Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Recap: Female Supremacy Discussion

Sunday's very interesting Group Discussion at Dominion was very well managed by Destiny, the event seemed well attended and I found it to be quite professional. The topic was 'Female Supremacy' and even though I don't consider myself a Female Supremacist as such, they invited me as a guest to deliver my thoughts on the topic. The conversation did digress quite a bit at times, and became a little 'hot' as some seemed obsessed over the issue of non-ownership (societal) slaves, or my own practices, but I expected much of that. I was speaking in a 'traditional' bdsm-inspired place, after all, where traditions of ownership are one of their foundations and they often seem more interested in servants than worshipers. I don't feel we really delved deep enough into the topic of Gynarchy itself, as a political and social movement, but an hour-long group makes delving deep into anything difficult!In any case, it was great fun, and I hope the event provided some inspiration for Open minds.

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