Thursday, November 5, 2009

What I Have Learned From Second Life: Part 3

More 'bdsm' and other concepts that have baffled me since arriving in SL. Everyday, I learn more.

This is one of the funnier terms to me and I still laugh when I hear it or use it. At first, I was not sure if it meant to sit on something using your own face or not. Now I know. Is sitting on a man's face comfortable? Is it even good for your back?

This is a very common term everywhere, I know. In SL, it is particularly funny to me, though. People in a 'virtual world' who, on top of that. are 'playing characters'. I cannot tell where the RP and whatever-is-not-RP ends. Is it all RP? Is none of it RP? (RP = Role-Playing). I prefer to keep things simple and have fun, work on the message, and make an impact.....but not worry about whether my fairy wings are 'part of an RP' or just 'a fashion statement' (never wore fairy wings...just an example). The entire 'RP' thing seems to make everyday Chat very confusing! (are you speaking in your vampire voice just then??)

This is a serious one. A truly cult-like misogynist phenomenon that is rampant in SL. Many are not too deep into it (yet are still participating in a barbaric realm, whether they have thought about it or not...thanks for keeping the Movement back 2000 years), while others are completely brainwashed. Just what the world needs: ANOTHER exercise in revolting primitive practices where the patriarchy attempts to thwart destiny. One issue with these types and their world is the practice of nonconsensual acts (ie. rape)...Do I really need to go on about this? The fact that, as of this writing, SL STILL does not screen gor nonsense as 'adult' (yet screens 'femdom' as adult), makes me ill. Despite what many brainwashed goreans will tell you, their world is about sex to a large degree, and about hate or abuse of Women. More to come about my growing campaign to get SL to relegate gor into 'adult' status soon......This misogyny must end

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