Monday, October 19, 2009

Update About Updates!

It is hard to get the word out sometimes in SL...
Not everyone reads Notices (or even knows that Notices get archived in a group's information so if they miss on they can 'catch up')
Not everyone reads Group IMs for those 'last minute' new items
Not everyone reads signs or touches kiosks to get chat or notecards
Not everyone reads 'autochat' or accepts 'autogiven' notecards
Not everyone reads a website or blog....
Many people just TP in and wander around, hoping to meet some green dots and that's it.
My latest idea is to have an autogiver (and touchable kiosk too) at the Landing Point of Future Femdom that hands out a Daily Update notecard. This card has the latest news only.
Changes to the city, new policies, new items in the catalog, new events, etc.
It's not spammy (never sent out as a notice), but only is given out to arrivals.Even if you check it every other day, i will still have great value.

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