Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Press Release: ZEXPO 2010

For Immediate Release


The virtual world of Second Life will celebrate its 'more than mature' side this spring as the first Zindra Expo kicks off as a week-long event designed to bring together residents, businesses and organisations from across the 'adult continent', with a strong schedule of programming and attractions that promote the economy, industry and creativity of Zindra.

ZEXPO begins May 7th and will play host to SL celebrities, feature performances, contests, merchant displays, panel discussions and a wealth of provocative creations from across the Second Life globe. Being the international gathering of imagination that is SL, crowds will be expected from all over the world to join the historic event.

"I think the main thing is getting people excited to come to ZIndra!," said Blondin Linden, in a recent SL community meeting. The continent is an infinitely diverse landcape of interests and creative pursuits, with everything from fantasy-themed clubs and shopping districts, to role-playing areas and educational and outreach organisations. Unlike other areas of Second Life, Zindra boasts an 'adult attitude' and is definitely a place where tastes and flavors are wildly explored. (Residents must undergo age verification before entering Zindra)

As planning continues, any business or organisation interested in becoming involved in ZEXPO are highly encouraged to contact one of the event staff and discuss options.

Event Inquiries: Lias Leandros
Vendor Inquiries: Kaddan Yue
Educational Inquiries: JeZeBeLe Dagger
Marketing Director: Ginette Pinazzo

GATEWAY LOCATION: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Yedboro/74/73/34
FACEBOOK GROUP: Zindra Community

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vivacious! Art Opening at Future Femdom

I am happy to announce on WED MAR 24 a special opening of Vivacious!: 4 new pieces of original art by SL Artist Wasp Thor. The opening reception will last all day and night...and Wasp will be in and out to answer questions. Remember all art at Future Femdom is set as limited edition pieces! (not copies) (if you buy one, it will be a numbered print!)..
NOTE: Future Femdom is a Femdom city with very specific (but simple) rules. If you are new here, make certain you read them at the Landing.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Zindra Expo 2010 is Coming!

I'm the Marketing Director for SL's official Zindra Expo this year. The inital announcement follows:

SL's first official large scale, week-long event to promote and celebrate the amazing new 'adult continent' will kick off May 7th.

Get involved now!
If you live in Zindra, have a business in Zindra, or any organisation in Zindra (or would like to!), contact us now to get the exposure you deserve! (this event is designed to help promote you!)

If you would love to explore Zindra, and learn all about the potential here, have incredible fun and make new friends, plan to attend Zindra Expo 2010.

Event Inquiries: Lias Leandros
Vendor Inquiries: Titania Bracken
Lifestyle Promotions: Chaley May
Marketing Director: Ginette Pinazzo


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slave with Bicycle and Gazebo

I am very happy to present a very funny entry in 'Gina's 3-Way Contest' as slave kann accepted the assignment and sent this hilarious photo. (slaves were challenged to have 'intimate relations' with 2 randomly decided objects..in this case, a Bicycle and Gazebo. Yes, I know that's probably not an actual gazebo and I don't think there are really any 'intimate' relations happening, but he did finish this assignment so quickly it was impressive.

Monday, March 8, 2010

IWD Arts & Music Festival

I have some art (a special poster exhibit called 'Sisterhood' with posters that give out messages when you touch them) in the 2nd Annual International Womens Day Art and Music Festival (notecard attached) on NOW throughout the week at OWK. Come and support the Arts, Femdom and Sisterhood! - Love, GINA

Press Release About the Festival follows:

8 Mar - 16 Mar 7a-7p SLT 2nd Annual IWD FemDOM Arts and Music Festival

The 2nd Annual FemDom Arts and Music Festival will be at OWK® in Secondlife. The International Women's Day organization (http://www.internationalwomensday.com) lists the various events for women being celebrated around the world and will show events in many countries you can go to. OWK® in SL has decided to celebrate women by offering a special art exhibit and close the evening with music.

Come by the OWK® courtyard and get a look at the exhibits from our talented female contributors: Aruba DeCuir, Shayna ThetiSheri with a debut on her latest work of art called "Empowered", BeeQueen Smythe, Ginette Pinazzo and Roxie Logan. We will have art on display at the Starr Playhouse from first life photographers Marcus Ranum, Igor Amelkovich, and Francois Benveniste presented by Zena Zemlja of Mind Body and Spirit Art Galleries. We also are displaying art renditions by Second Life residents floormat2000 Skytower and DaSlvBoy Krokus and Jagger Valeeva at the Starr Playhouse.

Come socialize and worship women at the OWK® Courtyard in a sim dedicated to the extreme power of Women. Music will be provided by FemDom Radio, the music that submissive men love to worship Dominant Women with. The event will be on March 8th and the art will remain on display through March 16th, 2010.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Year Of Love

Throughout the year, the Sisterhood celebrates Love in its many forms. Each month in the year has been chosen to represent a specific expression of the heart, and the expressions of Our Connected Hearts.

What follows is a brief description of the 'Love Months' as they are known.

JAN Love Of Life

New life, birth, rebirth, love of the cycle that brings Us into the world
FEB Love Of Romance
Precious and strong, love between Our hearts as it blooms
MAR Love Of Liberation
Freedom and the love that lets Us All take to the sky with heavens wings
APR Love Of Celebration
Joy and Energy, the party that is life, love for the dance and the muse
MAY Love Of Evolution
Greatness as We reach to a higher place in history every day, helping, growing love
JUN Love Of Community
Connecting together, sharing all emotion as society, love that networks
JUL Love Of Friendship
Deep bonds , shared pasts, love of the everyday, dependable, partners
AUG Love Of Earth
Nature and her wisdom, her beauty, her own love for Us and Our Love in return
SEP Love Of Humanity
The ship that We Guide towards Destiny, love of science and learning
OCT Love Of Magic
Ancient Roots, Powerful Minds, love that comes from within to dazzle, entrance, inspire
NOV Love Of Passion
Warmth and Desire, wild and free, love that drives Us
DEC Love Of Creation
Love of the Goddess of Creation, the Universe, the Center Where We Meet

Visit the Gallery of the Celestial Sisterhood in the sky over Future Femdom and learn about the Year of Love

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Katia Keres Sings!

I am happy to mention that famous singer Katia Keres (perhaps the best vocalist performing in SL right now) will be doing a special concert to close Femdom Day 2010. I have known Katia for a while now and can truthfully say her show should not be missed. It's inspirational!
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