Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrapup from TEDxWomen 2012: Looking Forward and Being Inspired

Here is a great start to your full Recap of this year's TEDxWomen event, at the Paley Center for Media.

Great presentations and takeaways. See the videos and more.

Read the wrapup from TEDxWomen 2012 here

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ginette Pinazzo Counts Her Christmas Presents for 2012

A fun thing to do in SL.....opening your gifts on Christmas morning!

I arranged 19 gifts I received in SL on a small island in Future Femdom, and had great fun sorting through them and seeing the amazing creativity! I have been warmed by the incredible love and care. Second Life can be a wonderful place to see positive spirits in action!

I have been so busy traveling and activist-ing that I havent had the time I'd like to shower my SL friends with gifts, so I thought Id at least post this big thank you and explain the great gifts that are on display here........

(moving from left to right...)

  1.  An opening Xmas card from Prim Perfect Magazine
  2.  A beautiful Xmas tree display, with gift boxes and card from LaFemme Meredith of Domaine La Fignonne 
  3. An Xmas card from adult star Quinn Ying
  4. Very cute giftbox that makes snow! from artist Betty Tureaud
  5. An Xmas card from scripter and Vortex staffer Joshewa Daniels
  6. an AMAZING Xmas snow globe (a real work of art) from Neeks Karu
  7. An opening Xmas card from artist and photographer Nicci Winsmore
  8. Xmas card from artist SkyBlue Earthboy and Nobo
  9. A BEAUTIFUL Xmas decoration (candelabra with tree and spinning fan) from my great friend Deshirelle Despres
  10. An opening Xmas card from Nedria Cyr (Vortex staffer and builder)  & Lucavi
  11. An Incredible work of christmas tree art (untitled) from Asmita Duranjaya
  12. An entire box STUFFED with gifts from builder and everything-doer Kalanite Bluestar
  13. A beautiful Fire Pit from builder XINIDU Kirax (we just might leave this on the island permanently!) 
  14. A super cute message-delivering holiday bear from friends Sandflea Lorefield and BBQBill Odriscoll (Cozy Chaotics) 
  15. A super cute Feliz Navidad hat from artist Martazul Zemlja
  16. A music-playing card from Ayla MacIntyre (Ayla's Garden) 
  17. A very well down slideshow screen (lots of holiday photos)  from Kephra Nurmi
  18. A gorgeous poster from Yman Juran…(Light, Life & Love)…. (Changhigh Trinity Sisters) 
  19. A very funny joke card from Petlove Petshop! (always a laugh)
Thanks to everyone for the great gifts! And to everyone else, please support the artists and creators of Second Life. Their imaginations and love make the virtual world go around!
Love, Gina

Saturday, December 22, 2012

2013 Future Femdom Holiday Catalog/Guide Out Now: Liberating Femdom in Second Life

2013 Future Femdom Holiday Catalog/Guide Out Now

The best way to keep up with all of the new areas and features of the city and all of the new items!
The Catalog has every landmark and image to help you explore the exciting world of Societal Matriarchy in Second Life.

  • The new Chocolate Boutique, Beauty Pod and Bathing Pod in the 'House of the Future' in the sky above the city.
  • The new Red Room play area, with our new line of very affordable 'play furniture' for great play parties!
  • Three art exhibits! Help support Future Femdom and purchase some art today!
The 2013 Future Femdom Holiday Catalog/Guideis available inworld in any of the various Reading Seats throughout the city, or at the Landing Point and many other locations. There is also a website version of the Future Femdom catalog being compiled

Monday, December 17, 2012

December is the Month of the Love of Creation: Ginette Pinazzo and Future Femdom Wish You Blessings From The Celestial Sisterhood

Love of the Goddess of Creation, the Universe, the Center Where We Meet

December is the Month of the Love of Creation.

Ginette Pinazzo and Future Femdom Wish You Blessings From The Celestial Sisterhood

Celebrate all of Creation, the acts of Creation, the love we can experience everyday, because of the Wonders of Creation.

Celebrate by being Creative!
Celebrate by Creating new relationships, new loves, new passions.
Celebrate by Creating a home, for your friends, family and your community.
Celebrate by Creating a Home in your Heart!

Celebrate by Creating acts of love, kindness, compassion.
Celebrate by Creating something new and wonderful, every day.
Celebrate by Creating something new for the World.

Love, Gina

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Femdom Squeeze Chair: Train Bootslaves and Relax at Same Time

The next item in our new line of affordable play furniture at Future Femdom, the Femdom Squeeze Chair is a fun way to relax and 'milk' a man at the same time, using your feet, shoes or boots.

Simply sit on the chair, while a slave sits on the floor pillow, stretch your legs as the worm does the work....A fun way to train bootslaves, for example.

Teleport to see the new Femdom Squeeze Chair now

Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Perfect Sister: Poem by slave peter

We openly encourage men to write letters, prayers, stories and poems. Getting them to think and write about the Sisterhood is a very important part of increasing their awareness. The following pieces was submitted by slave peteraka2

My perfect sister holds me tight
My perfect sister kisses me goodnight
My perfect sister knows when I’m mad
My perfect sister helps me when I’m sad
My perfect sister is so smart
My perfect sister has my heart
My perfect sister is good and nice
My perfect sister holds me at night
My perfect sister loves me lots
My perfect sister ties the knot
My perfect sister is here to stay
My perfect sister I have until this very day
My perfect sister I wish you well
My perfect sister yes I can tell
My perfect sister asked if I lied
My perfect sister knows if I’ve cried
My perfect sister has moved away
My perfect sister is in my heart to and will always stay

- slave peteraka2

Sunday, December 2, 2012

TEDxWomen 2012 at the Paley Center For Women: The Space Between

Please visit the TedXWomen site to read all about this year's all new TED event at the Paley Center for Media!

Paley Center has locations in New York and Los Angeles, and leads the discussion about the cultural, creative, and social significance of television, radio, and emerging platforms for the professional community and media-interested public. The Center has a great history of hosting events about Women in media, business and thought-leaders about

This year, TedXWomen has the theme 'The Space Between'. Please check the site for updates, reviews and videos. It's always an inspiring occasion!