Sunday, April 19, 2015

Men Who Worship Jeans? So Funny!: Femdom Prayers From Jeans Slaves

We've posted some cute prayers from slaves who recently seem to have a fixation on my jeans in Second Life. I actually designed this pair myself (called 'Hana'), and they still are my go-to jeans in SL.

Your favorite pair of jeans can become even more comfortable and cozy when men are praying to them and worshiping them. It's so cute. That's been my experience so far, anyway. At least the men have good taste! (worshiping something I actually like wearing)

Two prayers are now on the Future Femdom website:

A lovely bit of prose by 'slave shy' about my jeans, and a very surprisingly detailed series of worship prayers by slave alan! This has turned into some very good training in what I call 'Hyperfetishism'. (a very fun technique)
Read the prayers in the Future Femdom Library.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Great Article! Marketing in the New Matriarchy

Mia von Sadovszky has written an amazingly insightful article about advertising, marketing, brand management and the New Matriarchy. Pieces like this should remove doubt from anyone's mind about the reality of the growing Matriarchy.

It's not something to fight about. It's already here.

Read 'Marketing in the New Matriarchy: Women Have Never Had It So Good The Rise of Feminine Values in Society Is Creating Better Marketing'


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NEW Facebook Group: Slave Worships Boot Goddess Gina and All Women: Femdom and Matriarchy Fan Group

A cute new Facebook Group has been started by a cute little worshiping fan! As with any project associated with me, I will make sure it adheres to proper principles and precepts of Societal Femdom, positive and inspirational content for education, motivation and awareness. This will not be a 'bdsm slave thing' as I am opposed to such things. It will be a group about worshiping all Goddesses (such as myself) with the understanding all Woman can be Goddes-Empowered. I wish the group's founder good luck and am interested to see how it develops!

Slave Worships Boot Goddess Gina and All Women