Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love and Passion on the Road to the Future

In the coming days I will be compiling new guidelines and better advice for those new to Future Femdom, and for those who wish to explore the 'New Wave' of Femdom in greater detail and enthusiasm. I will be blogging, updating the FF site and placing information kiosks throughout the actual city. Why? The time has come to reinforce the basic concepts, principles and Precepts of Future Femdom in general. As the movement grows (happily!) we must work hard to maintain quality and stay on the Path. Of note is the concept of Love and Passion. Societal Femdom depends upon the understanding that no negative emotions can drive what we do. No hate. No anger. (sadness....well that's part of love and life..I refer to dangerous and harmful emotions/behaviors). If you feel hate or anger, the Sisters are here to heal you. This is a topic for me this week because I have encountered a few who think we are man-haters and nothing could be farther from the truth. I will be explaining and expanding this concept soon. For now, remember to Love!

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