Friday, July 31, 2009

Best Bras?

We have sent out our new Ultimate Bra Guide, compiled by slave silence braveheart, which is the first ina series of hopefully helpful resource guides. It will be available in our new Reading Room (details coming soon)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dancing On Men

We will have another one of our popular Trampledance parties Friday at noon SLT. Slaves will become the floor! When they squirm it does mean dancing is more of a challenge, but that is part of the fun.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Future Femdom in Print

A cute little piece in Femdom Magazine (page 24?)....and some nice photos. The magazine is available inworld and there is an online version.

Life From Mars show notes

Here are the notes from today's art opening at Future Femdom....


Featuring 6 new pieces from....
The Erotic Femdom Art of T.L. Mars

Wicked Mars - Wicked Lisa - Brat Pack - Free Parking - Wild Gwen - Sit With Me, Amelie

TL is a self-proclaimed sexually dominant woman born in the winter preceding the "Summer of Love."
"I discovered Daz Studio and online erotic art in 2006 and have been addicted ever since. I love that I am now able to illustrate all the fantasies that flow from my mind and heart and soul, and to present them to others who share the same passions."

TL's Flickr Site
TL's Main Site
TL's Blog

Also In The Gallery:
5 pieces from IshtarAngel Micheline and 1 from Ginette Pinazzo

All of the art at Future Femdom are EXCLUSIVE to the Gallery and are LIMITED EDITION prints. That means NOT COPIES. (if you buy one, and we hope you do, you can just 'take it' into your bought an original!) Each print is numbered and we keep records of all sales for authenticity purposes. All prints are mounted inside 'Art Pods' (which can be touched to rotate the art, to hide it or reveal it, as desired) If you want your print unmounted, just IM Ginette Pinazzo and ask.

If you are an artist and are interested in the Gallery's guidelines, please also IM Ginette Pinazzo.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Secret Spa Day!

Goddess Nickie is hosting a surprise Spa Day in the pool area of Future Femdom Tuesday at noon SLT. Come and relax!!!

Last Minute Drumming

Yesterday's Bootlicking Marathon was fizzling (not enough slaves showed up who could put two words together to make a sentence) so we distracted ourselves with an impromptu Drum Circle session, which ended up being a great blast

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bootlicking Marathon

We4're having our first Bootlicking Marathon in the new place today at noon SLT. Hope it works out well. It is usually a lot of fun!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Art Gallery News

I am excited to announce an opening recption for new work by TL Mars, showing at Future Femdom.
Artist T.L. Mars will have some of her newest pieces on display at Future Femdom. Come to the opening reception and meet TL herself! These new pieces are Limited Edition Prints (not copies!) so support the arts community and femdom itself and buy a print! There will actually be TWO receptions, 8AM and 8PM.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Salsa Dance and Trampling

Fri 8AM we will have another version of our Salsa Trampledance, where slaves are the floor and our heels show no mercy! At the Party Area of Future Femdom.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Slave Shrinking Party Thursday

Any men that show up at this party will likely become shrunk! ..That's the theme. We have done this type of party a month or so ago, and I am not sure any of the slaves survived. This will be at 8AM Thursday in Future Femdom

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Items in Catalog

I am still putting together the official Future Femdom Catalog. This will be an online version (already on the website now) inworld version which will be sent out to group members plus available at a kiosk...and some type of search system in the city itself. Anyway, at this moment, here are the 3 most recent items added to the Catalog. I encourage you to see them at Futrue femdom.
Club Table (a cute little tabl;e that can have 2 slaves worship of which can have its 'essence collected'_
Dream Table (a nice little relaxation platform)
Ecstasy Table (a hi-tech massage and body worship machine, that has many option for using full-size AND shrunken slaves to massage you!)
Browse the online catalog and use the Teleports to check out the new toys!

Slave Arena Game today at 8AM

We'll be running an early morning version of the infamous Slave Arena Game at Future Femdom today at 8AM. It is probably a good idea to read the game's rules in advance to be prepared

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ecstasy Tables Demonstration 8AM

We will be showing off the high-tech massage toy called the Ecstasy Table today at 8AM SLT. Stop by Future Femdom (in the Aqua Area). I like this toy because it can also use Shrunken Slaves to add to your massage pleasure

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Womens Drum Circle RepriseAll

It's time for an early morning wakeup (well not THAT early) at 8AM at Future Femdom, as we gave another All Womens' Drum Circle. Come and play with us! (men can arrive but must sit and watch from the beach)

Acronym Alert = FLW!

Everyone knows FLR = Female-Led Relationship
That is old-fashioned by now! Here are some new, more relevant ones to add to the list.....
FLB = Female-Led Business...
FLC = Female-Led Community...
FLS = Female-Led Society....
FLD = Female-Led Destiny...
FLW = Female-Led Whatever!...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Femdom Footrest Hour

We will eb having our regular get-together at the Chat Circle to talk about any topics you want. rest you feet on a s;ave's back as ypu relax, and maybe we will throw one into the Capture Globe for entertainment!

Future Femdom site is SLURL enabled

aA SLURL is a special address that links directly to locations within Second Life. Now many of the areas and items mentioned in the Future Femdom website ( have SLURLS atatched which means if you see an area you want to visit, or an item you wish to use or buy, you can click on the SLURL link and go directly there! You will have to log on (or already be logged on) to SL to finish the teleportation.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Micropolis: Toy City opens Friday

Friday at noon, the official opening of Micropolis, the most elaborate 'toy city' in Second Life opens, designed for 'Shrunken Slaves' (men MUST have that system in order to enter the city) and for Goddesses to chase them around. It's a fun place to play with slaves!!!

Massage Party THU July 16 at Noon

Join us at Future Femdom for a nice relaxing time as naked men rub you the right way! It's our first Massage Party at the new place!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Slave Rian Breaks Slavearium Record?

We are still waiting for absolute proof, but by all accounts, it seems as if slave rian passed the previous record of 10 in the Slavearium during the little demonstration on Tuesday, with a result of 11. We use the tank to train slaves to produce better and more reliable 'results'. The Matriarchy needs slaves that can produce, after all! of course, this is all for fun and we do not ever encourage harsh or negative competition among men. They must collaborate and work together at all times to worship the Matriarchy. It is fun watching them wriggle in the Slavearium to worship, though. 11 times and the worm seemed exhausted. Perhaps more training?

Trampledance today at Noon

We will have our first Trampledance in the place. Wear your heaviest, sharpest or most fun pairs of heels and dance on a floor made of naked slaves. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slavearium Demonstration TUE at Noon SLT

It's like an aquarium, but for slaves! Stop by around noon SLT to see a demonstration of this new, fun attraction at Future Femdom. (the Slavearium is in the Play Garden Area)

Future Femdom Opens!

Celebrate the future of humanity in the first 100% Female-Led Society in the world of Second Life. Future Femdom opens Monday July 13 and is a small city filled with attractions and events.
How to Teleport There:
(Second Life Adult Verification necessary)
Also, see the Fuiture Femdom site, a companion guide to the city, with an online tour, articles to read and great stuff to buy!
Future Femdom is where all Woman is Goddess-Empowered and all man is bred to worship the Matriarchy. This is NOT a world of private slave ownership, as such old-fashioned notions only serve to separate the Sisterhood and echo an oppressive patriarchy. This is the future....we play together and grow together. - Love, GINA