Saturday, October 31, 2009

What I Have Learned from Second Life (part 2)

More 'bdsm' and other concepts that have baffled me since arriving in SL. Everyday, I learn more.

FURRIES: This is a HUGE phenomenon in SL. People dressing as animals, or who look exactly like animals, or have animal parts attached to them, etc. (I am sure they have smaller categories for these types). Never sure how to handle some of them in Future Femdom. Let's see....
A man with a head of a dog? I suppose that's a man.
A man on all fours with a dog-tail? Definitely a man.
A man with a full 'dog costume' but who talks? A man but one that sends mixed signals.
(ummm..sorry...but I won't 'play' with animals)
A man who looks exactly like a real dog that barks and does not talk? I suppose I can treat that one like an actual dog, maybe, I don't know. Ugh! Only in SL!

MINI-GIANTESS: This one makes no sense at first but I THINK it refers to a Woman who is very large but not 'too' large. (How many meters is too large??) Whatever that means. I shrink men sometimes and do not 'grow giant' so I am no Giantess and really don't get this one. It's just a really funny-sounding term to me.

CBT: Another acronym. This one appeared to me when I had made a cute set of steps designed to allow the action of stepping on a slave's cock. I think it means Cock and Ball Torture. This needs an acronym? Haha. Anyway, how about making new ones? MUHT: Messing Up Hair Torture? SNONCT? Scratching nails on Chalkboard Torture?

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