Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zindra Help Vortex Opens to Public

I am very excited because this week marks the debut of Second Life's first truly progressive adult mainland 'help center'. The Zindra Help Vortex begins as a public sandbox (where anyone on Zindra can build, play and learn) and will eventually incorporate mentor and outreach programs. This is a new start for the adult continent!
Teleport to the Zindra Help Vortex now!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Practicing Keyboards

Working on my new Organ Orgasmic keyboard! Hoping to be on stage soon!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Official New Acronyms for 2011 by Ginette Pinazzo

It's official! My new list of acronyms for 2011! Thee can be used liberally in Chat to spice up your life! (and your Second Life, when appropriate) PS - thanks to Silvanus for the cute new Future Femdom logo!

Acronyms for 2011

    BRBN - Be Right Back NOT

    AFKAD - Away From Keyboard All Day

    NOF - Naked On Floor

    NOFN - Naked On Floor NOW!

    SF - Sisterhood Forever

    CMWYN - Call Me When You're Naked

    CMWYS - Call Me When You're Sober

Saturday, February 12, 2011

FEB 14 Kissing Party at Future Femdom

I am very happy to announce an all day and night Kissing Party at Future Femdom on MON FEB 14 to celebrate Valentine's Day! We'll be revealing a new series of Twin Goddess Kissing Mats! (men may also attend the party, but must be naked and worship Us as We play!) This party is for Sisters! (and the cute little men that worship Us)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ArtFest for Flood Relief in Second Life

Good friend and talented artist Huntress Catteneo is producing an incredible art exhibition for charity called Artfest For Flood Relief. I will have a few limited edition signed pieces in the show (for auction!) but there is so much to see (and bid upon). This event represents a real 'coming together' in Second Life. Here is the official statement from Huntress:
ArtFest for Flood Relief

ArtFest For Flood Relief is a charity art competition to raise funds towards helping the recent flood victims in Australia, Brazil and Sri Lanka. Lives, homes and precious farmlands have been lost in every place, it will take many years to fully recover.

In Australia thousands are now homeless as they quite simply have no homes, the state of Queensland including its capital has been devastated, and as a supplier of many crops not grown elsewhere or not grown in large amounts elsewhere, the whole country will be suffering.

In Brazil there has been a loss of lives is in the hundreds, as the mud’s engulfed home after home.

In Sri Lanka again many homeless, and how can one not see it as incredibly bad when one of the already memorable pictures from this time, is an elephant, dead in the top of a tree carried there by the flood waters.

All of these events are heartbreaking, and while I realize not much can be done here, as they say, every little bit helps. 100% of the $L money raised here will be converted to RL money, and donated to the Red Cross, an organization that helps around the globe.
Those that are wary of donating to a stranger in SL are welcome to head to the official ArtFest Red Cross donation webpage here: the funds are being specified as going to the floods. The website has a low total to achieve, but that is so we can get all happy when we achieve it, any WAY happier when we far surpass it (hint hint).

An entire (mature) sim is being devoted to this competition, and has already attracted all types of artists with all sorts of categories covered. Visitors to the sim can take part in the popular vote where people show their appreciation for the works by donating lindons to the tipjar with it. The sim is changing each day as people build and new works go for sale in the Bazarr so all are encouraged to make repeated visits.


* Up to and including Saturday 22nd January, building phase, artists welcome to join.
* End building - midnight Sunday february 20th
* Special Auction of donated art for Valentines (got your gift yet? get one that give twice) February 13th
* Presentation, Concert, and Huntress's rl birthday with Strum Diesel performing - Monday February 28th
* Final close - Sunday March 6th


Singers and DJ’s are welcome to fill the sim with music when there are no conflicting events, show your talents and you never know who may catch a performance and want to book you for future shows.

Artists whether in the competition or not, are welcome to sell their items in the bazaar, however you must agree to a profit split from all sales where at least 50% goes to charity.
This is the chance for all creative people to show what they have, jump on board now.

To those not able to take part in this themselves, please, please pass this along to any you think may be interested, especially other groups. Also encourage people to come and see the sim, admire the art, vote with their Lindons.
There are a few things to do here, it is a great place to just sit and hang out in the chairs on the platform, while there you can also dance, do a little shopping, and even hop on Fred below to go for a ride. There are little interest spots about the place to look at apart from the actual art on show, so have a good look around.

There is other activities planned such as the auctioning off of some art at certain times (there is a lovely piece for upcoming Valentines day), classes to cover the VERY basics of building, and there may even be a treasure or scavenger hunt.

My blog will be updated with more information at various points, and will likely have links to other people helping and documenting the event (people who are doing so please give me your links to add) so check back often:

**hugs** to any out there who have been affected by the floods or have significant people in your life that have, I know that amongst the artists that are already taking part, 4 are in the flood effected areas of the world.

- Huntress Catteneo

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Asinabika Womens Drum Circle

A great photo gallery from the Asinabika Womens Drum Circle event. From time to time,we will post link to Womens Drum Circles from around the world as the beat of Sisterhood goes on! (today's circle is from Canada!)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Warriors of Love

A Goddess must be Responsible, and often that means taking a stand and fighting for beliefs. Sometimes that stand is controversial, or not even popular, but it is the Responsibility She has to others, to those in need, to those who cannot stand, to those who have no place to turn. To fight is not the way of Peace, but it is sometimes the way TO peace......
But those who fight for figthing's sake are wrong. Those who look for a war are harming us all. Responsibility means that you fight only when it is necessary, to save others, to save should never be popular.

A Goddess exists, supported by Love, not anger or hate. This means that She can continue forever, helping and yes, fighting for peace.....when surrounded by Love. This passion and energy give new life, revive, renew the spirit.

I have seen life waver, depression and desolation set in, darkness cover the sky...but a Goddess can rise again and lead to Light. She simply requires Love.

When the heavens' chorus is in her ears, and the light of the stars in her eyes, she can do anything. She can stand again and fight for Peace. She can spread the love all over creation.

For those who embrace and connect to the center of Passion, and the Pure Love of the Goddess, She will stand tall and guide you.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eye On Zindra: New Website

Announcing a new website Eye On Zindra, which features beautiful 'artistic photography' from Second Life's adult continent of Zindra. The site opens with galleries from the recent Art Maze PhotoHunt, where SL Photographers captured the beauty and imagination of Art Maze 2011 in fantastic ways. The website will expand to include more information and opportunities for SL photographers. Stay tuned!