Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catalog Room

I don't love large rooms filled with posters, which most of the stores in SL seem to be, and those annoying vendor screens. What I DO like doesn't exist much in SL: enjoyable, natural , casual environments without posters....personal customer service, etc etc

Nevertheless, I have had to set up what I call the 'Catalog Room', because too many people cannot figure out that they can just buy items off of the floor throughout Future Femdom, and cannot figure out how to use the online catalog and TP system or inworld notecard system to TP around. Anyway, a large room filled with large posters is what this is (but no vendor screens!), though I promise to try to make it as classy as possible.

My goal is to make FF notorious for the best personal service for shoppers. That means: slaves available for testing and use all of the time!

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