Monday, April 28, 2014

WHY I'M A...FEMINIST *gasp*....

Wonderful video by YouTuber Laci Green.

She speaks quickly (which I like) and touches upon essential topcs.

Highly recommended.

See Laci Green video here

Saturday, April 26, 2014

April: Month of Celebration! Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Femdom, Sisterhood

As part of the Year of Love (a cosmology we promote at Future Femdom) each month has its own 'form of love' to recognize....

April is the month of the Love Of Celebration!

"Joy and Energy, the party that is life, love for the dance and the muse"

  1. Throw a party to honor the growing Sisterhood
  2. Attend as many parties as you can!
  3. Learn a new dance!
  4. Create a celebratory piece of art, music or theatre. A film or a photograph!

    There is no limit to your creativity and energy! Let's spread the positive message! - Love, Gina

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Great Facebook Groups to Join! Explore the Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Sisterhood and Femdom.

There are many exciting and innovative Facebook Groups you can join!

Here is a quick list of useful ones I belong to, or own or manage.....

Note: these groups vary, but are all centered around Matriarchy, Gynarchy. Sisterhood or Femdom

  • Matriarchy (great information about empowerment issues and Women as Leaders)
  • Matriarchy NOW (about the inevitable evolution towards a world run by the Sisterhood)
  • Gynarchy (I am an admin for this site)
  • Ginette Pinazzo (my own personal FB site......anyone is welcome to join!)
  • Museum of Heroic Women~MUSEE DES HEROINES (the official group for the museum in SL)
Finally, a good use for Facebook!

If you know of any other FB groups that might be useful, please comment below and let me know about it!
- Love, Gina

Monday, April 21, 2014

Women Outnumbering men: the Matriarchy grows every day!

Evolution continues....
See how many nations have a majority of female population, and see how We are becoming the major voice, the major market and the major power throughout more of the world. Every day a new step forward!

(men: learn to love and support the Sisterhood now!)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Boot Slaves Pay Attention! Hilarious Kiwi Commercial

Watch this amusing commercial for Kiwi. Men: take note! Perhaps you can spend some time practicing....

Boot Slaves! See video here