Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Hunt is On! International Femdom Day Treasure Hunt Starts July 21

Find boots likes these all over SL! Each of the participating femdom sims in Second Life has FIVE of these special boots hidden around....each boot contains a free gift!

Plus if you collect ALL of the boots you are eligible for a big 1000L cash prize!

Future Femdom is excited to be participating in this all new event: the Femdom Hunt for IFD (International Femdom Day)

The hunt runs for the entire week so make sure to join in the fun!
Produced by the Femdom Community in SL group

Go to Future Femdom and get your FREE HUD to start!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

International Femdom Day 2012: Future Femdom Joins Femdom Hunt

Future Femdom is excited to be participating in an all new event: the Femdom Hunt for IFD (International Femdom Day)

The date July 24th was chosen as the date for International Femdom Day
as a day for celebrating dominant women – seven days a week and 24 hours
a day.
There are real life celebrations going on in various parts of the world.

The Femdom Community in SL group is bringing you a Hunt over all their
Sims in celebration for those who do not have the opportunity for a RL venue.

The Hunt will start on 21st July and run thru to the 28th July.
Many of the Sims in the Femdom Community group will have hidden
for you 5 boots waiting for you to find. (The Hud you will wear while
hunting will record the boots you have found and all the Hunters that have found
ALL the hunt boots from the sims will go into a draw at the end of the Hunt.)

So not only do you get the prizes inside the boots but each Sim will have
It’s own Major winner who will receive L$1,000.

Check the Femdom Hunt sigsn at any of the participating sims in Second Life. Here is the one at Future Femdom


  • Domaine la Fignonne
  • Future Femdom
  • Mad@m
  • The Mistresses
  • The Velvet Thorn
  • The Velvet Crossing

The Femdom Community in SL group (formerly The Femdom Network)
is a coalition of Femdom owners who strive to bring the very best of
SL Femdom to everyone. We work together to strengthen the community
and encourage people to explore the fascinating world of virtual femdom and

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Future Femdom is in the recent issue (number 18) of Femdom Magazine, in the 'Femdom Rollcall' feature (written by Dorsel Finn) , a guide to the many femdom places in Second Life.

Check out Issue 18 of Femdom Magazine today!

Monday, July 9, 2012

NEW Chocolate Buffet Table at Future Femdom: Improving the Way Men Taste?

We are very excited to present an all new part of Future Femdom: the FF Chocolate Shop!

As one of our first items in this shop, the Chocolate Buffet table is sure to please! This amusing gadget puts man in place of the table (and if the slave has the right 'atatchment') right in the middle of the candy dish!

Enjoy delicious lavender cream truffles (included as a 'wearable item') while playing with a slave!

The Chocolate Buffet table has room for 2 Sisters and one slave. Try it!

Teleport there now

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why Femdom Equals Freedom: Independence Leading To Matriarchy

Feminist movements have worked hard to bring about equality in every aspect of society. This has been a long, ongoing process, and is still a challenge in many areas of the world. While the term has had many nuances in its interpretations, it cannot be forgotten that Feminism is a noble and necessary foundation from which Sisterhood can bring about the best changes in the world. Feminism is a movement to love and be proud of.

Feminism relates to Freedom, as equality requires empowerment for Sisters everywhere, but what about Matriarchy?

For many, the concept of Matriarchy is simply a gender role-reversal of Patriarchy. While this interpretation may be upheld by a dictionary, the term has come to mean much more in popular usage. I think it is important to see definitions of Matriarchy (Femdom, to some) with new, enlightened vision.

At its simplest, Matriarchy can be seen as a reversal, where Sisters are 'in charge' rather than men. However, the nature of that leadership is what must be discussed, for it is the nature of the leadership that makes it far more than a reversal. Thinking of Matriarchal movements as simple gender role-reversals, does those movements a disservice.

Matriarchy may mean that Sisters are Doing It For Themselves, but the Way we do it can be completely unrelated to the old forms of patriarchal control. While men may have attempted to rule the world, rule nature, rule the family and community, through their often characteristic ways, the Way in which We 'rule' can be very different. So different, in fact, that it bears no resemblance to the old ways of men. No resemblance whatsoever. Far from 'copying' the antiquated ways of men, Matriarchy leads in new directions.

Rather than Sisters Doing It For Themselves, perhaps Sisters are Doing It For The World. Rather than competing to control and dominate through violence and intimidation, perhaps Sisters are collaborating on innovative ways to communicate and build bridges, to strengthen the global network for a better chance to grow and survive. Rather than using up resources and limiting opportunity, perhaps Sisters are finding new ways to inspire creativity and reward success in groups. Matriarchy can be (and is!) a New Way to approach the World.

If one assumes there have been biological and/or social differences in the many roles we as Women and Men fulfill in family or community life, for example, one can also see how the differences can extend to leadership styles. Following that, one can easily see how very different Matriarchal approaches are from patriarchal ones, from family leadership, to community leadership, from governments to education.

The management and leadership styles of Sisters takes Us to new levels of Freedom: Empowerment on a large social scale. As group models evolve in the workplace and community circles, as new communication standards are adopted, and new expectations about ethics and 'happiness' become part of the fabric, we see Sisterhood making the difference everywhere.

When we say Femdom = Freedom, we are saying: The Female-Led World is a liberating and innovative one that benefits humanity, nature and the blessings that exist between both. And yes, I propose we take the term 'Femdom' away from the pornographers who have kept the word hostage for years and lovingly embrace it as a fun, two-syllable variant for the Matriarchy.

Freedom is the fought-for right of the Empowered, and with Matriarchy's leadership, there is Empowerment and Enlightenment for all. For the men who worship us with love and passion, as We lead the World, there is beautiful freedom for all of them. For Sisters everywhere who yearn to be creative, free and happy, Femdom is your Freedom!

- Gina

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ginette Pinazzo Unveils New Acronyms for 2012

I'm happy to announce your helpful list of all new Acronyms for 2012. Feel free to use this whenever you wish! - Gina

  • GCBM - Good Chocolate Beats Men
  • LTJ - Long Term Joke (for a bad relationship)
  • BIB - Breakfast In Bed
  • FLE - Female-Led Everything
  • LBC - Life Before Coffee
  • IMT - Infinite Multi-Tasking
  • GWULTR - Get With You Later
  • WLW - Women Lead the World