Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's the 'boy' thing all about?

Maybe it is a local expression / custom but I never quite understood the habit of calling men 'boys'.

It seems a common practice in the 'femdom community'. and I don't find it offensive, just odd. 

To me, it is significant that a man falls to the floor and worships. Not a boy. There is no significance to a 'boy' falling in reverence, because a boy is a yet-unformed man anyway. When men fall to the floor and accept their destiny to worship the Matriarchy, its has great significance. They are ending the old, unnatural ways of the oppressive patriarchy and crawling on a New Path.

Calling them boys does 2 things: it removes that significance, and it also lessens their level of responsibility in their behaviors. We can try to expect some level of maturity from men, but from 'boys'? That is setting a 'low standard'. I don't love being called a 'girl' (depending on context, it can be acceptable, but is often belittling)....but I really don't love referring to men as 'boys'.

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