Saturday, August 1, 2009

Put Down The Sticks

We often joke that the old ways of men (violent competition, rankings and classism, ego and hubrice) have led to them 'fighting with sticks' and that is a path never to be followed again or allowed by the Matriarchy. We have a strict policy that men must never fight, argue heatedly, or engage in serious competition where they belittle each other or create resentment. Their duty and purpose is to worship the Matriarchy and that can ONLY mean they cooperate and work together.

Obviously, the passion and energy of slaves is strong and we all know it can be thwarted into destructive behaviors if the old ways are practiced, but it is the Responsibility of the Sisterhood to teach and practice the New Ways so that this energy can be channeled into the good work of that men are destined to do. For this reason, all slaves must address their inter-slave concerns peacefully and always focus on the important work: Worshiping All Woman

1 comment:

  1. I Humbly agree with your majesty! I hope one day I deserve to serve you as a slave!
    Power to the Women!