Sunday, November 27, 2011

Symbol of the Ssiterhood Show: Call For Artists: Celebrate the Matriarchy in Second Life


A special exhibit that will debut for New Year 2012 and will also be included in celebrations for International Womens Day next spring. We are looking for artists to create unique interpretations of the 'FemStar' symbol (a modern progression of the Venus symbol that represents the evolving Matriarchy).

We intend to create an atmosphere of progressive peace and love, passion and cooperation where the Sisterhood (represented by the symbol) leads humanity towards a bright future. Artists, if interested, (or if you know any artists who might be) please contact Ginette Pinazzo. (open to hearing from artists in all mediums)

The New Years exhibit will be in the Gallery of the Celestial Sisterhood
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Luna Light Footslave Pleasure Chair!

Get worshiped in some fun ways by slaves AND bathe in the light of the Celestial Sisterhood with this great new piece, available in Future Femdom.Very relaxing and exciting! This chair also has a special way to use a shrunken slave! mmmm!
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

TED Talks: Women Reshaping the World

An incredible series of videos from TED filled with inspiration, education and insight. You will probably want to watch them all!
TEDTalks: Women Reshaping the World

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Traditional Gender Roles: The Light We Bring: by Ginette Pinazzo

When people discuss 'traditional gender roles' they are not always looking back as far as they might, or considering the larger scale of humanity. The MOST traditional roles are those that exist deep within us.
As Women, we Create, We Connect...this is has always been so.....even before your current and very specific 'civilisation' appeared.
Men have done many great things....this should never be denied...but always they have done so in the shadow of Our Will...the Will of the Sisterhood.
Men: We have loomed over you throughout history, and we have laboured to keep the world alive.
As the world gets smaller. you will see us more clearly, from the shadows, rising above....and you will Live in the Light that We Bring.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Fashion at Future Femdom

Everything seems just a little bit more creative and fun in fall when it comes to fashion. Shopping for new styles (or vintage styles) is a real challenge in Second Life but the rewards are great when you find that amazing piece or great layered combo. So many choices. Don't be surprised to find me spinning in my Wardrobe Pod at Future Femdom more than usual this season!