Saturday, November 28, 2009

Star Skating Rink Opens!

Maybe it's not 100% complete, but I am so excited about skating, I will announce that Future Femdom's Star Skating Rink will be opened Sunday. There is a basic skating animation system there for those who need it, plus a notecard that explains where to get a really professional skating system. There are benches and mats along the side to sit and watch skaters plus play with slaves. Of course, any men must be on their knees or bellies or backs, so they cannot even try to skate, but must worship Us as we do. I will add a hot cocoa machine soon. Happy Skating!
(the rink is just above the Landing Point)

Friday, November 27, 2009

What Makes A Man Appealing?

Only one thing really matters, if you ask me:
a man's ability to pay attention!
that includes (but is not limited to):
  • Listening
  • Reading AND Comprehending
  • Remembering Things
  • Noticing Details
See? It's not about intelligence, creativity, humor or physical ability (though, they are all great qualities) because if the Paying Attention is not there, none of those other qualities matter anyway.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gifts For A Goddess

(a reprint from an article I wrote for a magazine a long time ago...but it's the season to start thinking about gifts, right?)

Gifts For A Goddess

by Ginette Pinazzo (aka Boot Goddess Gina)

In the spirit of the holiday season, I have compiled this suggestion list of innovative ideas that any little slave can use as inspiration in its pursuit of that perfect 'gift' for its Goddess. I will preface this list with three pieces of advice:
1. Do not use a gift of any kind as a substitute for the fulfillment of your regular, expected, required duties and acts of devotion. Gifts are an 'extra' way to please Us.
2. Do not expect increased attention or preferential treatment as a result of gift-giving. Your reward is the giving, and any knowledge that you may have given well.
3. For a Goddess, any and every day may be a holiday, and if you do not think it is a holiday, you may make it a holiday with the right gift!

Now on to the list!

10 Ways To Please

1. SCULPTURE: It may seem old-fashioned, but a sculpture in Her image is not inappropriate IF it is done well. Consider the hiring of a truly professional artist and have relevant source materials at hand! Bear in mind that this gift may or may not be displayed in Her Realm, but may, in fact, be installed in a Shrine or other such location. (She may not 'keep it' but it will get used nonetheless) Her Image is best, as an abstract piece of art or other subject matter may not suit Her design tastes.

2. SHOPPING: Regarding design (and fashion) tastes, the gift of jewelry, accessories or even clothes is not not advised as such are matters of private preference. Instead, consider a 'Gift Card' to a shop that specializes in high-end merchandise AND good customer service. (rare but critical) For the best experience, spend the extra money and arrange for a store representative to be available as a Shopping Assistant for the time when She uses the Gift. Personally, I believe Jewelry is the safest choice as there is literally no end to the jewelry requirements We normally have!

3. FLOWERS: Another type of Gift Card to consider is one for a Flower and Gardening Shop. Resist the predictable notion of buying flowers and allow her to browse and choose her own arrangements, to her personal taste. A shop with a hired Shopping Assistant is recommended for this, too. Do not expect to attend these shopping experiences. You will probably 'get in the way'.

4. TIME: An obvious but unbeatable gift is Time, particularly when that time is spent relaxing, meditating and communing with the Universe. Research an ideal 'vacation spot' and pay for a few days and nights. There are many such beautiful places that may be rented. Do not expect to share the vacation. The point is the Alone Time.

5. MUSIC: This requires research and much hard work (but if you were a lazy slave you probably do not know a Goddess anyway).
Follow these steps:
...Discover the various styles of music She enjoys. Be persistent until you have a good, long list and a true understanding of her tastes. More than the names of artists or 'bands', but a good understanding of what aspects of music Move Her.
....Research LIVE Events and make a list of any and all such Events you feel will fit Her tastes. Compile a list that spans many week's worth of time.
...If possible, compile a list of links to any music videos or audio that shows examples of the artists in any of those Events
...Give Her these lists in an organized fashion so that She has a calendar with which to plan her schedule. The benefit of this? The time-consuming work of finding good LIve Music Events is now being addressed. Quite lovely. an extra option, be available as a guest to go with Her to some of the Events OR notify her closer friends to see if they also want to go. Concerts can be fun with others, notably friends.

6. READING: If possible, spend time with Her in conversation that is deeper than usual. (I am aware that this task is not for all slaves!) Discuss philosophy, science, art, any topic that engages the intellect and imagination. Based on these conversations, research literature that you feel will interest Her. A Gift of a compelling book (in whatever form of media is expedient) is a treasure.

7. WRITING: a well-written series of prayers, poems, prose pieces and other words of praise to a Goddess is always enjoyable. Short pieces that work together to form a larger, impressive body of work are the best as the work may be enjoyed in small doses at a time.

8. SLAVES: for the Goddess that enjoys a multitude of worshippers (as I do), consider the fabulous prospect of presenting Her with a large group of new slaves. This may be done in a ceremonial manner or in a more casual party atmosphere, depending upon the nature of The Goddess.

9. CEREMONY: A well executed ceremony designed to praise a Goddess is very traditional but still in style. A few points: Ensure that She has time to be present for the Ceremony. (Scheduling!) Involve many participants....a ceremony with just you is hardly a ceremony....Keep it Interesting! Have many parts to the Ceremony, but keep each section short and fast-moving, so that the entire Ceremony does not exceed one hour. Include music, dancing, impressive visual effects, props, etc.

10. Chocolate

Happy Holidays! - GINA

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nightime Events / Scheduling

This is how I have been scheduling the various daily events at Future Femdom for a long time.....(this way you can see the 'method' to it!)
Generally, I pick a time of day (it can be anything.....7AM......11AM.....3PM....8PM...etc), and then I try to have one event every day at that time for a full week.
(last week, everything was at 9AM...this week , everything will be at 9PM, for example)
Why do I do this?
The theory is to help 'build' some consistency within that week to help build attendance and awareness, and also to be 'fair' to members from all over the world. Eventually,. more people will be in the city ...a little more spread out over all 24 hours. I have no preference myself for any specific time. (I travel and time is almost a non-issue with me) and I think this MIGHT be a good compromise given SL's global attendance.
Feel free to comment!

New Oral Stimulator

the poster for the latest fun toy at Future Femdom..I must admit: I really like running demonstrations of this toy

Thursday, November 19, 2009

SL's Best Bathroom?

We are running a cute photo contest this week. Send us a photo of 'SL's Best Bathroom / Powder Room / Restroom' and the winner will receive a new Jewelry Pod. Photos will be judges on artfulness, creativity, bathroom design, etc. Deadline: Sun NOV 22 at Noon SLT
Send submissions (inworld) to Ginette Pinazzo.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is Cheating?

I see many visitors stop by Future Femdom every day. Most are very nice and respectful of the culture and rules. Most do the simple reading necessary to learn the basic rules.

But there are some that blatantly disregard rules or refuse to even read them, (they get kicked out fast)...
In any case, this has caused me to come up with a funny thought:

Men that are looking to 'play' but cannot be bothered to read 'rules' sound like they are really looking to 'cheat'

My best quotes tend to be on Mondays but a Wednesday quote is possible, no?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Strange Love

We have quite a few cases at this point of men who seem to prefer to show their love of the Sisterhood by being remarkably absent. Is this a trend of slaves in SL? Professing love and respect for Women but making sure never to be around? It's a funny, quirky man-behavior. Well, not that funny. Just strange.

Strange love, I call it. Men who profess amazing passion and supposed respect but cannot bring themselves to staying in basic communication. On one hand, it does not matter, as places like SL provide a never-ending stream of men with so-called 'passion'. On the other hand, what's the point, if very man in that stream is as useless as this?

Well, the point is that, things will improve over time. It's just one ugly road to get there!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Future Femdom Catalog Nov 2009

The cover (and inside spread) of the new November 2009 Future Femdom Guide / Catalog

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shrunken Slave Chase

I was happy with our very first Shrunken Slave Chase event and I hope it becomes a regular event at Future Femdom. We let loose tiny men in the toy city of Micropolis, and Deane and Deshirelle competed to catch them. As of today, Denae was the champion! I'll post pictures soon!

Monday, November 9, 2009

An Apology From A Man is Worth What?

The unwritten (but maybe soon-to-be-written) policy around here is this:
men, if you do something stupid or silly or absolutely wrong, DO NOT APOLOGIZE! An apology is the most annoying sound ever.
If you make a mistake, EXPLAIN why you did it.
Then, FIX the problem.
I am appalled that men in SL do one stupid thing after another and somehow think 'apologizing' will erase the mistake and incur forgiveness.
No, it does not work that way.
And I encourage all Sisters to take my position.
How it works is THIS way:
you earn forgiveness by explaining what you did wrong and why, and then work hard to fix the problem. This is the ONLY way we can have any confidence you have actually learned from your mistake.
Any questions?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

300 Members and Growing

We get more members everyday..faster than I kick them out! (joke....well..sort of). This means we grow slowly, but have a tighter, more dedicated group. Today we passed 300 members. Yay!

Some days I think they are hanging out on the Landing Point at the same time...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What I Have Learned From Second Life: Part 3

More 'bdsm' and other concepts that have baffled me since arriving in SL. Everyday, I learn more.

This is one of the funnier terms to me and I still laugh when I hear it or use it. At first, I was not sure if it meant to sit on something using your own face or not. Now I know. Is sitting on a man's face comfortable? Is it even good for your back?

This is a very common term everywhere, I know. In SL, it is particularly funny to me, though. People in a 'virtual world' who, on top of that. are 'playing characters'. I cannot tell where the RP and whatever-is-not-RP ends. Is it all RP? Is none of it RP? (RP = Role-Playing). I prefer to keep things simple and have fun, work on the message, and make an impact.....but not worry about whether my fairy wings are 'part of an RP' or just 'a fashion statement' (never wore fairy wings...just an example). The entire 'RP' thing seems to make everyday Chat very confusing! (are you speaking in your vampire voice just then??)

This is a serious one. A truly cult-like misogynist phenomenon that is rampant in SL. Many are not too deep into it (yet are still participating in a barbaric realm, whether they have thought about it or not...thanks for keeping the Movement back 2000 years), while others are completely brainwashed. Just what the world needs: ANOTHER exercise in revolting primitive practices where the patriarchy attempts to thwart destiny. One issue with these types and their world is the practice of nonconsensual acts (ie. rape)...Do I really need to go on about this? The fact that, as of this writing, SL STILL does not screen gor nonsense as 'adult' (yet screens 'femdom' as adult), makes me ill. Despite what many brainwashed goreans will tell you, their world is about sex to a large degree, and about hate or abuse of Women. More to come about my growing campaign to get SL to relegate gor into 'adult' status soon......This misogyny must end

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Moon Meditation

Just some spare moments under the Moon

Monday, November 2, 2009

Femdom Art Auction Starts

FEMDOM ART AUCTION (November 2009)

We are running a 'silent' auction throughout the first 2 weeks of November to make room for our next art exhibit and to help raise money for the city. This is a fundraiser.

All of the art on the Gallery Walkway is available for the auction. (there are 12 pieces)
Remember these pieces are limited edition (limited prints).
They are NOT copies. You are bidding on one-of-a-kind pieces.
I don't know if anyone else does this is SL!

Look at the art.
Send me a notecard with a list of which pieces you like and your bid for each piece.
You may bid on as many pieces as you want. (do not send money...just bid)
All bids must start at 100L.

Auction ends: November 15 Sunday at Noon
At that time, the highest bidder of each piece will win that piece and must buy it.

All winners will also receive a gift certificate for a professional photo shoot by a talented SL photographer.

Good Luck! (Love, GINA)

Teleport to City

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Femdom Limericks Are In

We received all of the entries for the Fall Femdom Limerick Contest and I was amazed to see that we had MORE entries from people OUTSIDE of our membership than from those IN our membership. This says something about the Future Femdom group...or says something about those NOT in the group. (sigh) Either way, I am glad for the entries we did receive and look forward to the judging process! More to come!