Friday, December 30, 2011

Future Femdom Catalog / Guide New Years 2012 Edition

We are excited to announce the Future Femdom Catalog / Guide for New Years 2012. The Guide contains every item available in FF, and teleports to every area of the city.An invaluable aid. The Guide can be bound at the Future Femdom Landing Point or in any of Reading Seats scattered throughout the city.

Monday, December 26, 2011

NEW Slave Specimen Tubes: analyze a squirming man up close!

Check our latest fun way to play with slaves. The Slave Specimen Tubes hold squirming men so you can watch them closely and decide what use they have (if any!) There are also 'teasing mats' next to the tubes so you can have fun knocking on the glass or teasing the men. We have two of these tubes set up next to the Slavearium so you can try them! (or buy them!)
Teleport to the Slave Specimen Tubes now

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Inspirational Posters by slave sammy: Future Femdom Societal Matriarchy in Second Life

A wonderful series of inspirational posters about the Matriarchy has been created by slave sammy! See the 'Prayers to the Matriarchy' section our website and enjoy these beautiful works!

Friday, December 16, 2011

NEW TOY: Goddess Worship Chair

Just in tiem for the holidays! This very affordable and very useful chair has room for 2 foot worshiping slaves. We usually have them set up in the Future Femdom Powder Room.
Check them out!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Skating for the Sisterhood: DEC 16 thru 31: Winter Fun at Future Femdom

Join us DEC 16 thru 31 at the Star Skating Rink in the sky over Future Femdom for 2 weeks of winter skating fun in Second Life complete 100% immersive societal Matriarchy!

TOUCH the glowing moon above the rink for a skating animation. or use your own skating animation.

There are fun Power Benches along the perimeter to use for relaxation (play with slaves!)

We have links to a wide range of skating accessories, clothes and animations if you need to do last-minute shopping.

Photo Contest! Each day we will award a prize for the best skating photo taken in the rink! (and winning photos will be posted online)

By New Year's, we will have grand prize the overall best photo from all entries

Be familiar with, and respect all rules of Future Femdom when here. (rules available at Landing Point when you arrive, plus a copy will be at the rink)

Men: if you want to be on the ice, you must be ON THE ICE. This means no skating......get on the floor and worship all Women around you. Become a fun skating obstacle or part of the floor so we skate over you! (PS - and be naked as always)

Read More
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Future Femdom over 900 members:

The future looks brighter and brighter, and the celebration season is here, as FF reaches over 900 members. Come to the matriarchal city of Future Femdom and breathe the air of freedom and Empowerment as we continue to spread the word of love and destiny. 2012 will be a very special year for the Sisterhood!
Teleport to Future Femdom

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Symbol of the Ssiterhood Show: Call For Artists: Celebrate the Matriarchy in Second Life


A special exhibit that will debut for New Year 2012 and will also be included in celebrations for International Womens Day next spring. We are looking for artists to create unique interpretations of the 'FemStar' symbol (a modern progression of the Venus symbol that represents the evolving Matriarchy).

We intend to create an atmosphere of progressive peace and love, passion and cooperation where the Sisterhood (represented by the symbol) leads humanity towards a bright future. Artists, if interested, (or if you know any artists who might be) please contact Ginette Pinazzo. (open to hearing from artists in all mediums)

The New Years exhibit will be in the Gallery of the Celestial Sisterhood
Read More about the Show

Friday, November 25, 2011

Luna Light Footslave Pleasure Chair!

Get worshiped in some fun ways by slaves AND bathe in the light of the Celestial Sisterhood with this great new piece, available in Future Femdom.Very relaxing and exciting! This chair also has a special way to use a shrunken slave! mmmm!
Read More about this new toy
Teleport there now

Sunday, November 20, 2011

TED Talks: Women Reshaping the World

An incredible series of videos from TED filled with inspiration, education and insight. You will probably want to watch them all!
TEDTalks: Women Reshaping the World

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Traditional Gender Roles: The Light We Bring: by Ginette Pinazzo

When people discuss 'traditional gender roles' they are not always looking back as far as they might, or considering the larger scale of humanity. The MOST traditional roles are those that exist deep within us.
As Women, we Create, We Connect...this is has always been so.....even before your current and very specific 'civilisation' appeared.
Men have done many great things....this should never be denied...but always they have done so in the shadow of Our Will...the Will of the Sisterhood.
Men: We have loomed over you throughout history, and we have laboured to keep the world alive.
As the world gets smaller. you will see us more clearly, from the shadows, rising above....and you will Live in the Light that We Bring.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Fashion at Future Femdom

Everything seems just a little bit more creative and fun in fall when it comes to fashion. Shopping for new styles (or vintage styles) is a real challenge in Second Life but the rewards are great when you find that amazing piece or great layered combo. So many choices. Don't be surprised to find me spinning in my Wardrobe Pod at Future Femdom more than usual this season!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gentle Reminders from Gina: Future Femdom rules and policies for a successful Matriarchy

The prosperity of the Societal Matriarchy = a few small reminders about some basics! (if you see violations, please let us know)

1. No hunting. This means: do not come to FF to capture men and take them away from FF (and then restrict them or imprison them). That behavior reduces the male population for all Sisters to enjoy.

2. No female slavery. Sisters may play any way We want, but no actual slavery against another Sister.

3. No non-consensual acts. (no force TPs or rape!) Worship is always willing!

Visit Future Femdom now

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to Join (or Start) a Womens Drum Circle in your Area: Link recommended by Ginette Pinazzo

Great article on joining (or forming) a Womens Drum Circle. At Future Femdom, we run an All Womens Drum Circle on the sea. It's a great way to relax, bond and immerse in Sisterhood. Check out this link to find out more about these circles!
HOW TO Join or Start a Womens Drum Circle

Monday, October 24, 2011

Goddess, Not Mistress....why? Ginette Pinazzo Explains

There are many reasons why the term 'Goddess' is being redefined for the Modern Age and reclaimed as an indicator of Empowerment, by spiritual means, by socio-political means, by means of self-awareness. There is also an amusing situation that arises within the confines of Second Life, wherein any Woman with the internal Goddess manifested is called 'Mistress' by countless men. I have always objected to the 'Mistress' moniker, for several reasons. It is very outdated and speaks to a time of human bondage, of forced slavery, of dark periods of human history. (not exactly shining moments of Empowerment) The term also refers, in some cases, to a 'kept Woman' by an aggressive and self-centered patriarchy. But there is an even more profound reason to think twice about the 'Mistress' term.....
Just as in the term 'Master', 'Mistress' implies ownership of others (slaves), dominion over them, control or dominance. A Woman need not be defined by slaves to be Empowered. To call me a 'Mistress' is defining me by the dominion over slaves. The term is a label that indicates I am defined as 'controlling' others.
I would suggest that true Empowerment has nothing to do with superiority over others, in any form, and that Goddess-Empowerment comes from deep within, and connects Us to the Goddess of All Creation. This has nothing to do with slaves. not assume we define ourselves by those who Worship Us. Assume We are Self-Aware, Goddess-Empowered.
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Future Femdom joins Femdom Hunt 2: An Exciting Game Across All of Second Life!

Future Femdom is excited to be part of this season's amazing Femdom Hunt 2, a virtual worldwide treasure hunt that takes participants into the best of the best of Second Life's Matriarchal environments. Stores, play places, femdom cities and much much more. So many prizes to collect! It's a great way to explore Second Life and discover the constantly growing and evolving world of the Matriarchy in SL.
Femdom Hunt 2 runs from OCT 14 through OCT 28 and is produced by Z&A Productions.
Of course, when you stop at Future Femdom during the hunt, you'll find a mini-hunt with 8 separatae clues! ...(that means 8 separate prizes to collect!)
Start the Femdom Hunt Now!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness and Dometstic Violence Awarness initiatives by Ann Meyers Medical Center in Second Life

In October there are 2 cases represented by a ribbon:
Breast (cancer) Awareness with a pink ribbon and
Domestic Violence Awareness with a purple ribbon.

AMMC hospital has been active for both ribbons in the past year, but is in the current setting too small to host events independent.
For October AMMC has set up information systems that addresses both cases,
for breast cancer we have an office where visitors can experience the steps in breast cancer screening and we are busy to organize a fund raiser in co operation with one of the biggest clubs in SL.

About the information systems: they are both experimental, but visitors can get a link to a website while in world.
This a very useful approach since visitors with a specific question can browse for answers in a setting (a virtual world) where they did not expect to find it.
In case of Domestic violence this is a unique approach since people who are victim of Domestic violence can search for answers without leaving a trace on their home PC where it can be read by the abuser.

How YOU can help:

AMMC hopes to organize in co operation with you all, activities to enhance awareness for both topics.
AMMC hopes you or your organization, have ideas, space, or what ever to make it happen.
Those individuals or organizations willing to participate please contact, using a note card: Vera Zhaoying or drop ideas in the mail box located in the AMMC lobby.

Signed Vera Zhaoying
(AMMC co- director)

Visit AMMC: Ann Meyers Medical Center in Second Life

Friday, September 30, 2011

Future Femdom: Matriarchy in Second Life over 800 Members

Future Femdom now has over 800 members and I am very pleased. As Second Life's only Societal Matriarchy, I believe that FF is fulfilling a need, making a statement and pointing the way towards the destiny of humanity, where the Sisterhood leads. Does the patriarchy still exist? Seems there are bits of it still laying around.....but We are the Future. Look for more content about Leadership, Sisterhood and man's special place as Our Loving Worshipers in the days to come. And please continue to support FF!
Future Femdom site
Future Femdom Landing Point
Future Femdom Group

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Men as Worshipers and Men as Slaves to the Matriarchy

Societal Femdom demands that all men are bred to worship the Sisterhood. The term 'worship' is important here. Often, you hear men referred to as 'slaves'. While this is a cute, fun, one syllable word, it sadly echoes other meanings from archaic times, where men were captured against their will and tormented to perform work. So, while We might use the term 'slave' to refer to a man, the meaning is new.

At Future Femdom, 'slave' is really a short word for 'worshiper', which is a far better term.
Worshipers are willing and loving. They are active and take initiative. (they cannot be lazy). Worship includes spiritual and passionate levels of respect. Worship involves dedication to a greater cause.

Men! Don't be mindlessly obedient 'slaves'...become Our Worshipers!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trampling Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to our winner in the Future Femdom Trampling Photo Contest. Slave marco is seen being stepped on by Goddess Diana. Very cute!
Visit Future Femdom now

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catch A Man Between Heels and Ass: New Toy at Future Femdom

Announcing a fun new toy at Future Femdom, the Catch A Man Between Heels and Ass mat, a simple enjoyable way to sit on a man. Exact results vary upon the size of the man (but we've been experimenting, and it always seems good!
Go to Future Femdom now and try the Catch A Man Between Heels and Ass mat

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gina Interviewed by SL Newser about ZEXPO 2011 in Second Life

An interesting interview as reporter Bixyl Shuftan asks Gina about the 2011 Zindra Expo, and about Second Life's adult mainland Zindra. SL Newser is a great source for the exciting news that constantly comes from Second Life. It's a great place to fine out events and amazing attractions.
Read the interview with Ginette Pinazzo

Monday, September 12, 2011

Adoration Park at Future Femdom: Watch Men Squirm

A great place to exercise slaves! Relax against a pillar and watch as men squirm around the grounds of Adoration Park like little worms. It's very funny! (and it keeps them in shape!)
Go to Adoration Park now

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Future Femdom on Zindra

In 2009, it was with great excitement and opportunity that the city of Future Femdom appeared on the then-new continent of Zindra, Second Life's adult mainland. This land was to be a new direction in SL, a land of sophistication and great advancement.
Two years later, after many changes, what can we see?.......

It seems the LL still has yet to form a good marketing plan for the adult side of SL. We've been helping in this regard, nudging along with some well-placed tips and advice. Articles such as this.'Marketing Adult SL: Get Past The Sex' are helping (we hope) direct things in a sane and progressive manner.

Advances like the ZEXPO Seasonal Island Events Campaign, the Flickr Slideshow Program and many more have made a difference.

Will LL management adhere to a positive and forward-thinking movement and grow Second Life to meet its destiny of possible greatness? Hard to say.....

At moment, we are watching closely to see how Zindra is treated, how Adult SL is marketed, and how Second Life engages the future. We hope the right choices are made!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Sisterhood in Second Life: Why The Matriarchy is in SL

Future Femdom has been developing its presence on Second Life as part of a slow and gradual mission to spread the inspirational message of the Sisterhood. But why Second Life? What is the appeal and the purpose?

The Sisterhood evolves as we connect, dissolve barriers of separation, and overcome the manipulations of the patriarchy. Virtual worlds hold a special place in this evolution, as they easily allow geography limitations and societal obstructions to fall aside, so that Sisters can meet, share and grow together like never before. These worlds are an important step in the organisation and global empowerment process.

What happens in the virtual world can be a future echo of what happens later in the real world. How? With certain societal restraints removed, people are more free to express themselves and display their intuitive natures. The continual growth of matriarchal systems in Second Life are an indicator of the will of humanity. This will can be seen in SL, in advance of its popular growth offworld.

As virtual worlds are an invaluable way to globally connect, and also a fabulous way to permit change, these are wonderful places to inspire those changes. Second Life has been a leader in the virtual worlds market, and we hope it continues this position.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

ZEXPO 2011: the Zindra Expo arrives AUG 26

Displays are being built, artists and merchants moving in, parties being planned and shows being rehearsed. ZEXPO 2011 is short for 'Zindra Expo' and it's Second Life's fantastic convention / tradeshow / festival hosted on Zindra, the Adult Mainland of SL. This 10-day extravaganza features cutting-edge performances, incredible rides and attractions, alluring Play Areas, groundbreaking exhibits, games, contests and much much more! Being on Zindra also mens: this is a show for adults! (visitors must be age-verified to attend).
Future Femdom is happy to have space at ZEXPO. We'll have a Foot Pleasure Center, Twin Goddess Kissing Garden, Slave Shrinking Booth and much much more!
Teleport to ZEXPO Main Entrance
ZEXPO 2011 website

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday is Massage Day

For a long time at Future Femdom, Mondays have been 'Massage Days', where we celebrate the simple joy of having a group of naked men using their hands and mouths for good work. (hands on keyboards? mouth doing emotes?) Either way, it can be great! Pictured: our special deluxe massage table, which can actually hold up to 6 slaves at once, all worshiping you! Mmmm!
Teleport to Massage Area at Future Femdom

Sunday, July 10, 2011

How The Patriarchy Works: One Woman's View

I've been watching it from a distance for a long time, and sometimes, scarily, up close...and this is One Woman's View on how the patriarchy has lasted all these years. Thank heavens its due for retirement. Anyway, feel free to pass this chart around!!! - Gina

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pattie Sellers at ICAN's 2011 Women's Leadership Conference..

Great video from Pattie Sellers (Fortune magazine Editor-At-Large) about Women as Leaders.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FRI at MIDNIGHT: Trampledance at Future Femdom

Join us at 12 Midnight FRI 24 for a very special Trampledance event! What is a Trampledance? ...
We Dance...on men!
all men must be naked and know/follow the rules of Future Femdom. This special event will feature the talents of DJ Goddess Ashley
Visit Future Femdom now

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prayers From Slaves Is Relaxing

Second Life has been a bit stressy lately, so Ive been searching fr new ways to relax. Often, the old ways seem best! One of the fun things I enjoy that relaxes me:
The sound (and feeling) of prayers from men.

When the delightful little creatures are humming away at your feet, its fantastic energy.

When they are delivering a massage and whispering their mantra, it's beautiful.

When they are surrounding you, on all sides, loving and labouring to be the best worshipers possible, it's incredibly soothing.

For me, anyway! Try it sometime!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Femdom Erotic short story competition presented by Library Of Erotica

This month, thew Library of Erotica is offering you the chance to enter a contest for a prize of L$2500.

The Competition:

The Femdom Erotic short story competition

Write an erotic short story where the woman has all the power. She can be a giantess tormenting a tiny man who can only look up to her with awe, or maybe you want to write about a dominatrix, her heels clicking on a hard stone floor as a naked man quivers as he kneals before her, awaiting his punishment. It's up to you as long as the woman has all the power!


Please keep your story to under 4,000 words (or thereabouts). I'm afraid I don't have the time to wade through 10,000 word epics!

Please keep all your characters over the age of 18, for obvious reasons. Any stories not adhering to this one rule (well, two if you count the 4000 word limit) cannot be accepted for the competition, or be put on display in the Library of Erotica. Thanks.

Entries will be judged on originality, style and must excite me in some way. And don't worry if English isn't your first language, or you just don't feel confident about grammar, punctuation, spelling etc. I judge stories on the 'feel' of a piece, not whether it is the most professionally written story.

Entries must be received by Thursday 30th June. I should be able to announce the winner a few days after that.

Please submit all stories on a full permissions notecard to Jazz Danitz - or drop them into the mail box at the library.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Wardrobe Pod

Sometimes for fun, I like to toss men into my Wardrobe Pod (also called a Dress Pod). It's mildly amusing and gets them to learn exactly how helpless they are. It is fun to pile quite a few of them in there and listen to them from outside. A nice way to relax as I have tea in the Kitchen Pod next door!

Friday, June 3, 2011

JUNE 4th at 230 PM: Library of Erotica presents: Eroticana Showtime!

SAT 230PM SLT The new Library Of Erotica is holding a very special event filled with art, performance, comedy and literature! My friends are introducing this exciting new library to the world! PLUS they are opening a new FEMDOM section in the Library! This is historic! (and its about time) I would like to see Future Femdom members join in celebrating (notecard attached). More Femdom stories in the Library! Join me as I hope to help dedicate the new section!

Everyone's invited! – Eroticana Showtime
Library of Erotica, SLT 2.30pm Saturday 4th June

The Theatre Eroticana is opening its doors for the first time! Be the first to see and be seen

Burning hot Burlesque from Knockers Up
Celebrated Curti5 Rexen performing ‘A Goblin Kings Love’
Candescent comedy and delectable dancing from the Blue Moon Cabaret

And as if that’s not enough! The Library of Erotica is also showcasing Zindra Featured Photographer sabra Hemingway who is showing ‘Crossroads’- a dazzling erotic story in pictures. Along with all the winners from May’s short story and erotic poetry competitions.

Come along and indulge your senses with some of the most innovative and creative people in Second Life at the Theatre Eroticana tomorrow. Spread the word...

Keep up to date with new erotic stories, writing competitions and more shows and exhibits at the Library of Erotica by joining the 'Erotic Writers' group

Visit the Library Now!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Second Life's Adult Mainland Comes Alive: ZEXPO 2011 runs AUG 26 thru SEP 4

For Immediate Release
ZEXPO 2011 runs AUG 26 thru SEP 4
Celebrating the Adult Side of Second Life: Zindra and Beyond

ZEXPO is an annual convention/tradeshow/festival that takes place on a large region known as ZEXPO Island on the 'A' rated mainland of Zindra, in the virtual world of Second Life. The Island features a new large event every season and the ZEXPO show itself is an exciting convergence of merchants, performers, artists, play areas, famous personalities, speciality organisations and everything that represents SL's sophisticated adult side. ZEXPO is very inclusive and very innovative, mixing creativity and inspiration with business networking, education and hope for the future.

The concept of ZEXPO 2011 (and other events on the island) is one of positive PR and outreach for the adult mainland of Zindra. While Zindra is 'adult' land, it does not contain only 'adult content' (though adult content is certainly permitted.) and is often known as the most liberating place in SL. While ZEXPO 2011 is about promoting Zindra, it also welcomes non-Zindran content in an effort to cross-promote interests and reach out across more of Second Life and beyond. Some believe that a healthy adult mainland means a healthy adult SL which means a healthy SL.

This year's show features an emphasis on Creative and Active Investment, Adult Sophistication and a fun 'Forbidden Carnival' theme. Other innovations include a hotel booking system, where attendees will be able to obtain accomodations for the show's duration, a plethora of exciting Attractions and Mini-Events, and a Forbidden Float Contest, where exhibitors can create moving parade floats.



First Contacts:
Show Producer: Ginette Pinazzo
Exhibitors Information: Bady Boozehound
Presented by Zindra Expo group

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review: The Femdom Hunt by Z&A Productions

The Femdom Hunt in Second Life ran April 15th to April 30th and was produced by Vila Pixelmaid, Zardia Avindar and Antony Fairport of Z&A Productions. I wanted to take a moment to commend the event's team for an amazingly professional approach and experience. From my perspective, the buildup and planning were well though-out and delivered. A perpetual topic for me with event planning: communication. The Femdom Hunt team were excellent communicators, with sometimes daily updates and much appreciated 'nagging'. A sensible planning time and perfect pace meant the buildup never felt rushed and was always relaxed. These qualities seem so rare in Second Life event planning and I'd be thrilled to work with this team one day in the future. Congratulations to the Femdom Hunt team. I loved every moment of my involvement and hope to see the organisation do even more in the future!
The Femdom Hunt Blog

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WDI: Women Drummers International

The Mission of Women Drummers International is to empower women and girls in all aspects of their lives through the message of the drum, which represents not only a musical experience, but a cultural and healing experience as well. We believe that we are participating in a global movement of women drummers at this time on the planet. Women Drummers International is committed to creating a positive and empowering environment for women to teach, learn, and perform this incredible art form.
See the Women Drummers International Website Now

Friday, May 20, 2011

Three New Slave-Submitted Stories

We just added three new stories to the 'Slave-Submitted Stories' section of the Future Femdom site. There are so many stories collected it will take a long tiem to catch up!
Read the latest stories now!
And congratulations to the lovely little writers!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wind Me Up: Art Exhibit by Stephanie Helstein

An interesting exhibit by Second Life artist Stephanie Helstein, Wind Me Up explores issues if Woman self-image and self-identity, and poses natural questions about assumed behaviors of the past. At the Auggers Photo Gallery from May 7 through June 6.
See Wind Me Up by Stephanie Helstein now

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Samurai Tokyo Spring Art Festival

Help the Japanese Red Cross and celebrate Japanese culture at the same time in Second Life during this incredible week-long festival!

From yoko Ireto:

Samurai Tokyo Spring Art Festival


Starting Sunday the 8th of May and for a whole week, Samurai Tokyo Mall will host the following 10 SL / RL artists, showcasing a variety of styles and techniques: photography, paintings, fractal art, sculpure....

- Aelin Quan
- Alexith Destiny
- Carlotta Ceawlin
- Cai Denimore
- Kayly Iali
- Korgi Lerwick
- Leonae Peretz
- Milly Sharple
- Soraya Till
- Yoko Ireto

The central stage will also host various SL events inspired by Japanese culture, such as Geisha Art of entertainment, CS:I Combat demonstrations and initiations, Role play classes. A list of all events and times will be available on site!

Most importantly, all proceeds from sales during the whole week will be donated to the Japan Red Cross. All donations will be matched by KatanaBlade Anubis, Founder of C:SI, up to $1000 American dollars.

Thankyou for helping.

Looking forward to seeing you at Samurai Tokyo Spring Art Festival to enjoy some of the many forms af Art and give a much needed support to Japan...

From yoko Ireto:

Samurai Tokyo Spring Art Festival

5-6 PM Slt Ninja demonstrations Daily

More events will be updated as they apply.

Silver Csak and Yoko Ireto

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Facesitting Times Two! Sit On Two Men At Once

It seems that 'Facesitting' is quite popular in Second Life (it's a term I had not met before) Depending upon Mood, I find it fun to sit on men, I'll admit it, though there was always something I never quite understood about it. Why does any one slave deserve such attention? It seems to me that 'Facesitting' as it is often practiced tends to appease some male desire for possessiveness I am very much opposed to. Of course, this is all solved now that i realized it's much more fun and meaningful to sit on more than one slave at a time. To illustrate this principle, we now have the Dual Facesitter available at Future Femdom (its under the Play Garden area of the city and also ion the Catalog Room). Trust me! After sitting on multiple men, you'll never go back to one again!
See the Dual Facesitter in Our Catalog
See the Dual Facesitter to try it!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Library of Erotica Opens in Second Life

The Library Of Erotica is an interesting literary find in Second Life, and features a wide variety of works, curated by the energetic Jazz Danitz (and I noticed the equally energetic Beth Quander is involved too). The books are well organised and the library promises to have events and attactions soon, live performances in their amphitheater or author's book signings, perhaps? I know I will visiting often and will keep annoying the staff until they open an official 'Matriarchal' section. Anyway, I recommend a visit to the Library of Erotica

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Second Life Femdom Making Moves To The Future

Its been very gratifying to see Sisterhood moving in a good direction over the years, as the 'Femdom' worlds of Second Life have shown a wonderful evolution. Less about bedroom bdsm, secret kinks, or 'collared boys'. much of the matriarchal scene in SL is moving into a loving connection of Sisterhood, where different organisations have embraced empowerment ideals and positive advances that put Woman first, worshiping slave second. Events like the current gridwide Femdom Hunt (an unprecedented treasure hunt-style event across all of Second Life's matriarchal organisations) prove that more and more Sisters are coming together across the mainstream, bringing Our Leadership into the front where it belongs. Networks like the Femdom Community of SL are also clear signs that connections are improving. New clubs like MELB (Music Earth Love and Birth) are also evidence that love of the Sisterhood can be an element in everyday SL.
It's wonderful to see these developments, and Future Femdom will always be here (come and visit us!) to continue the message of our great future destiny!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Orange On The Seder Plate?

For those who celebrate Passover, consider the fairly modern custom of adding an orange to the traditional seder plate. This 'custom of inclusiveness' (generally evolved into a feminist statement during the high holiday) has an amusing origin (read below) but is gaining ground as a new recognition of Woman in Judaism.

Since the early 1980s, a custom has arisen (especially among more liberal and feminist Jews) to include an orange on the Seder plate. This custom is often explained as having arisen in response to a man who confronted a Jewish feminist who was giving a speech and opposed the right of women to become rabbis, supposedly declaring that women had as much place on the bimah as an orange had on the seder plate.

However, Susannah Heschel, a Jewish scholar who is widely credited with beginning this custom, has explained it as a symbol of the fruitfulness of all Jews, including gay men and lesbians.

After hearing that some college students were placing crusts of bread on their seder plates as a protest against the exclusion of homosexuals from Judaism, Heschel substituted the fruit (originally a tangerine) on the plate instead.

Today, there are seder plates made with seven spots, an extra for the orange on the seder plate, such as Michael Aram's Pomegranate Seder Plate[5]

Friday, April 15, 2011

Gridwide Femdom Hunt 2011 starts today in Second Life

The first fully grid-wide (everywhere!) treasure hutn begins today across all 'femdom' communities and retailers of Second Life. Future Femdom is happy to participate in this exciting 2 week event, as residents travel all over the virtual world of SL to collect amazing prizes, exploring the many Female-Led communities and organizations related to femdom culture and practices. (we specifically have 6 fun prizes to find throughout the Future Femdom city....start your adventure at the Future Femdom Landing Point!) This Femdom Hunt runs through the last day in April.
Femdom Hunt 2011 Blog

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Music in Second Life Helps Celebrate International Womens Day

Congratulations to Nadia Lane who posted a great piece about the SL festivities that helped promote and celebrate International Women's Day, March 8 (yes, I know I'ma bit behind with this)
Read the amazing piece on CNN's site abnd all about the amazing women who performed at the music festival
Music in Second Life Helps Celebrate International Womens Day

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Policy: Slaves wearing Group Tags

The Future Femdom group is open for anyone to join (and many do!) but this month we are instituting a new polciy that all men must wear their 'slave' or '*slave' group tag while in FF. The display of this tag proves that the man has been 'approved' and understands the basic principles and precepts of the societal matriarchy.

Sisters: if you see man with this tag, feel fairly confident it has been screened and probably a good worshiper. Otherwise, he may be new and unaware of some of the customs and rules here.

Slaves: if you don't have the correct tag yet, contact Ginette Pinazzo ASAP to get screened.