Wednesday, July 19, 2017

GINA's Hyperlatte: Best Coffee In Second Life: For Women Only: at Future Femdom Matriarchy City

For Women Only! BEST COFFEE IN Second Life! Try GINA's Hyperlatte
Stop by and grab a cup of the BEST COFFEE IN SL!

CAUTION! This is TOO STRONG for men to drink!
(it might kill them)

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

European Femdom Community (EFC) Starts in Second Life: A Matriarchal Circle in SL

Recently, I was happy to speak with Savana Blanco about her new initiative to create a Circle of Matriarchal groups and sims in Second Life, focusing on European membership.

As I've mentioned in this blog before (and elsewhere!), Second Life once had a much more vibrant Sisterhood but has, over the years, become overrun by financial domination scams, bdsm places that use 'femdom' or 'matriarchy' as convenient keywords only, and some groups that don't practice true Sisterhood between themselves. The days of the 'femdom networks' have long gone.......BUT.....

Sisters like Savana are on the right path:

Savana's general idea is to create a big European Femdom community. (SL is not always the most convenient for those in European timezones, as the virtual world can be less populated at those times. So far, her plan is gaining some good momentum.

"We want to create a European femdom circle. It means that members will be more strong as we could share information about events and others. The community will advertise your land, and you will join the group, and put the European board in your land as member", says Savana.

While others are certainly discussing and developing other collaborative ideas to nurture better inter-connectivity amongst matriarchal organisations in Second Life, I really appreciate Savana's apparent intentions to build a real Circle, that incorporates a sharing and respectful Sisterhood into its structure. I am excited to see how her plan develops!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Beware the MISC: Misogynists In Slave Clothing: Matriarchy Gynarchy Femdom Meme

While there are plenty of men out there who show various levels of disrespect, either knowingly or unknowingly, there are certain ones that are definitely exhibiting behavior that reveals their actual hatred of Women.

(Feel free to share this meme image!)

I don't believe in tossing around terms such as 'misogynist' so liberally.  For this, I refer to the most literal definition.... Misogyny: hatred of Women.

In the often surreal world of 'Femdom', where it is very common to find men professing to be slaves, etc, it is sadly, also a truth that some of them, reveal themselves to be quite the opposite.

M.I.S.C. some in various 'flavours'.....

Some MISC seem like the most extreme, devoted, passionate of all worshipers, often surprisingly quick to placate themselves, but once their very exact 'needs' are not being met (sometimes in the smallest way) , they flip personalities into venomous detractors of a Woman (or Women in general). It is very much like a light being switched on/off.

Other MISC are more sinister as they 'play along' for some time, often being overly polite. They may seem docile, and extremely courteous, to the point you may think they are going through a well-rehearsed script. Again, the instant something does not 'match their script', they become rude and eventually reveal their manipulative and controlling nature. Of course you will find many cases of 'topping from the bottom' (which is disrespectful enough), but I am speaking specifically about those who are doing so based on an innate hatred of Woman. ) and yes, if they really want to subjugate Us, I am equating that w/ hatred)

Finally, there is a very strange category of MISC that present themselves as very intellectual, very enlightened. They may be most interested in heated debate and 'challenging you'. At the outset, this may seem refreshing, (unless you like passive men, which I don't), but this specific type is really 'trolling' you. They are interrogating and spying, to gain information they can use against you. Many MRAs use this technique (so-called 'Mens Rights Activists'), and may even pretend to be strong believers in FemLed culture, until their research or mission is complete.

Sisters, I have many tests I perform to 'out' these MISC as early as possible. Never a perfect system, but I recommend developing one that works for you.

And men, if you know a MISC yourself, don't be afraid to inform the nearest Goddess!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Femdom Is Not A Scary Word: Every Woman Can Be A Goddess

Help spread the word that 'femdom' doesn't need to be a scary word. 

Tell every Woman you know she can become 'Goddess-Empowered' at Future Femdom.

You don't need to dress any special way or carry any gadgets.  No dungeons and torture devices needed. Just breathe the air of empowerment and freedom in a modern setting.  Deprioritize men and use them if/when you want (or not).

This isn't about catering to men....but about becoming free from their manipulations! Spread the good word!!! -GINA

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