Thursday, May 29, 2014

Female-Led Society: Matriarchal Meme For the Femdom Future

Another new gynarchy meme, for everyone to share. Spread this image anywhere you can, in any way you can! Whether you support Gynarchy, Matriarchy, The Sisterhood, The Goddess Movement, Feminism, or Femdom, this meme is for you! -  Gina

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Definition of Man: The Goddess Matriarchy and all Female-Led Relationships Take Note!

What is a man?
It is time for all Sisters to adjust definitions for the new era, and to really stick to the new definitions!

Here is the premise:
A male is not automatically a man (though man is always male)
Here I separate males into 2 categories.....

1) man: loving, supportive, worshipful, responsible, civlised, passionate, entertaining, hopefully humorous, fun and working together w/ each other for the Matriarchy

2) useless: any males that don't fit the 'man' definition

There are a few implications here:
1) it is Our Responsibility as Sisters to firmly reject the useless. They have no place in the future. We must act quickly, often together as Sisters, to shut them down and let them know they will not make it into the next generations.

2) Along with this. We must remove them from Our lives, communities and society as much as possible. We must never let them breed. (We control the breeding). We choose the men as We wish, but must never choose the useless.

3) We must do our best to nurture and educate the young males to be men, not the useless.

Let me know your responses in the blog comments or FB comments.
Love, Gina

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tiny Man Submits Prayer and Story: Shrunken Slave Ayman

Cute little slave ayman has sent a nice story and prayer on Facebook (see my timeline there) and it is now also on the Future Femdom website.

I encourage all men to be creative and write prayers, essays or stories about the coming Matriarchy.

Read slave ayman's story and prayer here

Saturday, May 10, 2014

May is the Month of Love of Evolution: Gynarchy, Sisterhood, Matriacrhy, Femdom

As part of the Year of Love (a cosmology I promote) each month has its own 'form of love'....

May is the month of the Love Of Evolution!

"Greatness as We reach to a higher place in history every day, helping, growing love"

How to Honor this Month?
  1. Expose Sisters to the principles of Sisterhood, Matriarchy and Gynarchy. Every small step counts.
  2. Expose men to these same concepts, also in small steps.
  3. Note and publicize any examples you see of Evolved Sisters and men across the world and in your area.
  4. Evolve yourself! Research more every day! Expose yourself to varying opinions and ideals.
  5. Take more public stands against barbarism of any type, and preach for a totally new future.

    There is no limit to your creativity and energy! Let's spread the positive message! - Love, Gina

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gina New Admin for Tiny Slaves For Women Facebook Group

As of a few fays ago, I took over as Admin for the Facebook Group 'tiny slaves for Women: Giantess' and Goddesses'. Here is the link to go there (and join!) 

I wandered there during my travels and was amused that the group seemed to consist of men who want to be shrunk.  As I often do, I asked in the group of it were active at all.  IN other words, do these men actually contribute to the group or just stay silent? Next thing I was asked to be the Admin. Very funny!

In any case, I am trying to engage the group and start them talking, to see what these men are like.
The group is generally about shrinking men (something I love to promote in Future Femdom as part of the Matriarchy immersion) and is open to all who are respectful and wish to learn about the Sisterhood, and ongoing worship.

Sisters, join if you find the idea of tiny men entertaining!

men, join if you want to learn you (very small) place in the future!