Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Gynarchy? New Video! Female-Led Society, Matriarchy, Femdom Future

I'm very happy to announce a brand new video created by Smart Restart, a talented editor and supporter of the growing Sisterhood. The 'Why Gynarchy?' video overviews some basic principles about the inevitable movement of Woman Leading the World. Perfect for those who support Matriarchy, and for those who have yet to learn! Consider it an introduction so some core elements that should get people thinking!

I admit I helped guide the project a little bit, though Smart did a wonderful job with little help. (if you are interested in a skilled video creator, feel free to contact Smart Restart with inquiries. I found him to be quite professional)

Please watch the Why Gynarchy video and share it anyway you can!
- Love, Gina

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Women Leaders in the Community: Female-Led World Starts at Local Level

June is another exciting month in the ongoing Year Of Love!

Each month represents a different ''form of love' and these are forms embraced by the Sisterhood and the growing Matriarchy.

June is the month of Love of Community!

Connecting together, sharing all emotion as society, love that networks.

Some ideas for YOU this month:

  1. Look around your own community: recognize and celebrate Women Leaders that are helping
  2. Look around your own community:
    Help promote and support any Woman-led groups and organisations
  3. Look around your own community: help start a NEW organisation that connects Women (We grow when We are Connected)
  4. Men: assemble yourselves in peace and find a way to recognize and support the Women in your community

    Why is Community so important?
    Because the quality of your community usually impacts lives the most, more than government, more than professions. It is the number one place to start changes.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Group! Gynarchy of UK: Female-Led Society: Matriarchy in Britain

I am very excited to announce the formation of an all new Facebook Group. Gynarchy of UK covers topics of the growing Matriarchy, Women in Business and Community, Female Leadership, Sisterhood and more.

If you live in Britain or frequent there, please join this new group and get involved!

Gynarchy of UK is a new extension of the amazingly popular and dynamic main Gynarchy FB group. We have special groups for each country and province out there!

Whether it's North Ireland, Whales, Scotland or England, the sun never sets on the Matriarchy!

JOIN NOW! (I am one of the group admins)
Here is the group description:

The purpose of this group is to promote the principals of Gynarchy and to offer practical advice on what members can do to transform our Society today from a traditional Patriarchy into one that is governed exclusively by Women.

Topics Discussed will cover a wide variety of subjects including: Gender based social Roles in society, Changes to our Religious , Educational and, Political Systems.. The use of subliminal Advertising, marketing Corporal Punishment & other methods to control the male population will also be discussed.

It's important to note this is NOT a "BDSM" FemDom Fantasy or Sissy roleplay or "picture sharing" group although news stories & photographic on topic will be permitted.

We also don't allow the following:-
1) Images of children
2) Pictures that expose human flesh.
3) Coarse /Abusive language
4) Over-emphasis on sex.
5) Advertisements for paid services Slaves etc

if you have any questions please feel free to contact an administrator, for the safety of the group and to prevent violating Facebook policies all postings are moderated and require approval .. so they may not show up immediately.

Monday, June 16, 2014

TechnoGynarchy: Women and Technology For The Great Matriarchy, Sisterhood and Global Femdom

A term I may have invented (but I HOPE to see it grow in popularity)

TechnoGynarchy refers to the styles of technology that mesh with, and greatly benefit, the Sisterhood.

1) Technology becomes more intuitive, more fluid, and more elegant w/ time.

2) Systems that are attuned to serious multitasking and open communication dominate in time.

3. Systems that makes life more convenient, that integrate with the everyday, and provide greater results improve over time.

It is no accident that social media, for example, is dominated by the Sisterhood. Systems like this promote group sharing, efficient work environments, and an endless opportunity to multitask and connect w/ each other. And connecting with each other, whether it's at the community, society, or global level is how WE evolve our natural abilities.

Men have historically worked to keep Us separated, so we are isolated, but TechnoGynarchy reverses that.

Systems that offer a more holistic approach (working WITH life and not against it) are beautiful and elegant, providing a win-win for society.

As TechnoGynarchy become more the norm, the evolution of Matriarchy will be a very natural and organic process.

Please spread this message (and the word itself) anyway you can!
Comment below w/ your thoughts and examples. - Gina

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Explore The Stars: Female-Led Society Leads to Progress for Humanity

We are efficient, we are intelligent planners, and we know how to implement large projects involving many people. As Matriarchy increases, look forward to real progress for the world. We as Sisters can do anything, beyond the scope of everyday life, and reach towards a passionate life for all.
Spread this image anywhere you can! (yep...another meme for you to share!)