Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Upcoming Events at FF

We are back to our schedule of small daily events! Please see our online calendar or the events sign at the Landing Point of the city.

THURS 11AM - Pleasure Rug Demonstration
FRI 11AM - Trampledance!
SAT 11AM Pool Party!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slave Pillow Challenge

I am setting out many many copies of the little blue 'slave pillows' all over the city and telling all slaves to practice using them. They are very useful for worship poses in many situations and cane be 'edited' by anyone (moved/rotated) so exact positioning can be achieved! Here is what they look like....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Squirm Mat

a poster for the Squirm Mat, a simple toy that is very useful! (its not actually new but its has a new look and now I am marketing it!)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday Massage

Now that the seemingly endless 'Back To School' event is over (one emote class after another), we will celebrate with a relaxing Massage Hour at Future Femdom, Monday 11AM SLT. Nothing too complicated. Massage Tables. Naked men. What else do you need?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Willingness of Worship

It is no secret to those who know me that I am firmly against nonconsensual acts. All of the men bred in Future Femdom are worshipers (more so than slaves and certainly not servants or pets!) One point about worshipers is that worship is always willing. It is never forced.
Yes, that means, even if we step on a man and crush him to jelly, it is a man that is begging for it!

I realize that nonconsensual 'play' is popular but I cannot condone it in my realms because it goes against the meaning of worship. Fear and anger have no place in heaven, as I say. It is a beautiful and wonderful energy when slaves fall to the floor and worship with their hearts and bodies, 100%. That 'Worship Energy' is amazing and is a form of love beyond that of other forms. I consider it profoundly spiritual.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Attention All Future Goddesses!

I am giving away FREE one of the new 'Femstar' shirts to anyone who actively (or at least, semi-actively) supports and believes in the cause of the Societal Femdom precepts as we preach them in Future Femdom. IM Ginette Pinazzo in Second Life to get the shirt. If I feel you really are a supporter of the cause, the shirt is yours!
What are the Precepts?
Read them here!

New Motto Alert!

The Sisterhood Loves All Men Who Love The Sisterhood

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Femstar Shirts

Have been working on some casual tops with a 'femstar''s the first one in the line...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Target Women

I absolutely love the video series Target Women and highly recommend it. It is a hilarious and very clever look at the insulting way corporations market towards Us. The series is easy to find on YouTube (search Target Women). Enjoy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Do We Dominate?

It occurred to me when I was asked about 'Domination' styles, that I never thought of dealing with slaves that way. I kept thinking and I realized that Future Femdom, and Societal Femdom in general has little or nothing to do with Dominating anyone. I kept thinking even further and realized a great truth that shows, yet again, another way in which Societal Femdom differs from other 'femdom' communities.

A Goddess does not Dominate.
A slave Worships.

That is a fundamental difference!
We do not 'do the work' to give orders and control or punish men. (though it happens, it is not our focus). We simply live our lives. Work, play, live and love.
And as we work, play, live and love, the man worships Us.

The slave does 'the work'.
This is why we do not have lazy, slow or shy slaves in our society.
They must have energy, passion and be very active because they must do everything to please and amuse us. This is a beautiful energy and it makes our working, playing, living and loving all the better!

In conclusion, I'd have to say this is possibly the most important and liberating lesson in all of Societal Femdom.

Gina in Femdom Magazine issue 6

I wrote the 'View From The Top' column in this issue of Femdom Magazine, available inworld AND see it here online: (just some of my random thoughts on 'Domination')

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Emote Class Schedule: Back To School

Part of the Femdom Network's 'Back To School' educational event, throughout September, we will be running special classes designed to improve the passion, energy and usability of slaves using emoting skills. These classes start out basic and progress but should be helpful to each and every man out there. Emphasis on active worship, not passive servitude. Note that Future Femdom is strict Societal femdom (all men are slaves here, bred to worship all Woman. The rules are available at the Landing Point. )

THU 17 at 9PM
FRI 18 at 1PM
SAT 19 at 8AM
SUN 20 at 1PM
MON 21 at 11AM
TUE 22 at 5PM
WED 23 at 11AM
THU 24 at 10AM
FRI 25 at 8PM
SAT 26 at 2PM
SUN 27 at 10AM

We STRONGLY suggest IMing to schedule a class in advance.
IM Ginette Pinazzo
Classes are free to active Future Femdom Group Members, though Tributes to the realm are always encouraged.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heavens' Meditation Pillow

the p;oster for the latest 'furniture' available at Future Femdom

This Week at FF

the events this week scheduled at Future Femdom:
(all times are SLT)
TUE 7PM - Facesitting Contest
WED 7PM - All Women's Drum Circle
THU 9PM - Slave Emoting Class

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Heavy Traffic

The past few days have kept a Goddess very busy with appearances and events. In that time, the traffic at Future Femdom has grown so fast (today within the top 10 of all Femdom places in SL). Perhaps, for the sake of traffic, I should schedule myself with more appearances and events! I am joking, of course, because I was never concerned about traffic so much, but more about quality. I just find the increase interesting!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Don't Love Calling Slaves Stupid.....But.....

While I do see those that seem to enjoy cursing at, insulting, or otherwise verbally degrading men, that has never been my way. Why? The Sisterhood likes, wants and loves men that are NOT stupid, so an attempt is made to improve them, or at least inspire them to show greater effort. In other words, no laziness, no slowness and no stupidity. A worshiper who is any of those things is useless. (other 'femdom communities' seem to tolerate lazy worms, but I simply cannot) This is about the future, after all.

Why do I bring up this topic?
Because I have found some very stupid men lately.
It's partly because I use certain 'tests' to separate the truly worthless ones from the ones that might give pleasure.
One such test:
When a slave 'misbehaves' or does anything rude, stupid or unacceptable (even the best ones make mistakes now and then), I do not forgive them. Never. Forgiveness is not automatic process and thy must WORK to get back in favor. It's one reason I tell them that apologies are not accepted here, only explanations and fixes.
When a man 'messes up' bad enough to be banned from the city, I ban him. When he cries to come back and 'promises' to be better, I use my test:
1. The slave must do 3 things to get back in favor (I call them labors).
2. Here is the key, though. I will NEVER tell the slave what to do. The slave MUST give me a list of proposed labors he thinks I will like and accept. He must be 'creative' We negotiate over the list. If 3 are decided upon, he must then do all 3 BEFORE I un-ban him.
This test forces the man to create his own labors and tests his laziness.
Why should WE do the work to give orders, when the slave shoudl figure things out?
They will NOT get better unless they try!
Sadly, I am calling some men STUPID lately because some of them cannot think of 3 labors to even START this process. Thsi really separates the lazy from the ones with passion. And yes, a lazy man is never passionate enough!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Freshen Up! New Powder Room!

I am happy to announce the opening of our new Powder Room! It's at the southern end of the city, overlooking the ocean in the Aqua area. Stay fresh!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Recap: Female Supremacy Discussion

Sunday's very interesting Group Discussion at Dominion was very well managed by Destiny, the event seemed well attended and I found it to be quite professional. The topic was 'Female Supremacy' and even though I don't consider myself a Female Supremacist as such, they invited me as a guest to deliver my thoughts on the topic. The conversation did digress quite a bit at times, and became a little 'hot' as some seemed obsessed over the issue of non-ownership (societal) slaves, or my own practices, but I expected much of that. I was speaking in a 'traditional' bdsm-inspired place, after all, where traditions of ownership are one of their foundations and they often seem more interested in servants than worshipers. I don't feel we really delved deep enough into the topic of Gynarchy itself, as a political and social movement, but an hour-long group makes delving deep into anything difficult!In any case, it was great fun, and I hope the event provided some inspiration for Open minds.

Six Lovely Slaves!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ban Week Continues?

I cannot explain it, but this past week has shown a large number of highly 'bannable' persons who wandered into the Future Femdom city. Everything from those who outwardly refuse to read the house rules or follow them, to amazingly arrogant men who wield disrespect and curse words as much as they do genitalia. It is always a sad situation to ban someone, but it is an unavoidable reality when dealing with 'the public'. Let's hope this next week proves better!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Emote Classes this week

Mon, Tue and Wed we will have special Emoting Classes for slaves at 1PM each day. Every man I have ever met in SL could benefit from this!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Female Supremacy Discussion

I am getting prepared for Sunday's Group Discussion, the topic: Female Supremacy. These Discussions are held at 'The Dominion' every week. I was happy they invited me as a guest for the discussion, though I am not sure I really am a 'Female Supremacist' per se. In any case, definitions vary. It will be interesting to see where the discussion leads! I will do a short 'rap' of the event afterwards and post it here! Anyone who can make it, it encouraged to attend (space IS limited so be on time) SUN at Noon SLT at the Dominion. (it's been a while since I have done events at another ';femdom 'sim, so this should be interesting on that level too. Some members tend to use 'voice' there which tends to crash me every few minutes, so I hope that does not happen!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

House Pods under Construction

We are starting work on a new idea: House Pods (modular living areas that can be combined into 'houses' to suit your taste). Many have asked about the possibility of 'moving in' to Future Femdom as resident-Goddesses. Although that will happen at some point, for now, we are in the planning stage. Here is a 'model' house made up of 9 pods (Sleeping, Kitchen, Dining, Play, Office, Jacuzzi, Wardrobe, Vanity and Meditation pods). They are barely furnished.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today's Chat Circle: Topping From The Bottom?

It's funny, but Catz introduced the issue of slaves that 'top from the bottom' today at our Femdom Footrest Hour. We all seemed to agree it's a fairly disgusting practice, but to me, the funny part was the arrival of a 'sissy' slave who proceeded to enact exactly the type of nonsense we had been talking about. I have seen exceptions, but the majority of 'sissy' slaves I have encountered so far have been practitioners of this horrible, manipulative scheme. Best punishment? Simply ignore them. (they do go away)