Thursday, October 1, 2009

Men Working Together

One of the most beautiful things to me is seeing slaves that cooperate and learn to worship as a group. As they evolve past their barbaric ways and combine their love of the Sisterhood, slaves can be trained to work together in harmony and this is an exciting benefit of a future under the loving and progressive Matriarchy.

Slaves can be trained to cooperate in many ways. (I always say it starts with hello, so we have them simply greet each other in the city of Future Femdom and help each other with tasks and learning). Cooperation can be turned into group worship, with no amount of slaves being too many!

Do the slaves love each other? In a sense, as they love us, I think they do share in that greater love together, though I believe it is more that they must love what they are doing than each other per se. (Not sure.....I need to find a slave to write THAT blog entry!)

In any case, for any who doubt the future is one of Societal Femdom, or who doubt that the Matriarchy evolves with an Open Society without proprietary slave ownership, I suggest learning more about Group Worship. Once you experience the beauty of men working as a group to worship Us, you may be convinced!

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