Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015: What Will YOU DO for Matriarchy?

What will you do for the New Year of 2015?

What is your resolution to help support and promote the cause of true Matriarchy?

What will you pledge to do in your immediate community? In your family? Your neighborhood? Your town?

How will you spread the word? (think outside the box....there are infinite, creative ways to do it)

What clever ways can you include Matriarchal Principles in your current work and practices?

Remember, worship can mean many thing and all things. It can mean a very very high level of respect and prioritization. How will you show the world (though big ways or small ways) the path towards Peace and Progress by the Hands and Hearts of the Sisterhood?

Think of these questions. Answer as many as you can if you are truly pledging to follow through.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Peace from the Sisterhood by Ginette Pinazzo

As your heart warms during the holidays, remember the warmth of love the Sisterhood represents, and that warmth is all year long. (The Sun, her fire burns and glows every day!)

The warmth of Peace, or Loving Progress.  

As you think of those around you, and those far away, realize your thoughts and feelings combine with all Humanity, and this great connection between everyone shapes the world. 

You live your own destiny, with all others, in this  adventure, where The Goddesses  take hold your hand and heart. 

- Gina

Friday, December 12, 2014

New Slave-Submitted Art: Femdom Art and Matriarchy Art

I've started an all-new section on the Future Femdom website as part of the LIbrary/Resources section entitled 'Slave Submitted Art'

The first piece is from andrew nightingale and seems to be all about one of my pairs of motorcycle boots! Very cute!

See the Femdom Art Here!

If you would like to submit art for this section, contact Gina.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Female Domination? The REAL Defintion of Domination

This idea that we want to 'dominate' men is so twisted from the start, mostly because the way it is commonly interpreted....

1. Domination as a forceful action is the way of men, who insist in 'dominating' everyone forcefully because they can't think of the entire world around them....So.....We don't 'need' to dominate men.....Matriarchy is not a mirror of patriarchy. What we do is breed out bad behaviors, and weed out those who refuse to evolve to a state of 'willing worship' of the Sisterhood. (in other words, we don't do the work to 'dominate' do the work to 'worship' in the end, they cannot be lazy). So men, get to work and don't wait for orders, because we have no interest in wasting our time on giving them incessantly. Learn to CHANGE your fantasies!

2. The way the term 'domination' is used by men (and sadly, almost everyone these days) is misleading. 'Domination' does not need to literally mean forceful action. (that is manspeak) Domination can simply be a State or Condition.....
for example.....
Women 'dominate the medical profession' does not mean we beat men with stethoscopes, it means we overwhelm them in that environment. When you realize the bigger definition, you realize that Woman is destined to 'Dominate' but not by using force. Matriarchy works very differently!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nice Essay About Matriarchy by Russel

Here is a cute piece by slave russel!

When first landing on the lands of a Female Supremacy sim, it often causes one to turn their head first left and then right, to notice if there is anything different from it and the "quote" real world. Instantly a few judgmental thoughts may go through the minds of the ignorant that there is something wrong with the picture. However, what they deem as "wrong" is in reality the working harmony of a Woman-led society. A society where life problems are solved through peaceful negotiations a spirit of love, a working unity, and most importantly the full devotion and submission of the male slaves to the Goddesses.

Having the privilege and honor of being allowed to serve and worship as a slave the Goddesses that rule over a society, I have seen that problems are caused when outside the statutes of a female led society than within. When speaking with the Goddesses, it becomes clear that hostility , selfishness, and the competitive weak natures of men are what will bring a society down. Men that define themselves by strength, pride, egotism and setting limits for what they can or can't do are what will destroy a civilization. It is much better to cast submission and full obedience to the commands of the Goddesses rather than taking a chance at disrupting a harmonized community.

The changes that can be brought by a Female led society will begin to see a change in global relations, the Goddesses bound together in sisterhood as they work through the problems that arise with the logical female mind. And the males, all knowing that they will serve and worship the Goddesses however commanded, in whatever way constantly so that these leaders can advance and further our world.

Imagine a world without wars, a world where devastating disasters are not feared, diseases are not a threat, and above all there is no fear of the unknown. The next question will be, how can such a change take place.  Such a place is desirable but it is a slow process to get there. As the message spreads slowly and the proper genders each realize their respective roles, the world will gradually begin to shift. Slaves must realize that Women have had us all along in their control, how weak we can fall for them, and how their word becomes our command. In metaphorical and literal terms, Goddesses have always had worthless males by the balls. Our existence is to worship and serve them. What can we really do or contribute by ourselves?  Once we realize that it is better to submit than to foolishly push forward with things that cannot work, we will see immediate improvement.  Soon people will not be going to a Female led society to see what is different and how it is better, they will be living in one.

- russel

More Matriarchal Writings, Prayers, Femdom Stories, etc

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Little Buckle Slave: A Funny Femdom Story

I wrote this based on my amusement recently over the way some men have been demonstrating obsession over the smallest detail....

Recently I 'rediscovered' an older pair of black motorcycle boots`and have been wearing them a lot. While I am very used to (and enjoy) men groveling and praying to me or whatever I'm wearing, I am always surprised when they focus on something very specific. 

I found a number of men have been worshiping the little buckles on the ankles of those boots. Of course, I decided to have fun with that. I pulled out any pairs with details like that, and also found a great pair of riding boots with nice ankle straps and buckles. 

Now I've been having great fun trying to see how many men will pray to them and become enslaved by them. It's been very easy! - G

Read the Full Story here!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October is The Month Of The Love Of Magic: Dazzling Sisters Unite!

Every month in the year is a Month Of Love...

October is the Month of the Love of Magic: 

Ancient Roots, Powerful Minds, love that comes from within to dazzle, entrance, inspire


  1. Create a Piece of Art that evokes Beautiful Magic
  2. Remember and Look For Magic Moments in your own Life
  3. Give someone a Gift that is Inspirational to them
  4. Dress in a Magical Way
  5. Find a Way To Recapture your Childhood
  6. Inspire your Friends with New Positive Energy
  7. See a Woman you know in a New Magical Way
  8. Start a Blog or other Online Place to Share your own Magical Passions
  9. Bless others everyday with your love
  10. Make a List of Wonderful Wishes, and start the work to fulfill them
More about the Femstar and the Months of Love:

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Art of Worshiping Women: The Goddess Movement Explained

Nice article that attempts to explain to the unenlightened of the world (you know who you are!) the meaning of the Goddess Movement. 

It's time for Sisters to claim the terms 'Goddess' and 'Worship' as their modern definitions and embrace the Empowerment within. 

Read the article and learn something! - Gina

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Love Of Humanity! Things To Do In September!

Each month in the Year Of Love is very special in the Matriarchy. Each month is an aspect of the many forms of Love, and each has its own version of the Femstar Symbol.

September is the Month of the Love of Humanity: The ship that We Guide towards Destiny, love of science and learning

We are Responsible and We Persevere,  to create a better world for Us all!


  1. Teach! Tutor someone about a subject you know well
  2. Teach! Run a class for your community
  3. Study! Challenge yourself to learn more about a topic...take the time to research
  4. Promote! Education for Girls (especially in backward societies)
  5. Enlighten! Girls about Feminism, Responsibility and their innate gifts
  6. Meditate! (there are countless ways) every day
  7. Explore! an aspect of Science
  8. Read! some science fiction stories
  9. Inspire! Write/blog something to spark interest in Science for Sisters!
  10. Think about the term TechnoGynarchy and what it means for you and the world

 More about the Femstar and the Months of Love: 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sisterhood Means Standing Together, Respecting Each Other and Honoring Each Other's Dignity

< The photo is from Pro Mujer... Please find out about this wonderful organisation and support Women In Business! - Gina

What does Sisterhood Mean?

It means everything.

Today I want to talk about how it means respecting and honouring each other.

Men, well, we know what they can be like. Sometimes they feel not quite as evolved as they could be! As Sisters, as we evolve, part of our Responsibility is to weed out the bad ones and only condone the good ones. Sounds easy, I know.The progress of a civilised world depends on Our Leadership in this, and so many other areas.

Sisters must stand together as much as possible, and never let the manipulations of men come between Us. This can be challenging because the manipulations are not always so obvious.

Today's point for Sisters: accepting men who are disrespectful to other Sisters is tantamount to yourself disrespecting other Sisters. How so? Let me explain further....

If a man is cheating, lying, abusing or in any way disrespecting a Sister, We have an obligation to condemn that man for the bad behavior. We have the obligation to each other, and to society.

Any Sister who 'accepts' a man who has done these things, or is doing them currently, is undermining Sisterhood and an evolved civilisation.  Think about it......We deserve better treatment from each other. We don't ever need to fall into the patriarchal traps of negative behaviors. If a man is disrespectful to another Woman (even if she on the farthest side of the ocean from you) never accpet him because you are, in effect, dishonouring her., We must collaborate and share information so that the 'bad ones' learn to improve, AND that they make any reparations required to demonstrate their progress.

Does a bad man deserve another chance? < big question
Here is my answer to that.
1. The man must do full reparations to anyone affected by his disrespect, even of that means all of society
2. THEN, after that....He must be able to explain what he did wrong and what he has learned
3. THEN, after that, he must apply this 'new understanding'  by actively respecting all Sisters

Along with these steps, each of Us must maintain full respect of each other, and honour each other.

With these simple steps, the chance of a bad man turning good is possible. I know full well that some won't evolve, and for those We need to dismiss them altogether forever.

I hope this opened a few eyes and maybe even helped is some small way.
Sisterhood Is The Future!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

How Men Can Emote: Tips From Boot Goddess Gina of Future Femdom

I sometimes teach special classes in Second Life, on the subject of emoting. They often are held in the secret Training Section of Future Femdom city. (inquire for details!)

Many people have very different definitions of the term, and the aim at FF is to inspire and teach the best practices that really do evolve men into something more interesting than statues.

Here is a brief overview of my own '3 Steps for Meaningful Emoting'. If you don't do these, you are probably not providing the real value you could. This doesn't refer to only 'play' situations in a virtual environment. This are good tips for many forms of self-expression.....

Gina's Steps for Meaningful Emoting

Use words to say IN DETAIL what you SEE.
This is a way to prove you are really observant and paying attention. It also takes the focus away from yourself and onto others


Use words to say IN DETAIL what you DO.
For this, add even more creativity and passion (and mix w/ step one)


Use words to say IN DETAIL what you FEEL.
Now add all three steps together, and do all three as much as possible to show you are active and alert

Let me know how these steps are working on contact me (Ginette Pinazzo) anytime to discuss

Friday, August 1, 2014

Love of the Earth: August is the Matriarchal Month to Celebrate Her

Each month in the Year Of Love is very special in the Matriarchy. Each month is an aspect of the many forms of Love, and each has its own version of the Femstar Symbol.

August represents the Month of the Love of Earth!

Nature and her wisdom, her beauty, her own love for Us and Our Love in return

  1. Find a ruined space in your area and work to convert it into a 'green space'
  2. Plant something!
  3. Drink more water!
  4. Help somebody w/ their garden!
  5. Take a nature hike!
  6. Take some nature photos....and share them!
  7. Study a nature topic: a certain animal, natural phenomenon, biology, etc~
  8. Make a short video about soemthing in nature you love...and share, of course!
  9. Learn about the Divine Power of Woman and Her Intimate Connection to The Earth
  10. Have a Beautification Party! (everyone gets together to naturally beautify a space)
Good Luck and remember the Earth Goddess is Nature, and All Woman has her Within!

More about the Femstar and the Months of Love:

Monday, July 28, 2014

Good Men Be Free And Support Matriarchy: No More Chastity, Imprisonment or Restraints

This is for all of the 'bdsm' people and men who think being restrained, chastised or imprisoned has any value. It does not. So if REALLY support Matriarchy, rethink your positions.

Men must be strong, passionate and free to worship the Matriarchy. Weak, dull and captured men mean nothing, and have no convenient role. (men, just because you like it, doesn't mean we care about doing it to you)

A man that is 'bad' is just more work for Us, and who has time for that?  Men must be 100% convenient and that means anticipating Our Thoughts and acting without orders. Get it?

Prisons etc are for bad men (the useless) and these exist from the world of the patriarchy. Punishments exists only because of the echo of a 'man's world. Such negative actions are not needed because we (the Sisterhood) can choose to breed only real men....good ones! It is Our Responsibility as the Leaders to do this.

Men, if you like to be restrained, do it to each other as you always have, but leave Woman out of it. Even then, start to drop the idea completely, as all men must learn to cooperate and collaborate, never compete or fight again.

Finally, free men are the best (and only) worshipers and lovers of the Matriarchy. Worship and Love are always willing, never forced. Be free and be better!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gina's Boot Closet! Future Femdom Slave Training Area: Worship through Fetish

We have a cute 'boot closet' area underneath the city of Future Femdom, that is mainly used for slave training classes.

It's quite large and has many interactive 'shoestore' features. Special places to sit, boot-polishing station, countless places to put men if they are around.

Please contact me (Ginette Pinazzo) in Second Life if you are interested in classes!

This area is usually inaccessible unless class appointments are made for small groups.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gynarchy d'Italia: Donne guidare il mondo

Sono felice a causa di un nuovo gruppo in Facebook: Gynacrhy D'Italia!

Lo scopo di questo gruppo è quello di promuovere i principi di Gynarchy e per offrire consigli pratici su ciò che i membri possono fare per trasformare la nostra società di oggi da un patriarcato tradizionale in uno che è disciplinato esclusivamente da Donne.

noltre, non permettiamo il seguente: - 1) Immagini di bambini 2) Le immagini che espongono carne umana. 3) linguaggio volgare / offensivo 4) Temi sessuali. 5) Pubblicità per servizi a pagamento Slaves etc se avete domande non esitate a contattare un amministratore. Per rispettare la sicurezza del gruppo e per prevenire di violare le politiche di Facebook tutti i messaggi sono moderati e richiedono l'approvazione .. in modo che non possano presentarsi immediatamente .

Unisciti al gruppo Gynarchy D'Italia di oggi!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Love of Friendship: July is the Month to Celebrate Old and New Friends

In the Year of Love, every month has its own special type of Love that can be celebrated....

July represents the Love Of Friendship!

Deep bonds, shared pasts, love of the everyday, dependable, partners

Time to work on, and recognize Friednship!


1. An obvious one...Throw a Party!

Invite as many as you can, old and new. Try to bring multiple circles together, to create an atmosphere where people can meet others outside of their normal circles. Mix it up!

2. Reconnect!
Socialize with friends who you don't see very often, even older ones from your past. See if they get involved in your life again! (and visa versa)

3. Gift A Friend
Make or acquire a special gift for a new or old friend. A present 'just because'

4. Make new Friends
Pack your social schedule. Go to events often, It's the way to meet others, some of whom may become good friends.

Whatever you do this month, remember the Love Of Friendship and celebrate it anyway you can! - Gina

Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Gynarchy? New Video! Female-Led Society, Matriarchy, Femdom Future

I'm very happy to announce a brand new video created by Smart Restart, a talented editor and supporter of the growing Sisterhood. The 'Why Gynarchy?' video overviews some basic principles about the inevitable movement of Woman Leading the World. Perfect for those who support Matriarchy, and for those who have yet to learn! Consider it an introduction so some core elements that should get people thinking!

I admit I helped guide the project a little bit, though Smart did a wonderful job with little help. (if you are interested in a skilled video creator, feel free to contact Smart Restart with inquiries. I found him to be quite professional)

Please watch the Why Gynarchy video and share it anyway you can!
- Love, Gina

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Women Leaders in the Community: Female-Led World Starts at Local Level

June is another exciting month in the ongoing Year Of Love!

Each month represents a different ''form of love' and these are forms embraced by the Sisterhood and the growing Matriarchy.

June is the month of Love of Community!

Connecting together, sharing all emotion as society, love that networks.

Some ideas for YOU this month:

  1. Look around your own community: recognize and celebrate Women Leaders that are helping
  2. Look around your own community:
    Help promote and support any Woman-led groups and organisations
  3. Look around your own community: help start a NEW organisation that connects Women (We grow when We are Connected)
  4. Men: assemble yourselves in peace and find a way to recognize and support the Women in your community

    Why is Community so important?
    Because the quality of your community usually impacts lives the most, more than government, more than professions. It is the number one place to start changes.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Group! Gynarchy of UK: Female-Led Society: Matriarchy in Britain

I am very excited to announce the formation of an all new Facebook Group. Gynarchy of UK covers topics of the growing Matriarchy, Women in Business and Community, Female Leadership, Sisterhood and more.

If you live in Britain or frequent there, please join this new group and get involved!

Gynarchy of UK is a new extension of the amazingly popular and dynamic main Gynarchy FB group. We have special groups for each country and province out there!

Whether it's North Ireland, Whales, Scotland or England, the sun never sets on the Matriarchy!

JOIN NOW! (I am one of the group admins)
Here is the group description:

The purpose of this group is to promote the principals of Gynarchy and to offer practical advice on what members can do to transform our Society today from a traditional Patriarchy into one that is governed exclusively by Women.

Topics Discussed will cover a wide variety of subjects including: Gender based social Roles in society, Changes to our Religious , Educational and, Political Systems.. The use of subliminal Advertising, marketing Corporal Punishment & other methods to control the male population will also be discussed.

It's important to note this is NOT a "BDSM" FemDom Fantasy or Sissy roleplay or "picture sharing" group although news stories & photographic on topic will be permitted.

We also don't allow the following:-
1) Images of children
2) Pictures that expose human flesh.
3) Coarse /Abusive language
4) Over-emphasis on sex.
5) Advertisements for paid services Slaves etc

if you have any questions please feel free to contact an administrator, for the safety of the group and to prevent violating Facebook policies all postings are moderated and require approval .. so they may not show up immediately.

Monday, June 16, 2014

TechnoGynarchy: Women and Technology For The Great Matriarchy, Sisterhood and Global Femdom

A term I may have invented (but I HOPE to see it grow in popularity)

TechnoGynarchy refers to the styles of technology that mesh with, and greatly benefit, the Sisterhood.

1) Technology becomes more intuitive, more fluid, and more elegant w/ time.

2) Systems that are attuned to serious multitasking and open communication dominate in time.

3. Systems that makes life more convenient, that integrate with the everyday, and provide greater results improve over time.

It is no accident that social media, for example, is dominated by the Sisterhood. Systems like this promote group sharing, efficient work environments, and an endless opportunity to multitask and connect w/ each other. And connecting with each other, whether it's at the community, society, or global level is how WE evolve our natural abilities.

Men have historically worked to keep Us separated, so we are isolated, but TechnoGynarchy reverses that.

Systems that offer a more holistic approach (working WITH life and not against it) are beautiful and elegant, providing a win-win for society.

As TechnoGynarchy become more the norm, the evolution of Matriarchy will be a very natural and organic process.

Please spread this message (and the word itself) anyway you can!
Comment below w/ your thoughts and examples. - Gina

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Explore The Stars: Female-Led Society Leads to Progress for Humanity

We are efficient, we are intelligent planners, and we know how to implement large projects involving many people. As Matriarchy increases, look forward to real progress for the world. We as Sisters can do anything, beyond the scope of everyday life, and reach towards a passionate life for all.
Spread this image anywhere you can! (yep...another meme for you to share!)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Female-Led Society: Matriarchal Meme For the Femdom Future

Another new gynarchy meme, for everyone to share. Spread this image anywhere you can, in any way you can! Whether you support Gynarchy, Matriarchy, The Sisterhood, The Goddess Movement, Feminism, or Femdom, this meme is for you! -  Gina

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Definition of Man: The Goddess Matriarchy and all Female-Led Relationships Take Note!

What is a man?
It is time for all Sisters to adjust definitions for the new era, and to really stick to the new definitions!

Here is the premise:
A male is not automatically a man (though man is always male)
Here I separate males into 2 categories.....

1) man: loving, supportive, worshipful, responsible, civlised, passionate, entertaining, hopefully humorous, fun and working together w/ each other for the Matriarchy

2) useless: any males that don't fit the 'man' definition

There are a few implications here:
1) it is Our Responsibility as Sisters to firmly reject the useless. They have no place in the future. We must act quickly, often together as Sisters, to shut them down and let them know they will not make it into the next generations.

2) Along with this. We must remove them from Our lives, communities and society as much as possible. We must never let them breed. (We control the breeding). We choose the men as We wish, but must never choose the useless.

3) We must do our best to nurture and educate the young males to be men, not the useless.

Let me know your responses in the blog comments or FB comments.
Love, Gina

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tiny Man Submits Prayer and Story: Shrunken Slave Ayman

Cute little slave ayman has sent a nice story and prayer on Facebook (see my timeline there) and it is now also on the Future Femdom website.

I encourage all men to be creative and write prayers, essays or stories about the coming Matriarchy.

Read slave ayman's story and prayer here

Saturday, May 10, 2014

May is the Month of Love of Evolution: Gynarchy, Sisterhood, Matriacrhy, Femdom

As part of the Year of Love (a cosmology I promote) each month has its own 'form of love'....

May is the month of the Love Of Evolution!

"Greatness as We reach to a higher place in history every day, helping, growing love"

How to Honor this Month?
  1. Expose Sisters to the principles of Sisterhood, Matriarchy and Gynarchy. Every small step counts.
  2. Expose men to these same concepts, also in small steps.
  3. Note and publicize any examples you see of Evolved Sisters and men across the world and in your area.
  4. Evolve yourself! Research more every day! Expose yourself to varying opinions and ideals.
  5. Take more public stands against barbarism of any type, and preach for a totally new future.

    There is no limit to your creativity and energy! Let's spread the positive message! - Love, Gina

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gina New Admin for Tiny Slaves For Women Facebook Group

As of a few fays ago, I took over as Admin for the Facebook Group 'tiny slaves for Women: Giantess' and Goddesses'. Here is the link to go there (and join!) 

I wandered there during my travels and was amused that the group seemed to consist of men who want to be shrunk.  As I often do, I asked in the group of it were active at all.  IN other words, do these men actually contribute to the group or just stay silent? Next thing I was asked to be the Admin. Very funny!

In any case, I am trying to engage the group and start them talking, to see what these men are like.
The group is generally about shrinking men (something I love to promote in Future Femdom as part of the Matriarchy immersion) and is open to all who are respectful and wish to learn about the Sisterhood, and ongoing worship.

Sisters, join if you find the idea of tiny men entertaining!

men, join if you want to learn you (very small) place in the future!

Monday, April 28, 2014

WHY I'M A...FEMINIST *gasp*....

Wonderful video by YouTuber Laci Green.

She speaks quickly (which I like) and touches upon essential topcs.

Highly recommended.

See Laci Green video here

Saturday, April 26, 2014

April: Month of Celebration! Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Femdom, Sisterhood

As part of the Year of Love (a cosmology we promote at Future Femdom) each month has its own 'form of love' to recognize....

April is the month of the Love Of Celebration!

"Joy and Energy, the party that is life, love for the dance and the muse"

  1. Throw a party to honor the growing Sisterhood
  2. Attend as many parties as you can!
  3. Learn a new dance!
  4. Create a celebratory piece of art, music or theatre. A film or a photograph!

    There is no limit to your creativity and energy! Let's spread the positive message! - Love, Gina

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Great Facebook Groups to Join! Explore the Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Sisterhood and Femdom.

There are many exciting and innovative Facebook Groups you can join!

Here is a quick list of useful ones I belong to, or own or manage.....

Note: these groups vary, but are all centered around Matriarchy, Gynarchy. Sisterhood or Femdom

  • Matriarchy (great information about empowerment issues and Women as Leaders)
  • Matriarchy NOW (about the inevitable evolution towards a world run by the Sisterhood)
  • Gynarchy (I am an admin for this site)
  • Ginette Pinazzo (my own personal FB site......anyone is welcome to join!)
  • Museum of Heroic Women~MUSEE DES HEROINES (the official group for the museum in SL)
Finally, a good use for Facebook!

If you know of any other FB groups that might be useful, please comment below and let me know about it!
- Love, Gina

Monday, April 21, 2014

Women Outnumbering men: the Matriarchy grows every day!

Evolution continues....
See how many nations have a majority of female population, and see how We are becoming the major voice, the major market and the major power throughout more of the world. Every day a new step forward!

(men: learn to love and support the Sisterhood now!)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Boot Slaves Pay Attention! Hilarious Kiwi Commercial

Watch this amusing commercial for Kiwi. Men: take note! Perhaps you can spend some time practicing....

Boot Slaves! See video here

Monday, March 31, 2014

New Femdom Stories and Prayers

Updated the slave-submitted Stories and Prayers sections of the Future Femdom site. 
The additions include:

Check out the entire Future Femdom Library for great writings about the Sisterhood, Matriarchy and Gynarchy! (and plenty of 'femdom' material too!)

Friday, March 28, 2014

'All The Lovers' by Kylie Minogue: love and passion from the Matriarchy

Beautiful music video from Kylie Minogue! A strong message of love, passion and working together!

Just like the Sisterhood, working together for a future of peace and compassion, progress and love.

See the video here!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Girl Effect: The Clock is Ticking

Good video about turning the lives of Women around in societies where child marriage is the norm.

Presented by The Girl Effect

Watch the video here

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Crushing a Slave Under A Riding Boot

A very cute picture by slave robert! 

Just another day in my riding boots, finding something soft and squishy to step on. I can feel the thing twitching under my sole. Nice feeling!

Teleport to Future Femdom City

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nina Simone Tribute Concert at the Museum of Heroic Women...Today!

Please come to the new Museum of Heroic Women today for an exciting event: a Nina Simone Tribute Concert!

Thurs March 20 at 2PM SLT.

Please come and support the new museum and great music!

Teleport to Nina Simone Tribute Concert

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Women Directors in Hollywood: The Growing Movement

Over the past few years, there has been a growing movement to address the issue of sexism in Hollywood.

Although half of the students in film schools are Women, barely any make it into the Director's positions.
Hollywood's bias has not changed over the decades.

To address this, there have been numerous blog, sites, events and petitions to directly call for more Women directors. The message has been increasingly sent those 'in power' to insist on real change.

Here are some resources for you to learn more about the movement, and I encourage everyone to get on board! Your voice matters!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Museum of Heroic Women~MUSEE DES HEROINES

I'm very excited to announce a great new attraction in Second Life. Step by step, the virtual world gets more female-friendly content, in the struggle against the often sexist and patriarchal culture of SL.

The Museum of Heroic Women (MUSEE DES HEROINES) created by my friend Wanda  (wittsofwanda zapatero) explores famous Women of history and the courageous Women of today.

The museum is located in a beautiful setting and is fun to explore. There are frequent events, and new exhibits installed to keep things fresh.

From Wanda:
The Museum of Heroic Woman was founded in 2010, by Wanda (wittsofwanda zapatero).

The Museum of Heroic Women is a museum dedicated to showing the heroic deeds and strengths of women throughout time; from the ancient of days, to present.

About Wanda:

As a combatant in SecondLife, Wanda had noticed how many women felt less skilled as a fighter compared to men, no matter how skilled they were.

Wanda wanted to do something to lift the confidence of women and empower them. She decided to open this Museum and show the skilled leadership, strength, and power of women.

This museum does not represent the political views of any of the women it presents. All women have been chosen for a their heroic deeds.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thursday, March 6, 2014

March is the Month for the Love of Liberation

Welcome to March! All of the months in The Year Of Love have a special significance, and represent a different aspect of Love.

March is the month of Liberation:
Freedom and the love that lets Us All take to the sky with heavens wings

Suggestions on Ways to celebrate Liberation:
  1. Research Women's Empowerment groups and support them any way you can (blog about them, post links, go to events, etc)
  2. Learn about the global oppression of Women and take a stand
  3. Have supportive conversations with Women you know, who may appreciate empowerment help
  4. Let Women Lead and promote Female Leadership
  5. Encourage Sisterhood ethics and activities,. Stand against the manipulations of the patriarchy.
  6. Celebrate and a teach about Women Leaders

Monday, March 3, 2014

Women Dominate Social Media

Read 'It’s a woman’s (social media) world' from Pew Research, about the increasing use of social media by Women. It's a simple yet thought-provoking article. Maeve Duggan illustrates the various media and how the gender split breaks down. (men still love Twitter, it seems!)

Read Article about Women in Social Media here

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meditation on the Matriarchy: The Future is Female

Future Femdom is a wonderful place to relax and meditate. If a man does sneak up on you, who cares? Men are fun, but have long lost the ability to impact your life. Let them grovel, worship, do whatever they do. They learn more, day by day, that cannot influence Us. Instead, live your own life and love it.

Whether you are religious or spiritual or both, or someplace inbetween, meditation is a valuable 'time-out' that makes your days and nights more perfect. I find communing with the universe very helpful, breathing in nature, celebrating the world. The more we do this, as Sisters, the more we can learn to grow together as Sisters, compassionately leading the earth as we do.

For myself, it's all about responsibility. We become more responsible as we connect with others, and with creation itself. To liberate your Inner Goddess, find how She is part of the infinite universe. You may discover more love and passion than ever before.

As We rise to take on the Future, and become one with it, We will need the spiritual energy to go forward. Honoring and loving your history can keep you grounded, of course, but respecting and seizing with joy, the Future, can give you the courage and compassion to lead. With wide open eyes and heart, We can be strong and loving and work best together for a new world. - Gina

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Have Women’s Colleges Outlived Their Purpose?

Wonderful piece that explores the role of Womens Colleges today, including the amusing Wellesley 'Sleepwalker' incident.

Do we still need single-sex college? Do single-sex colleges still provide value or have advantages? Or have single-sex colleges become too insular?

Article by Women In The World for the Daily Beast by Jacoba Uurist
Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty

Read Article Here

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Simple Prayer from Slave Cody

New worshiper cody has offered a simple prayer to the Sisterhood. It's nice to see new ones writing this early on. I encourage all men to submit prayers, poems and stories to Future Femdom.

"This slave knows its inferiority This slave knows its Divine Goddess’ superiority This slave strives for perfect humility When this slave awakes it Humbles itself in the heart Kneels in its mind Begging Goddess for another day as her slave This slave has no desires, no wants This slave needs only to serve and obey This slave has no will Goddess’ wish and whims rule its soul This slave exist for its Goddess’ pleasure" - slave cody