Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Strange Love

We have quite a few cases at this point of men who seem to prefer to show their love of the Sisterhood by being remarkably absent. Is this a trend of slaves in SL? Professing love and respect for Women but making sure never to be around? It's a funny, quirky man-behavior. Well, not that funny. Just strange.

Strange love, I call it. Men who profess amazing passion and supposed respect but cannot bring themselves to staying in basic communication. On one hand, it does not matter, as places like SL provide a never-ending stream of men with so-called 'passion'. On the other hand, what's the point, if very man in that stream is as useless as this?

Well, the point is that, things will improve over time. It's just one ugly road to get there!


  1. i do not know where You are finding Your slave Goddess Gina, but this slave certainly would be around if needed to be used.


    slave mark, Chicago

  2. that is good, slave mark.
    Many are fine...but there are those strange ones (SL seems to breed them). In any case, enter SL and try your best to worship the Sisterhood. SL is a wonderful place to learn the new path.