Friday, September 30, 2011

Future Femdom: Matriarchy in Second Life over 800 Members

Future Femdom now has over 800 members and I am very pleased. As Second Life's only Societal Matriarchy, I believe that FF is fulfilling a need, making a statement and pointing the way towards the destiny of humanity, where the Sisterhood leads. Does the patriarchy still exist? Seems there are bits of it still laying around.....but We are the Future. Look for more content about Leadership, Sisterhood and man's special place as Our Loving Worshipers in the days to come. And please continue to support FF!
Future Femdom site
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Future Femdom Group

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Men as Worshipers and Men as Slaves to the Matriarchy

Societal Femdom demands that all men are bred to worship the Sisterhood. The term 'worship' is important here. Often, you hear men referred to as 'slaves'. While this is a cute, fun, one syllable word, it sadly echoes other meanings from archaic times, where men were captured against their will and tormented to perform work. So, while We might use the term 'slave' to refer to a man, the meaning is new.

At Future Femdom, 'slave' is really a short word for 'worshiper', which is a far better term.
Worshipers are willing and loving. They are active and take initiative. (they cannot be lazy). Worship includes spiritual and passionate levels of respect. Worship involves dedication to a greater cause.

Men! Don't be mindlessly obedient 'slaves'...become Our Worshipers!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trampling Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to our winner in the Future Femdom Trampling Photo Contest. Slave marco is seen being stepped on by Goddess Diana. Very cute!
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catch A Man Between Heels and Ass: New Toy at Future Femdom

Announcing a fun new toy at Future Femdom, the Catch A Man Between Heels and Ass mat, a simple enjoyable way to sit on a man. Exact results vary upon the size of the man (but we've been experimenting, and it always seems good!
Go to Future Femdom now and try the Catch A Man Between Heels and Ass mat

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gina Interviewed by SL Newser about ZEXPO 2011 in Second Life

An interesting interview as reporter Bixyl Shuftan asks Gina about the 2011 Zindra Expo, and about Second Life's adult mainland Zindra. SL Newser is a great source for the exciting news that constantly comes from Second Life. It's a great place to fine out events and amazing attractions.
Read the interview with Ginette Pinazzo

Monday, September 12, 2011

Adoration Park at Future Femdom: Watch Men Squirm

A great place to exercise slaves! Relax against a pillar and watch as men squirm around the grounds of Adoration Park like little worms. It's very funny! (and it keeps them in shape!)
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Future Femdom on Zindra

In 2009, it was with great excitement and opportunity that the city of Future Femdom appeared on the then-new continent of Zindra, Second Life's adult mainland. This land was to be a new direction in SL, a land of sophistication and great advancement.
Two years later, after many changes, what can we see?.......

It seems the LL still has yet to form a good marketing plan for the adult side of SL. We've been helping in this regard, nudging along with some well-placed tips and advice. Articles such as this.'Marketing Adult SL: Get Past The Sex' are helping (we hope) direct things in a sane and progressive manner.

Advances like the ZEXPO Seasonal Island Events Campaign, the Flickr Slideshow Program and many more have made a difference.

Will LL management adhere to a positive and forward-thinking movement and grow Second Life to meet its destiny of possible greatness? Hard to say.....

At moment, we are watching closely to see how Zindra is treated, how Adult SL is marketed, and how Second Life engages the future. We hope the right choices are made!