Sunday, September 26, 2010

Conversations With Men: Like Playing Volleyball

I recently was in one of those 'conversation's with a man and it occurred to me I felt like I was playing volleyball! But I wasn't sure exactly how or here was my thought process.....

At first, I felt I was on one side of the net, alone, and the man was a team of 12, so when I hit the ball to the man, I would never know which one would be returning it. For example, I'd serve ('Where did you get that mop, slave?) and I'd get back ('you look lovely today. Goddess')....
But then I realized those 12 men would need to be organized, in their own way, and I don't believe they are. They would all be playing their own 'random' game.

THEN I thought, maybe there are 12 of me and just one man, who cannot handle the constant serves coming over the net. That seemed more likely, and would explain why they often respond properly to only 1 out of 12 things i say. But then I realized, one man alone would probably be more focused and would probably actually return my serves better. Hmmm...

THEN I finally figured it out! Conversations with men are exactly like playing volleyball against yourself! I have no ideas where the men are on the court, but it's a real workout!

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Worship Ring

This simple new toy is suddenly one of my favorites. The Worship Ring allows you to choose from a selection of standing poses while up to three men kneel around you in constant worship. It's relaly fun to use this as away to teach them how to 'pray' in unison. I love it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Women and Power Conference SEP 24-26

The Women and Power Conference: Our Time To Lead is SEP 24-26 and I encourage evryoen to visit the website and consider attending this historic event.
(from the site:)
This year, the conference is a call-out to women of all ages and backgrounds to become the leaders we have been waiting for. Whether you are a professional, activist, volunteer, student, artist, mother, spiritual seeker, or social visionary, it is time for us to dig deep, retrieve our authentic voice and values, and lead with courage and heart—at home, work, and in the world.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SEP Catalog and Guide

Here is the cover and ibside spread of the new September 2010 Future Femdom Catalog and Guide, containing all of the images and teleport links to the various items and places of the city. The catalog is available at the city Landing Point, in various Reading Seats throughout the city, at the Catalog Room and also the Reading Room.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Needs Bad Men?

An interesting topic that comes up sometimes.....(and recently, a slave brought it up)....du we 'punish'; men in Future Femdom?

The short answer is NO.

If a man is 'bad'...a man is banned from FF..I do not tolerate bad men...they can live in prisons..far away from Us. (other places seem to tolerate bad men, but not at Future Femdom. Some place=s even seem to make a business out of it. )

Woman has NO USE for bad men.... ever.
If a man is bad on purpose...intentionally...then I do not want him near Us...he is useless....
if it is an honest mistake, that is different (we all make mistakes!)

If a man makes a very bad mistake (continually forget rules or is otherwise disrespectful, for example) he will be banned and will need to work hard to return....We do not do the work...slaves do

Everything is for OUR convenience......if I have to whip a man, that is NOT convenient...why should I work for a man?
So punishment makes no sense...because man must do the work to be GOOD.
The Future has absolutely NO PLACE for bad men.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Euphoria Park Opens

I'm happy to announce the opening of our newest mini-park, Euphoria, where you can relax on a pedestal, be worshiped, watch the flying pheonix and contemplate the future. Join us!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ecstasy Wall

This has got to be one of the most fun toys in Future Femdom now. The Ecstasy Wall has 4 'slave tubes' where men crawl inside and only their heads stick out. You can do whatever you want with them that way (many animations) and we often use this toy to train the cute little men to 'produce' inside those tubes. The Ecstasy Wall is in the Concourse Area under the Landing Point of Future Femdom.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sitting in the Sculpture Garden

Men should be fit and energetic to be the best worshipers. As I always say, no statues! (other 'femdom places' can have the statue men..ugh..not here)
Anyway, here we are in the Play Garden, surrounded by actual statues, as I rest my boots on a little slave. I can tell you it is wriggling quite energetically!