Saturday, October 31, 2009

What I Have Learned from Second Life (part 1)

I admit to having a certain ignorance of some 'bdsm' terms and other concepts when I first arrived in SL. Everyday, I learn more. (part of this is due to the fact I am not really so connected to that culture, but anyway...)

SISSIES: what a shock to see how many men dress as Women and call themselves 'sissies' especially odd phenomenon to me. At first, I was mortified that a man would dress as a Woman to somehow show submissiveness. What message is that?? That a whining caricature of a Woman is a slave? So many strange signals there. Now I find many of them annoying or very rude, but there are a small number that are better. Now I sometimes make them undres sand squirm and scream their man-ness in public.

CFNM: yet another acronym (can't get enough of those!) Stands for Clothed Female Naked Male. Apparently this deserves an acronym? Anyway, it amused me because that was the status I assumed to be normal anyway. Why waste fabric on a man? Why cover up the pleasure objects known as men?

SAPIOSEXUALITY: I am still not sure what this really means. I think it refers to people who love The Mind, or Humanity in general, or being erect? I will need to find out more, I guess!

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