Friday, October 16, 2009

When a slave is 'challenging'...

In my neverending attempt to decipher the male psyche, I discover some very odd and annoying habits. There is that occasional man who contacts me who seems to make 2 claims:
1) that he likes a challenge/to be challenged
2) that his worship must be 'earned'

On the surface, those 2 points may seem reasonable, and they would be if they were not 'code' for something else. Code for what? Her is what I THINK is a good translation, based on the many I have seen that follow this EXACT pattern.....
1) is arrogant/difficult
2) is selfish and is thinking of himself first and probably only

Cynical? Maybe, but I am basing this on case after case.
Here is the breakdown:
if a man is going to repeatedly tell you he likes a challenge and expects his 'worship' to be earned, then has NO idea how to make a good introduction and warm up to you. He is boasting in a sense and drawing lines in the sand. Not a very good way to begin a connection.

As I said, those 2 points may sound reasonable on their own, but what I have found is this: if a man feels the need to state these things early on and repeatedly, he must be doing it to try to convince himself, because really.....why declare it otherwise?

The one man today declared these things but was instantly offended when I told him to follow the SIMPLE house rules at Future Femdom. Excuse me? You love to talk about yur needs.wants/styles.philosophy but can't be respectful enough to take your shoes off in someone's property? Men that like to be difficulty ARE difficult! Who needs that stress?

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