount of slaves being too many!

Do the slaves love each other? In a sense, as they love us, I think they do share in that greater love together, though I believe it is more that they must love what they are doing than each other per se. (Not sure.....I need to find a slave to write THAT blog entry!)

In any case, for any who doubt the future is one of Societal Femdom, or who doubt that the Matriarchy evolves with an Open Society without proprietary slave ownership, I suggest learning more about Group Worship. Once you experience the beauty of men working as a group to worship Us, you may be convinced!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Upcoming Events at FF

We are back to our schedule of small daily events! Please see our online calendar or the events sign at the Landing Point of the city.

THURS 11AM - Pleasure Rug Demonstration
FRI 11AM - Trampledance!
SAT 11AM Pool Party!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slave Pillow Challenge

I am setting out many many copies of the little blue 'slave pillows' all over the city and telling all slaves to practice using them. They are very useful for worship poses in many situations and cane be 'edited' by anyone (moved/rotated) so exact positioning can be achieved! Here is what they look like....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Squirm Mat

a poster for the Squirm Mat, a simple toy that is very useful! (its not actually new but its has a new look and now I am marketing it!)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday Massage

Now that the seemingly endless 'Back To School' event is over (one emote class after another), we will celebrate with a relaxing Massage Hour at Future Femdom, Monday 11AM SLT. Nothing too complicated. Massage Tables. Naked men. What else do you need?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Willingness of Worship

It is no secret to those who know me that I am firmly against nonconsensual acts. All of the men bred in Future Femdom are worshipers (more so than slaves and certainly not servants or pets!) One point about worshipers is that worship is always willing. It is never forced.
Yes, that means, even if we step on a man and crush him to jelly, it is a man that is begging for it!

I realize that nonconsensual 'play' is popular but I cannot condone it in my realms because it goes against the meaning of worship. Fear and anger have no place in heaven, as I say. It is a beautiful and wonderful energy when slaves fall to the floor and worship with their hearts and bodies, 100%. That 'Worship Energy' is amazing and is a form of love beyond that of other forms. I consider it profoundly spiritual.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Attention All Future Goddesses!

I am giving away FREE one of the new 'Femstar' shirts to anyone who actively (or at least, semi-actively) supports and believes in the cause of the Societal Femdom precepts as we preach them in Future Femdom. IM Ginette Pinazzo in Second Life to get the shirt. If I feel you really are a supporter of the cause, the shirt is yours!
What are the Precepts?
Read them here!

New Motto Alert!

The Sisterhood Loves All Men Who Love The Sisterhood

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Femstar Shirts

Have been working on some casual tops with a 'femstar''s the first one in the line...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Target Women

I absolutely love the video series Target Women and highly recommend it. It is a hilarious and very clever look at the insulting way corporations market towards Us. The series is easy to find on YouTube (search Target Women). Enjoy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Do We Dominate?

It occurred to me when I was asked about 'Domination' styles, that I never thought of dealing with slaves that way. I kept thinking and I realized that Future Femdom, and Societal Femdom in general has little or nothing to do with Dominating anyone. I kept thinking even further and realized a great truth that shows, yet again, another way in which Societal Femdom differs from other 'femdom' communities.

A Goddess does not Dominate.
A slave Worships.

That is a fundamental difference!
We do not 'do the work' to give orders and control or punish men. (though it happens, it is not our focus). We simply live our lives. Work, play, live and love.
And as we work, play, live and love, the man worships Us.

The slave does 'the work'.
This is why we do not have lazy, slow or shy slaves in our society.
They must have energy, passion and be very active because they must do everything to please and amuse us. This is a beautiful energy and it makes our working, playing, living and loving all the better!

In conclusion, I'd have to say this is possibly the most important and liberating lesson in all of Societal Femdom.

Gina in Femdom Magazine issue 6

I wrote the 'View From The Top' column in this issue of Femdom Magazine, available inworld AND see it here online: (just some of my random thoughts on 'Domination')

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Emote Class Schedule: Back To School

Part of the Femdom Network's 'Back To School' educational event, throughout September, we will be running special classes designed to improve the passion, energy and usability of slaves using emoting skills. These classes start out basic and progress but should be helpful to each and every man out there. Emphasis on active worship, not passive servitude. Note that Future Femdom is strict Societal femdom (all men are slaves here, bred to worship all Woman. The rules are available at the Landing Point. )

THU 17 at 9PM
FRI 18 at 1PM
SAT 19 at 8AM
SUN 20 at 1PM
MON 21 at 11AM
TUE 22 at 5PM
WED 23 at 11AM
THU 24 at 10AM
FRI 25 at 8PM
SAT 26 at 2PM
SUN 27 at 10AM

We STRONGLY suggest IMing to schedule a class in advance.
IM Ginette Pinazzo
Classes are free to active Future Femdom Group Members, though Tributes to the realm are always encouraged.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heavens' Meditation Pillow

the p;oster for the latest 'furniture' available at Future Femdom

This Week at FF

the events this week scheduled at Future Femdom:
(all times are SLT)
TUE 7PM - Facesitting Contest
WED 7PM - All Women's Drum Circle
THU 9PM - Slave Emoting Class

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Heavy Traffic

The past few days have kept a Goddess very busy with appearances and events. In that time, the traffic at Future Femdom has grown so fast (today within the top 10 of all Femdom places in SL). Perhaps, for the sake of traffic, I should schedule myself with more appearances and events! I am joking, of course, because I was never concerned about traffic so much, but more about quality. I just find the increase interesting!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Don't Love Calling Slaves Stupid.....But.....

While I do see those that seem to enjoy cursing at, insulting, or otherwise verbally degrading men, that has never been my way. Why? The Sisterhood likes, wants and loves men that are NOT stupid, so an attempt is made to improve them, or at least inspire them to show greater effort. In other words, no laziness, no slowness and no stupidity. A worshiper who is any of those things is useless. (other 'femdom communities' seem to tolerate lazy worms, but I simply cannot) This is about the future, after all.

Why do I bring up this topic?
Because I have found some very stupid men lately.
It's partly because I use certain 'tests' to separate the truly worthless ones from the ones that might give pleasure.
One such test:
When a slave 'misbehaves' or does anything rude, stupid or unacceptable (even the best ones make mistakes now and then), I do not forgive them. Never. Forgiveness is not automatic process and thy must WORK to get back in favor. It's one reason I tell them that apologies are not accepted here, only explanations and fixes.
When a man 'messes up' bad enough to be banned from the city, I ban him. When he cries to come back and 'promises' to be better, I use my test:
1. The slave must do 3 things to get back in favor (I call them labors).
2. Here is the key, though. I will NEVER tell the slave what to do. The slave MUST give me a list of proposed labors he thinks I will like and accept. He must be 'creative' We negotiate over the list. If 3 are decided upon, he must then do all 3 BEFORE I un-ban him.
This test forces the man to create his own labors and tests his laziness.
Why should WE do the work to give orders, when the slave shoudl figure things out?
They will NOT get better unless they try!
Sadly, I am calling some men STUPID lately because some of them cannot think of 3 labors to even START this process. Thsi really separates the lazy from the ones with passion. And yes, a lazy man is never passionate enough!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Freshen Up! New Powder Room!

I am happy to announce the opening of our new Powder Room! It's at the southern end of the city, overlooking the ocean in the Aqua area. Stay fresh!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Recap: Female Supremacy Discussion

Sunday's very interesting Group Discussion at Dominion was very well managed by Destiny, the event seemed well attended and I found it to be quite professional. The topic was 'Female Supremacy' and even though I don't consider myself a Female Supremacist as such, they invited me as a guest to deliver my thoughts on the topic. The conversation did digress quite a bit at times, and became a little 'hot' as some seemed obsessed over the issue of non-ownership (societal) slaves, or my own practices, but I expected much of that. I was speaking in a 'traditional' bdsm-inspired place, after all, where traditions of ownership are one of their foundations and they often seem more interested in servants than worshipers. I don't feel we really delved deep enough into the topic of Gynarchy itself, as a political and social movement, but an hour-long group makes delving deep into anything difficult!In any case, it was great fun, and I hope the event provided some inspiration for Open minds.

Six Lovely Slaves!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ban Week Continues?

I cannot explain it, but this past week has shown a large number of highly 'bannable' persons who wandered into the Future Femdom city. Everything from those who outwardly refuse to read the house rules or follow them, to amazingly arrogant men who wield disrespect and curse words as much as they do genitalia. It is always a sad situation to ban someone, but it is an unavoidable reality when dealing with 'the public'. Let's hope this next week proves better!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Emote Classes this week

Mon, Tue and Wed we will have special Emoting Classes for slaves at 1PM each day. Every man I have ever met in SL could benefit from this!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Female Supremacy Discussion

I am getting prepared for Sunday's Group Discussion, the topic: Female Supremacy. These Discussions are held at 'The Dominion' every week. I was happy they invited me as a guest for the discussion, though I am not sure I really am a 'Female Supremacist' per se. In any case, definitions vary. It will be interesting to see where the discussion leads! I will do a short 'rap' of the event afterwards and post it here! Anyone who can make it, it encouraged to attend (space IS limited so be on time) SUN at Noon SLT at the Dominion. (it's been a while since I have done events at another ';femdom 'sim, so this should be interesting on that level too. Some members tend to use 'voice' there which tends to crash me every few minutes, so I hope that does not happen!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

House Pods under Construction

We are starting work on a new idea: House Pods (modular living areas that can be combined into 'houses' to suit your taste). Many have asked about the possibility of 'moving in' to Future Femdom as resident-Goddesses. Although that will happen at some point, for now, we are in the planning stage. Here is a 'model' house made up of 9 pods (Sleeping, Kitchen, Dining, Play, Office, Jacuzzi, Wardrobe, Vanity and Meditation pods). They are barely furnished.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today's Chat Circle: Topping From The Bottom?

It's funny, but Catz introduced the issue of slaves that 'top from the bottom' today at our Femdom Footrest Hour. We all seemed to agree it's a fairly disgusting practice, but to me, the funny part was the arrival of a 'sissy' slave who proceeded to enact exactly the type of nonsense we had been talking about. I have seen exceptions, but the majority of 'sissy' slaves I have encountered so far have been practitioners of this horrible, manipulative scheme. Best punishment? Simply ignore them. (they do go away)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love and Passion on the Road to the Future

In the coming days I will be compiling new guidelines and better advice for those new to Future Femdom, and for those who wish to explore the 'New Wave' of Femdom in greater detail and enthusiasm. I will be blogging, updating the FF site and placing information kiosks throughout the actual city. Why? The time has come to reinforce the basic concepts, principles and Precepts of Future Femdom in general. As the movement grows (happily!) we must work hard to maintain quality and stay on the Path. Of note is the concept of Love and Passion. Societal Femdom depends upon the understanding that no negative emotions can drive what we do. No hate. No anger. (sadness....well that's part of love and life..I refer to dangerous and harmful emotions/behaviors). If you feel hate or anger, the Sisters are here to heal you. This is a topic for me this week because I have encountered a few who think we are man-haters and nothing could be farther from the truth. I will be explaining and expanding this concept soon. For now, remember to Love!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Slave Arena Game at 9PM Today

I am looking forward to another fun version of our Slave Arena Game today, where we make men crawl on their bellies for points. Here is a photo from a past session.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Money and Love

After much thought and hesitation, I find it necessary to explain a few things about money in SL, especially for those who are very new.
Some places don't like to talk about money, and some places think it is 'dirty' or has a stigma. Other places are only about money (sometimes that is obvious; sometimes it is well-hidden!)
Yes, there are many 'scams'. But, there are many legitimate cases too. Sadly, it can be difficult to see which is which, so I am writing this (hopefully) practical guide to help provide some assistance.
If you disagree with any point I make, fine. But it is necessary for me to start making policies about various issues, to try to keep a balance and growth attitude possible.
Future Femdom is a public place, so every type of person and agenda may walk down those ramps. I do my best to educate and enforce customs and rules, and this is an evolving situation!

Why am I doing this?
Partly because I don't like to see anyone being taken advantage of.
Partly because I like to open eyes when possible.
Partly because I think the future is related to more understanding and free, open communication.

(some of my Sisters are not fond of my upfront talk about money, but I prefer that way than to being afraid of discussion, or to hiding an obviously important topic)

I have tried to create 3 basic points that should help encourage some understanding: Elaborations on the points follow.

1. Money may sometimes be a large or small ingredient of a recipe, but it is a necessary one in this world in any recipe, so don't deny it or think it is dirty. Carry some money and have fun spending it. I do. I believe in a healthy economy and I believe in gifts. Gifts make people happy, don't they? Money is not inherently evil. It can be abused, however!

I am amazed that sometimes a slave is around for many weeks and gets plenty of 'attention' but if the very reasonable and appropriate topic of tributes/donations is brought up, that slave becomes defensive, arrogant or annoyed and suddenly, the Women who had invested so much passion and love are all of sudden categorized as escorts or worse. What changed?
I will say it simply: Entitlement is taking advantage. Any man that thinks, somehow, he can disrespect the Sisterhood in any way, including telling Us we are not worth basic, customary economic respect, is insulting the Matriarchy. A man's words or loyalty can be sweet and warming, but in this world where men are like the changing wind, money is an obvious, basic level of support.
I have always owned property here and been working in the business world. (Once you are doing that, you see things very differently)

2. Doing something only for money is not admirable to me and is not ethical.
Many people are doing it that way in SL. So many scams and I am reluctant to list the most popular ones here.
However, doing something only for passion (and ignoring money) is not wise and will lead to failure because leaving out such a simple ingredient will make a recipe not successful.
Balance is the best way.

There are obvious scams where people are doing things just for money. To make it more complicated, there are those who claim to enjoy 'financial domination'. I cannot condone this. Actually, it's a problem that plagues SL.
In the end, it really is a form of taking advantage and abuse with money.
I step on men and crush them sometimes, but their worship is willing, never coerced. I apply the same concept to tributes.
I am an aware Goddess. I realize that 'financial domination' is a real 'kink' for some people and actually is willing for them. At that point, I turn to the simple rule that a Goddess must exercise Responsibility more than anything else. (more than Power, for example). it does not matter if a man wants to be made poor....or owned by a 2-way leash...or kept as your exclusive pet..... men want all sorts of things. That is their energy that we often enjoy to play with!
Your Responsibiliy is far greater than his wants.
That is my definition of Femdom.

On the other end, there are those who do things only for passion/love/social reasons but refuse to tolerate an economic aspect. That is up to them. But I do not consider that a clever way to grow a business, realm, temple or any type of growing place. I have been criticized by some about my upfront attitudes about money (telling slaves they must show support etc), but I am on a mission to grow something and I take it seriously. It's not even a business or a is both AND a divine mission. All forms of support are, energy, maturity...and yes, money!

3. If you cannot afford something, be honest about it. But also, do your best to change your situation so you can afford things soon. In other words, try to get involved in the economy.

I know that, for new arrivals, it is hard to figure out walking in a straight line, let along a tribute system. So I am patient. If someone asks you for money, use common sense. Do not become poor. Participation in the economy means that you stay alive in it! If anyone is trying to 'drain' you, be alert and be cautious. On the other side, do not be cheap or sneaky about money. Be respectful at all times.
is it a balance? Yes.
But what in life isn't?

If you want even more practical tips or ideas, please feel free to IM me anytime.
My goal is to make things better and more open.
Love, GINA

The Energy of Men

I often speak about the joy and pleasure of playing with slaves and to me, that means slaves with energy and passion. A lazy worshiper is useless. Many other 'femdom communities' seem to train men to be overly polite, quiet and reserved 'servants'. I believe this stifles the natural energy of men, and is actually possibly dangerous should the repressed slaves 'lash out' one day, not to mention quite boring. Worship energy is lovely, and to cultivate that from men, I believe that their natural vigor must be encouraged but channeled in the right way. This means active and alert slaves , that are given much to do and also trained to anticipate Our Desires and Whims. This means a combination of natural energies.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Best Coffee in SL

Many make the claim, but really, this is the best. HyperLatte (so strong you cannot drink it sitting down). This is the coffee station in Future Femdom.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Most Attractive Quality in a man?

It is not too hard to figure out, because of its rarity, when you see it happen, it becomes obvious.....the Most Attractive Quality in man is not his worship passion, or his ability to amuse, but........when he Reads and Writes! Yes......nothing is more attractive than a slave with competent-to-good reading comprehension and writing skills! Spend any length of time in Second Life (SL) and you may agree with me!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Trample Ring Party TUE 1PM

We will siting around the Trample Ring Tuesday at 1PM in the Aqua Area..just like the old days! A great way to chat and step on slaves at the same time. I created the Trample Ring as 'metaphor' for Group Play and Sisterhood....and I hope to make it popular again!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Men are like....Cats!!!

It occurred to me in a conversation with Kris today, and after reflection on the strange ways of men that seem to manifest almost daily, that we have been the victims of some really funny patriarchal propaganda for a long time. The notion that men are like dogs and somehow Women are like cats.......pure (though subtle) propaganda! How many do you see in the 'femdom' world referring to men as dogs, for example. (even dressing them up as dogs!) How many crazy similarities are drawn between Women and cats in pop culture?
Here is my BIG thought.
Men are like Cats!
Dogs, after all, are typically loyal above all else. They live to love. They are social. They are sensitive to the emotions, feelings and every nuance of those around them. THAT does not sound like men in any way! Men are not dogs at all!
But cats.....
Cats are only around as long as they are being 'fed'. (think about it) If they love, it is not particularly obvious beyond an occasional physical action (rubbing against you and moaning), They like to tear apart things that mean something to you, and they are solitary...NOT social. Men are cats!
Another myth and manipulation of the!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Next Emoting Class

I am excited to run another session of our Slave Emoting Class on Sunday at 1PM SLT. Teaching these basic skills (with a Future Femdom focus) has proven rewarding. I hope that this helps improve the quality of slaves around here and everywhere!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Slave Ratio: What is it?

Simply a quick look at how many men there are in our Future Femdom society (the more the better!!!!). As of this post, we have about a 2:1 slave to Goddess ratio in our membership. Not bad for our first month!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Squirm Slave Squirm

I have put out some (almost...under 20L) free all-new Squirm Mats in Future Femdom and people have been picking them up, which is great! There are still a few left! These are cute mats with room for one slave and 2 Goddess positions. Simple and functional. A good mat to have at your doorway, for example. Please stop by and see them. You have to find them, though! CLUE: Southern Greenhouse

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catalog Room

I don't love large rooms filled with posters, which most of the stores in SL seem to be, and those annoying vendor screens. What I DO like doesn't exist much in SL: enjoyable, natural , casual environments without posters....personal customer service, etc etc

Nevertheless, I have had to set up what I call the 'Catalog Room', because too many people cannot figure out that they can just buy items off of the floor throughout Future Femdom, and cannot figure out how to use the online catalog and TP system or inworld notecard system to TP around. Anyway, a large room filled with large posters is what this is (but no vendor screens!), though I promise to try to make it as classy as possible.

My goal is to make FF notorious for the best personal service for shoppers. That means: slaves available for testing and use all of the time!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Secret To FLS (Female Led Society)

...well, one of the secrets anyway (hey, they can't ALL be given away in a blog)...
Female-Led Society starts with Female-Led Business (FLB)

When the time is right, I teach slaves to focus not on the high heels and leather dresses, but on the boardroom and the office. I teach them to find groups that they can 'worship' by supporting with various activities. Maybe it is a community group...or a social group...or a company or other team of Women. Support varies greatly, but men must learn to worship Our decision-making, networking and overall management of business, because that is a foundation for our 'taking back' of society.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Slave Emoting Class Went Well

The first class was small but very good, I think. Nickie helped out and I felt very good about the progress. Here is an image from the after-class wrap-up......

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I will be running a Slave Emoting Class on Sunday at noon SLT in hopes we can get the men around here to work a little harder to express themselves. I know, I know......why bother? I insist that the effort is worth it!

Obvious Point #1 that for some reason must still be made

This is #1 in my series of Obvious Points that for some reason must still be made. (points intended for slaves to read and understand. Apparently, 'obvious' is quite a subjective term)
Here's the point:
It does not matter how uncomfortable, resigned or confused you DOES NOT MATTER if you feel less than adequate, unable to worship, or have confidence issues. Whatever you feel, DO NOT simply teleport away without saying goodbye properly or asking for dismissal. NEVER leave in a rude manner. Sometimes I will see a slave who, for some reason, disappears (poofs) and then later IMs with a very pathetic non-excuse (I left because I thought I was bothering you...thought you were busy....wasn't sure if you liked me, etc etc ). That is disgusting and insults all Sisterhood because the slave has puts its issues far above its basic respect level for the Sisterhood. Respect comes first. Always. Never assume that 'your issue cannot be talked over and even solved. By leaving, you act like a child. Not acceptable and probably burns the bridge. Isn't that obvious???

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reiki coming to Future Femdom

I am happy to mention well in advance, that we will be having an Introduction to Reiki class at Future Femdom very soon. Details to come!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DeStresservator Is Here

We have a cute new gadget available at Future Femdom..the DeStresservator, which is a relaxing 'bed' and a large energy ball that presses into you and absorbs stress. The device also has positions for up to 3 slaves to 'help relax you'

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Little Body Worship Today?

at 8PM today, we will have our first Body Worship party at Future Femdom (The Mind Worship party may be next week, depending on how this goes)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mysogynists or Cheapskates?

It does not happen often, but I am amazed when I encounter a slave who will happily stay 'devoted' as long as there is no responsibility on its part, but the second any real support is mentioned (ie. donate to the realm / tribute the Goddesses who live and play here, the slave becomes arrogant, selfish and immediately useless). Apparently, it is ok for these slaves with a sense of entitlement to benefit from the hard work of what WE do, but once actual support (in a material way) is mentioned, their benefitting suddenly looks like what so many men have done over hundreds of years: taking advantage. Yes, it is ok to support with tributes an amusement park, a store, a museum, library etc., but somehow, if it is a 'femdom' place, tributes are tantamount to an escort agency? This is pure, old-fashioned misogyny....that a Woman running any sort of operation that involves money is 'dirty'. Guess what? ALL operations involve money. I happen to be very upfront and honest about it, precisely because I am NOT here for money at all. (I am here for love? Honestly, I am here for ideology) Anyway, these men are engaging in old-fashioned misogyny, though I suspect they don't know it and many of them are just...ahem....cheapskates!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Day Another Domination

Put Down The Sticks

We often joke that the old ways of men (violent competition, rankings and classism, ego and hubrice) have led to them 'fighting with sticks' and that is a path never to be followed again or allowed by the Matriarchy. We have a strict policy that men must never fight, argue heatedly, or engage in serious competition where they belittle each other or create resentment. Their duty and purpose is to worship the Matriarchy and that can ONLY mean they cooperate and work together.

Obviously, the passion and energy of slaves is strong and we all know it can be thwarted into destructive behaviors if the old ways are practiced, but it is the Responsibility of the Sisterhood to teach and practice the New Ways so that this energy can be channeled into the good work of that men are destined to do. For this reason, all slaves must address their inter-slave concerns peacefully and always focus on the important work: Worshiping All Woman

Friday, July 31, 2009

Best Bras?

We have sent out our new Ultimate Bra Guide, compiled by slave silence braveheart, which is the first ina series of hopefully helpful resource guides. It will be available in our new Reading Room (details coming soon)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dancing On Men

We will have another one of our popular Trampledance parties Friday at noon SLT. Slaves will become the floor! When they squirm it does mean dancing is more of a challenge, but that is part of the fun.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Future Femdom in Print

A cute little piece in Femdom Magazine (page 24?)....and some nice photos. The magazine is available inworld and there is an online version.

Life From Mars show notes

Here are the notes from today's art opening at Future Femdom....


Featuring 6 new pieces from....
The Erotic Femdom Art of T.L. Mars

Wicked Mars - Wicked Lisa - Brat Pack - Free Parking - Wild Gwen - Sit With Me, Amelie

TL is a self-proclaimed sexually dominant woman born in the winter preceding the "Summer of Love."
"I discovered Daz Studio and online erotic art in 2006 and have been addicted ever since. I love that I am now able to illustrate all the fantasies that flow from my mind and heart and soul, and to present them to others who share the same passions."

TL's Flickr Site
TL's Main Site
TL's Blog

Also In The Gallery:
5 pieces from IshtarAngel Micheline and 1 from Ginette Pinazzo

All of the art at Future Femdom are EXCLUSIVE to the Gallery and are LIMITED EDITION prints. That means NOT COPIES. (if you buy one, and we hope you do, you can just 'take it' into your bought an original!) Each print is numbered and we keep records of all sales for authenticity purposes. All prints are mounted inside 'Art Pods' (which can be touched to rotate the art, to hide it or reveal it, as desired) If you want your print unmounted, just IM Ginette Pinazzo and ask.

If you are an artist and are interested in the Gallery's guidelines, please also IM Ginette Pinazzo.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Secret Spa Day!

Goddess Nickie is hosting a surprise Spa Day in the pool area of Future Femdom Tuesday at noon SLT. Come and relax!!!

Last Minute Drumming

Yesterday's Bootlicking Marathon was fizzling (not enough slaves showed up who could put two words together to make a sentence) so we distracted ourselves with an impromptu Drum Circle session, which ended up being a great blast

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bootlicking Marathon

We4're having our first Bootlicking Marathon in the new place today at noon SLT. Hope it works out well. It is usually a lot of fun!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Art Gallery News

I am excited to announce an opening recption for new work by TL Mars, showing at Future Femdom.
Artist T.L. Mars will have some of her newest pieces on display at Future Femdom. Come to the opening reception and meet TL herself! These new pieces are Limited Edition Prints (not copies!) so support the arts community and femdom itself and buy a print! There will actually be TWO receptions, 8AM and 8PM.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Salsa Dance and Trampling

Fri 8AM we will have another version of our Salsa Trampledance, where slaves are the floor and our heels show no mercy! At the Party Area of Future Femdom.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Slave Shrinking Party Thursday

Any men that show up at this party will likely become shrunk! ..That's the theme. We have done this type of party a month or so ago, and I am not sure any of the slaves survived. This will be at 8AM Thursday in Future Femdom

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Items in Catalog

I am still putting together the official Future Femdom Catalog. This will be an online version (already on the website now) inworld version which will be sent out to group members plus available at a kiosk...and some type of search system in the city itself. Anyway, at this moment, here are the 3 most recent items added to the Catalog. I encourage you to see them at Futrue femdom.
Club Table (a cute little tabl;e that can have 2 slaves worship of which can have its 'essence collected'_
Dream Table (a nice little relaxation platform)
Ecstasy Table (a hi-tech massage and body worship machine, that has many option for using full-size AND shrunken slaves to massage you!)
Browse the online catalog and use the Teleports to check out the new toys!

Slave Arena Game today at 8AM

We'll be running an early morning version of the infamous Slave Arena Game at Future Femdom today at 8AM. It is probably a good idea to read the game's rules in advance to be prepared

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ecstasy Tables Demonstration 8AM

We will be showing off the high-tech massage toy called the Ecstasy Table today at 8AM SLT. Stop by Future Femdom (in the Aqua Area). I like this toy because it can also use Shrunken Slaves to add to your massage pleasure

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Womens Drum Circle RepriseAll

It's time for an early morning wakeup (well not THAT early) at 8AM at Future Femdom, as we gave another All Womens' Drum Circle. Come and play with us! (men can arrive but must sit and watch from the beach)

Acronym Alert = FLW!

Everyone knows FLR = Female-Led Relationship
That is old-fashioned by now! Here are some new, more relevant ones to add to the list.....
FLB = Female-Led Business...
FLC = Female-Led Community...
FLS = Female-Led Society....
FLD = Female-Led Destiny...
FLW = Female-Led Whatever!...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Femdom Footrest Hour

We will eb having our regular get-together at the Chat Circle to talk about any topics you want. rest you feet on a s;ave's back as ypu relax, and maybe we will throw one into the Capture Globe for entertainment!

Future Femdom site is SLURL enabled

aA SLURL is a special address that links directly to locations within Second Life. Now many of the areas and items mentioned in the Future Femdom website ( have SLURLS atatched which means if you see an area you want to visit, or an item you wish to use or buy, you can click on the SLURL link and go directly there! You will have to log on (or already be logged on) to SL to finish the teleportation.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Micropolis: Toy City opens Friday

Friday at noon, the official opening of Micropolis, the most elaborate 'toy city' in Second Life opens, designed for 'Shrunken Slaves' (men MUST have that system in order to enter the city) and for Goddesses to chase them around. It's a fun place to play with slaves!!!

Massage Party THU July 16 at Noon

Join us at Future Femdom for a nice relaxing time as naked men rub you the right way! It's our first Massage Party at the new place!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Slave Rian Breaks Slavearium Record?

We are still waiting for absolute proof, but by all accounts, it seems as if slave rian passed the previous record of 10 in the Slavearium during the little demonstration on Tuesday, with a result of 11. We use the tank to train slaves to produce better and more reliable 'results'. The Matriarchy needs slaves that can produce, after all! of course, this is all for fun and we do not ever encourage harsh or negative competition among men. They must collaborate and work together at all times to worship the Matriarchy. It is fun watching them wriggle in the Slavearium to worship, though. 11 times and the worm seemed exhausted. Perhaps more training?

Trampledance today at Noon

We will have our first Trampledance in the place. Wear your heaviest, sharpest or most fun pairs of heels and dance on a floor made of naked slaves. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slavearium Demonstration TUE at Noon SLT

It's like an aquarium, but for slaves! Stop by around noon SLT to see a demonstration of this new, fun attraction at Future Femdom. (the Slavearium is in the Play Garden Area)

Future Femdom Opens!

Celebrate the future of humanity in the first 100% Female-Led Society in the world of Second Life. Future Femdom opens Monday July 13 and is a small city filled with attractions and events.
How to Teleport There:
(Second Life Adult Verification necessary)
Also, see the Fuiture Femdom site, a companion guide to the city, with an online tour, articles to read and great stuff to buy!
Future Femdom is where all Woman is Goddess-Empowered and all man is bred to worship the Matriarchy. This is NOT a world of private slave ownership, as such old-fashioned notions only serve to separate the Sisterhood and echo an oppressive patriarchy. This is the future....we play together and grow together. - Love, GINA