Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nightime Events / Scheduling

This is how I have been scheduling the various daily events at Future Femdom for a long time.....(this way you can see the 'method' to it!)
Generally, I pick a time of day (it can be anything.....7AM......11AM.....3PM....8PM...etc), and then I try to have one event every day at that time for a full week.
(last week, everything was at 9AM...this week , everything will be at 9PM, for example)
Why do I do this?
The theory is to help 'build' some consistency within that week to help build attendance and awareness, and also to be 'fair' to members from all over the world. Eventually,. more people will be in the city ...a little more spread out over all 24 hours. I have no preference myself for any specific time. (I travel and time is almost a non-issue with me) and I think this MIGHT be a good compromise given SL's global attendance.
Feel free to comment!

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