Monday, December 21, 2015

New Slave Blog: Crushed Under Gina's Leather Boot: A Goddess Worshiper's Future Femdom Story of Shrinking and Fetish

A delightful man named thomas has begun an all new blog about his training and adventures in the city and group Future Femdom. He has been very good so far, very attentive and passionate. This cute one also seems to be obsessed with being shrunk and my cowboy boots. 

Hopefully, blogs like this can provide some glimpse for newcomers, into what a Societal Femdom can mean. As it can mean many things to many people, for slave thomas, it definitely has been proving results.

I look forward to his entries! - Gina

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Massage Contest at Future Femdom: Slaves Worshiping For Our Relaxation and Comfort

Had a fun time at today's Massage Contest at Future Femdom.

Slaves were challenged to emote well and earn points, the final score equal to the prize level that participating Sisters would receive.

I admit it is difficult to get interest for anything 'relaxing' in SL these days but I'm not going to stop trying!

Teleport to Future Femdom

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Goddess Gina's Party: A Vore Story written by slave john: shrinking and giantess

To be fair, I had no idea what 'vore' meant until spending a long time in Second Life. It seems that men have the ability to invent terms and acronyms for everything! So, I've been told 'vore' means that act of eating tiny men, like gumdrops? Since I think it's really fun to explore the idea of shrinking men to the size of ants as a 'fun way' to promote actual Goddess Worship principles, I thought I'd let slave john write a story illustrating the phenomenon.
Note: In Second Life, the slave is known as iiii5



John watched in vain as the worried men tried to escape the bowl vainly trying to reach the top of the bowl. They let out a collective yelp of surprise as the bowl was lifted by their captor.

John had long resigned himself to his faith despite his brethren’s fear of the unknown. John lay back he knew what was coming and none of them would escape this. The bowl was dropped down onto the table the others slowly picked themselves up as they listened as the Goddess left to answer the door. Distant voices could be heard John listened to their melody but his brethren had other ideas.

They stacked on top of one another like a human pyramid to at least allow one to see what was happening. John had to admire their commitment but as the first one reached the tip of the lid a shadow appeared over them all.

Ginette smirked “well well don’t we have a creative bunch here they already have decided to present us sacrifices” Without another word the Goddess took her prize lower herself letting the others watch as she pressed her snack past her lips and swallowed. The wet gulp echoed around the bowel spelling the faith for all those trapped in the bowel.

Ginette and her friend Heather ideally chatted to each other as they occasionally picked out a squirming tiny and did what they willed with him. Some ended up as noting but smears as Heather and Ginette pressed their feet together the force reducing them into pulp within an instant. Some of the others just begged the Goddess’s to take them next I just sat quietly awaiting my faith there were only half of our number left when we got the full attention of our Goddesses.

They peered into the bowl scanning each person. Heather winked to Ginette “Ginette sister would it be alright if I played a game with the last of them?”. Ginette lay back on the couch smiling “Of course my soles have been satisfied for now”. Heather looked back into the bowl smiling “very well then my little pets I’ve decided that I will test your will to survive or rather further please your Goddesses. I will lift this bowl over my mouth and you must try and stay alive or fall to your doom in my mouth”. Heather smirked as she lifted the bowl “game starts now”.

Yelps of surprise resounded around me as I made a run for the edge of the bowel as it became level. I had to jump in the last second to catch the tip of the bowl my arms straining.  I looked back to see Goddess Heather’s lips part as she opened her mouth wide to take up the others that failed to reach the tip. They slipped yelling out as they fell into her mouth.

Heather closed her lips chewing lightly crushing some of her pets inside her mouth while swallowing others whole. Heather had closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of all those she sent down her throat squirming and screaming. She peeked to see what was left I noticed there were two others of my kind that had survived. ...


Heather lowered the bowl to the table, quickly catching her lips as she let out a polite burp “Opps…. I think that was the last of their oxygen”. Goddess Ginette slid over to Heather pushing her hand onto Heather’s rubbing it as she sat back content. I watched as she peered back over to us and lifted her head staring at the last of us “Hmm seems we have our winners how should they be rewarded sister?”.

Goddess Ginette sat back contemplating her sisters words “I think they have proofed to be resilient and should be rewarded…we’ll make their ends special”. Goddess Ginette picked one of the others out and looked him over “Pray to me thank me for giving you such an honour of my attention”. He did as he was told he bowed in her grasp worshipping her. Goddess Ginette gave a light smirk before kneeling down and slipping the worm into the back of her boot. She stood up straight even I heard my brother squish as my Goddess let all her weight go down upon him. Goddess Ginette smiled looking to Heather “come Sister the next one is yours”.

Heather smiled sitting up peering down at the last of us she placed her finger to her lips teasing us “Hmm what to do?” Heather scanned over us and looked at my brother “you know I think I would have need of a new cushion”. She picked him up and peered at him closely “what do you have to say for this honour”. To his credit my brother lowered his head “I am unworthy of this my Goddess Heather I am grateful that you have chosen me for this task and I wish to only serve you in any means possible. Goddess Heather smiled “good” without another word she flung him to the couch and jumped up landing her rear right ontop of him. He lasted for a while under her as the couch had cushioned much of the impact but as Goddess Heather moved about I knew that he was nothing more than a stain on her jeans. Heather laughed happily.

I sat there as they chatted until Goddess Ginette broke the conversation again “We seem to have one last worshiper, Sister. I believe it is fitting that we both take care of this one”. Goddess Ginette picked me up and placed me on the couch between them. Goddess Ginette looked down upon me “Start praying for the fortune of getting both our attention”.

I bow may head “Oh glorious Goddess I thank you for acknowledging such a worm as I, truly I am undeserving but I am as ever under your wills”. Goddess Ginette smiled to Goddess Heather “Would you be able to handle half a snack Sister” Goddess Heater nodded smiling while patting her stomach. Goddess Ginette reached down and picked me up she pushed her lips together as if she was going to kiss me I braced myself as I saw nothing but her lips flesh cover me. I shivered as I felt Goddess Ginette tongue roll over me tasting me pulling my upper half into her mouth. I soon felt my feet covered in something warm I realized what was happening the Goddess were kissing with me in the middle I squirmed about as I passed Goddess Ginette’s teeth. It happened soo suddenly her teeth were like a guillotine as they separated me.

I finally realized what Goddess Ginette had meant by half Goddess Heather would have my legs and Goddess Ginette my upper body. It was starting to get dark as Goddess’s Ginette flicked her tongue back throwing my body to the back of her throat to swallow. With a wet gulp my faith was sealed my last thoughts were pleasant as I was happy to serve my Goddess.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Margot Wallström Puts Feminism FIRST in Foreign relations (as it should be)

It's time for the world to get on track and prioritize Feminist concerns (and by that I mean: stopping the oppression, abuse and inequal treatment of Women across the globe) when it comes to international relations.

Margot Wallström has taken the necessary stand (and of course, been vilified by the swarms of misogynists as you might expect) to put Feminism First in dealings with other nations.

This is the attitude any sane nation should maintain.

  1. Alter your relations with societies that still live in barbarism through their oppression of Women and Girls. Make your disapproval clear. Change policies based on this.
  2. Do not condone their practices but openly condemn them. Never support their barbarism. I am not suggesting cutting off communication (w/o communication, progress can't be made). I am saying: take a new approach. Insist on helping them improve, if they hope to be taken seriously on the global stage. In other words, put conditions on the friendship.
  3. Diplomats, earn the title.   You are only harming your own people, and the people in oppressed nations, by condoning (silently or otherwise) barbarism.  Take the stand. In the end, this will help everyone. Tip: The freedom of Sisters is MORE IMPORTANT than the stability of your government job.

    I hope to see more step up (Sisters as well as men) to stare the real issue in the face, across the globe: A society that oppresses Us needs to held in account, strictly, and MUST evolve if it expects to be included in the future.


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Femdom Stories: Decision by slave ayman

The following was submitted by slave ayman:

i was having a crawl between the bushes having fun, running and singing between the small weed.

Wondering what life would be if my destiny was to meet YOU.

Suddenly a crashing sound coming by. i started to freak out and run , the sound is coming closer and closer with no where to hide.

All of a sudden, calmness in the air, no sound or anything , I look up and I don't see the sky anymore, instead it's my Goddess Gina's shoes , SHE looks at me and laugh, am under mercy with no where to go, she looks again and laugh at me. So i start to pray to her

" My Goddess, U know that my life is under ur shoes, U know that u own my life, U know that u can do whatever U want with me, all i beg for is if am going to die one day, it will be under your shoes, Amen " .

Now i stop talking and bow down under her shoes and will let HER decide what to do with me

- by slave ayman

More slave-submitted Femdom Stories on the Future Femdom site
Slave Training Programs

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Slave Worships My Old Riding Boots in Very Creative Way

Slave akit has made some very creative pictures as part of his training!

I encourage all men to explore creativity as a part of worship. Get involved, little ones!

Learn More at the Future Femdom Site
Visit Future Femdom in Second Life

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Give Thanks To The Matriarchy: Freedom and Peace Through Goddess Worship

The Sisterhood means that the world can be more free and loving. Sisters can be free to lead humanity and make better connections with nature,  progress and positive destiny . And men? You can be more free by dropping your arrogance and violence, and learning to worship Us as we lead. Worship, not just 'servitude'...and all of Us, not just one of us. So give thanks...and pledge to worship the Sisterhood even more. - GINA
Learn More at the Future Femdom Site
Visit Future Femdom in Second Life

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Goddess Worship: Build An Online Shrine

As part of our ongoing slave training programs (using Hyperfetism techniques) a man recently has created a cute online shrine called 'Goddess Shrine'.

There are countless ways slaves can create shrines. This is just one more way, so men take note!

Be creative and be passionate, 
 men, and go through the effort to demonstrate your worship of Us!

See the Goddess Shrine
Training is always available. Contact us!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Take Back the Conversation From Anti-Feminist Misogynists and Trolls

A brilliant piece by Julia Hardy,

Game of trolls: how I took on the internet sexists with Misogyny Monday

As I've written in the past, We gain stronger connections in Sisterhood if we can share information, such as databases of known misogynists.

(Read my own piece, here:


Anyway, Julia discusses a very important topic: standing up to and NOT being silent regarding internet abuse and trolls.  The 'ladylike' thing of ignoring the misogynists (don't feed the trolls!) is just another way to keep our voices down.

Read Julia's article for some great news and ideas about taking over the conversation, away from anti-feminists.


Friday, October 9, 2015

Call Us Women....Not Girls! Feminist Campaign For Respect

We are adults, not children.

Respect includes that basic acknowledgement. 

Why is this language so important?
By calling any adult a 'child' you are, in effect, saying they do not have the ability to take responsibility for their own actions. You are not giving them the same respect you would another adult.

Empowerment means claiming the ability to take responsibility for your own actions. For the sake of real empowerment, reject being called a child.

Sisters, we can be just as guilty. We do it to ourselves.  We also call men  'boys' at times. This too, removes the expectation from them that they must be responsibility for their actions. Stop calling men 'boys' and force them to assume responsibility for their actions as adults. As men.

Stop calling Women 'girls', because it is essential that All Women rise to lead in this world, and that means Empowerment is key. Referring to us with the condescending term 'girls' only illustrates your refusal to take what Women do and say seriously.

Call Us Women...Not Girls

Spread the message!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Build A Shrine 1: Riding Boot Slave Makes Cute Goddess Worship Shrine: Femdom Training

As part of continuing Hyperfetishim training, it's wonderful to see men creating 'shrines'. This slave (neil) made one in Second Life, devoted to one of my old pairs of  riding boots! So sweet!

Join the Slave Training Programs on Facebook:
OR: Find Ginette Pinazzo in Second Life to inquire

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Slave Training Programs: Goddess Worship, Boot Fetish, Bootslaves, Hyperfetishism

Men: get involved in our positive system of Goddess-Worship training that uses Hyperfetishism to refocus male energy into beautiful, peaceful Worship Energy.


(techniques to harness the energy of men rather than suppress it)

We run very specialized programs to accentuate the strong, passionate energy of men to train them to better Worship the Matriarchy.  The technique of Hyperfetishism redirects their efforts towards very specific, focused  'fetishes'. This serves to take them away from their normally self-centered egos and into a place where they truly work together, collaborate as a group, to concentrate on something/someone else. This can be evolved into total Worship of The Sisterhood,
Leaders of the World.

We are opposed to methods of chastity, rsstraint, imprisonment and mutilation. In short, anything that is unhealthy and is a negative system. Hyperfetishism is an example of a positive system that works within the natural order.

Join the Programs on Facebook:
OR: Find Ginette Pinazzo in Second Life to inquire
IMPORTANT: Only active and passionate men allowed. Worship is always willing and that means you must prove it with participation.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Support A Female-Led Virtual World: Gynarchy in Second LIfe

While we have Gynarchy groups for most every part of the world (every nation, every state), what about the Virtual Worlds?

The Gynarchy in Second Life group functions as an 'in-world' presence related to the Gynarchy movements  such as the Gynarchy groups on Facebook and other global work.

Second Life is an evolved, more advanced version of a social media system, with the potential for more interaction and global connections than ever before. The environment has proven beneficial for connecting Women, spreading the Matriarchal Message and inspiring change.

Please support our Matriarchal movements in every world, including in Second Life! 

Also: Teleport to Future Femdom (the city) in Second Life

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Second Life Staring Contest: Failure in Virtual World For Interactivity: Are Men Taking Over SL?

In my recent travels across the world of Second Life, researching and documenting the current 'State Of Matriarchy' in SL, I have encountered many surprising developments.

While the enhanced social media system that Second Life can perhaps offer the best interactive and immersive experiences, my journey lately has shown that the trend has been reversing towards less interactivity and more isolation.

I cannot list all of the places I have visited where residents stand around and simply 'stare' at each other. Are they reading each others' profiles? Maybe. Are they sending direct messages (IMs)? Perhaps. The one thing they are NOT doing is sharing in Public Chat. They are not conversing with dialogue that can be inclusive. They are not actually exploring the 'social aspect' of social media.

This is getting bad in the many so-called 'femdom' places in SL, where everyone just looks at each other for hours. Worse yet, the countless 'lower end' kink places and sex places (using 'femdom' in their keywords for Search, but having no Matriarchal values at all) are nothing but throngs of SL residents leering at each other with no chat whatsoever.

This would not be so horrible if it were open to change, and sometimes, when I say hello or try to start a discussion, there is response...but more often than not, people don't respond at all, or even tell me they don't talk in Chat.

It was not always this way. With all of the other sad developments over the past few years in SL, I relate this trend to the exodus of Women from Second Life. As Matriarchal values seem harder and harder to find in SL, and scams like 'financial domination' and evils like misogyny groups are on the rise, I believe this is due to the dilution of Women's SL organisations.

As more Sisters have left, the standards of communication and networking have suffered. Case in point: Even in one of the more popular 'femdom places', I tried (hopelessly) to start a discussion about Matriarchy and was informed by a man there that such 'womens issues' topics made him uncomfortable. Another man (who actually worked there!) told me to 'drop the topic'.

In the end, what is left? Why go through the learning curve to enter Second Life if there is no  interaction to explore?

The good news: there are those of us out there who still like to have discussions about something more meaningful than some man's sex drive. We just need to find each other.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Looking for Social Media / Marketing Team Members: Gynarchy, Matriarchy, Femdom

Looking for Social Media / Marketing Team Members
Some of you may know that my work/mission extends into many areas, such as social media, Second Life, video production and much much more. What I do is also very connected to real world movements and change, on community and global levels.

I work in many ways, mainly to increase awareness, inspiration and education about Matriarchy, Gynarchy and Societal Femdom.

If you have skills and experience in social media, marketing, especially networking and positive communication OR just are very willing to try, (that's what matters) then contact me to talk about how you could join the team.  Whatever you do, we will start off small and build from there - Gina

Comment on THIS post to inquire OR contact me (Ginette Pinazzo) in Second Life.
You can also send a message to me direct through the Boot Goddess Channel (on Youtube)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cute! Gynarchy on TV

Thanks, Kristy for sharing this cute video! Directed by Michael Patrick Jann

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Gynarchy Video! 10 Ways To Support Matriarchy Ep 2: Female-Led Circles in Real Femdom Society

I'm very excited to announce an all new video in the '10 Ways To Support Matriarchy' series:

Episode 2 : Recognize and Support Woman Organisations, Groups and Circles In Your Community

This video is very special because it is an overview of an actual Matriarchal System anyone can employ today in their own communities and societies.

For example, when considering ways to manage issues, solve problems or design a system that will empower, think about ways to implement the principles in this 'Female-Led Circles' process.

Watch Video Now!

Like all videos in this series, while I write the material and executive produce, the real credit must go to the staff at Creative Planet, who create these videos! Thanks so much!

 Outline of the Circles System:
1. NETWORK: Be Social. Attend Events; Help Plan New Events
2. ISSUES: Identify Issues in your Community that Need to be Addressed/Needs that must be Fulfilled
3. BRAINSTORMING: Propose Events Where People Can Meet and Brainstorm New Ideas
4. PROPOSALS: Events where people can present proposals for new ideas or ideas that address existing issues
5. FORMING CIRCLES: People working together on short-term or long-term projects
6. GROWING CIRCLES: help Circles gain new members, work with them to publicize them
7. CONNECTING CIRCLES: find innovative ways that Circles can mutually benefit each other
8. CIRCLE EVENTS: where a Circle gains publicity and outreach with the community and beyond
9. LARGER EVENTS: Where multiple Circle combine in mutually beneficial events
10. EVERY SISTER IS CONNECTED: welcome every Sister into the greater Circle that is the community's Matriarchy

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Loving Ring: Group Goddess Worship at Future Femdom

We have an new rug at Future Femdom. The Loving Ring is designed for up to four men, as they curl around your feet.

This new rug helps reinforce the concept that men must work together to worship Us.  The days of bickering, fighting and war are over: when men learn to cooperate under our heels, they learn to be as one in their chorus of loving worship. This is a key to peace.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Slave Creates Boot Fetish Video About My Manolo Blahniks

A cute video created by a worshiper has made it to Youtube. See it on the Boot Goddess Channel!

I have to say I have a lot of pairs of boots, including some nice Manolos. A favorite black pair of mine has been the subject of some recent 'slave-training' (using Hyperfetishism techniques) and a wonderful worshiper has created this (and other) nice videos about the pair.

I am very impressed when I see men show such effort and creativity!

Watch: In The Mood for Love to Gina's Manolo Blahniks

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Femdom and Feminization: The Message That Sissies Send to Undermine Empowerment

A casual tour through Second Life can reveal much, and one of the many surprising phenomena I encounter often is that of 'Sissies'.

I admit I am not versed in the bdsm culture, though I am always confident every kink imaginable is explored by humanity. I enjoy exploring many of them myself! Sometimes I am amazed, though, by certain trends being more popular than I would have ever guessed!

From what I can tell (and I apologize if I don't have all details correct..) men dressing in 'women's clothes' (as they perceive women's clothes to be) and acting like maids (often very 'submissively') are known as Sissies.

On the basic level, I certainly don't care what people do sexually if it is consensual and not criminal, but the point of this article is to examine the message the behavior transmits to those who may witness or become involved in that behavior. In other words: the possible meaning and impact of a behavior or culture.

Every 'Sissy' I have encountered to date wants to be submissive, often to the most degrading extent. They may identify with terms like 'slut' or 'whore', etc. Their idea of our clothing seems to center around lingerie, maid's outfits, ballet skirts or some strange combination. (I don't recall every seeing a  Sissy wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but maybe that's just my experience)

What strikes me right away (and I have pointed this out directly with normally dreadful results) is that they seem to feel the need to 'dress' like a Woman to be submissive. The message to me is that these men cannot fathom worshiping Woman unless they assume the role of one. In essence, I construe this as a not-too-subtle assumption that only by being a Woman can one be submissive. It is hard for me to conclude anything other than this is a message that goes against every theme of Empowerment.

I usually ask them to drop the pretense and be proud to 'be a man' and worship us as such. Why? Many reasons....but the main one is this: men will only learn to worship Us if they stop trying to apologize for it, or trying to disguise it. The message must be clear: the men must worship. Thinking only a Woman can worship is only reinforcing anti-feminist stereotypes.

The 'Sissy' phenomenon is also related to 'feminization', a somewhat more broad term. I know Sisters who enjoy doing this to men, on some level, though I confess I don't relate to it, for the reason I stated in the last paragraph. What strikes me as even more odd, and ethically wrong, is the practice of forced feminization. That is an obviously nonconsensual practice and I am 100% opposed to such methods.

In Summary:
Men, if you think you must dress in female bedroom clothes to be 'submissive' then have fun with it. All that I ask is that you consider the dynamics of it, the message it sends, to yourself and those around you. Perhaps you could try being a worshiper as a man. That's what the Coming matriarchy is all about after all.

Sisters, if you enjoy dressing men in female bedroom clothes then have fun with it, too. Again, all that I ask is consider the message as it relates to Our Empowerment. Especially when the public may witness the behavior.

And finally, to all Sissies and Feminization fans: Please direct your angry letters to yourselves. This is my attempt at social behavior analysis and is not meant to belittle anyone. Well, maybe misogynists, I don't mind belittling them.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Feminism, Matriarchy and Femdom are NOT Misandry: Get it Right

Let's set the Record Straight!

Empowerment for all Women, to gain equal opportunity, equal rights and freedom from oppression.

Female-Led Systems, designed to create a more positive, loving and free world. Women as Responsible Leaders in every aspect of life, for the benefit of communities, societies and  the world.

'Domination' not through violence, abuse or oppression, but through overwhelming love and brilliance, creativity and skill. Forget the pornographers' all-too-common definition. We are talking about Sisters leading everywhere for a better world for all. (and real leaders are not dictators, they are positive role models)

Any hint of 'man-hating' in those definitions? You won't find it. For real Feminism, Matriarchy and Femdom, there is NO hate, no destructive plans against men. When we discuss disabling, overriding or replacing patriarchy, it is not out of hate, it is out of love for a better way.

Sisters are continually under attack from 'mens' rights activists' (thinly disguised misogynists, most of them) for speaking their minds and being visible on these topics. Note that is a technique of manipulators to attempt control of conversation by labeling people and shoving them into categories   the manipulators themselves have invented. What could be more arrogant?

No man can 'define' you in his terms. You can have your own terms, regardless of what any man says.
Not to say men do this manipulation out of evil, as most of this is habit they have accumulated through years of exposure and immersion into a patriarchal society. There is no reason to hate anyone who is not even aware of what they are doing. You can hate the systems, but not those people, as they are victims of a negative system too. (now if you encounter an actual misogynist, prepare to deal with that, too. We'll save that topic for another post!)

So the next time anyone accuses you of misandry (man-hating), tell them the three terms and what they really mean. Explain the actual positive, healthy aspects of Feminism, Matriarchy and Femdom that are the true spirit of these movements.

I felt so good researching this artiucle I even kissed a few men (see photo)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gynarchy in Second Life: Group for Matriarchy, Sisterhood, Real Social Femdom, Female-Led Community

I've started a new group within the virtual social media system of Second Life entitled 'Gynarchy in Second LIfe'

This specific group will function as an 'in-world' presence related to the  popular, meaningful and extremely important Gynarchy movements I am involved with in other online venues, such as the Gynarchy groups on Facebook and other global work.

Why this new group?
Over recent years, despite the undeniable impact of the growing Matriarchal worldwide, things have regressed within Second Life. One would assume a liberating virtual environment would be the best place to see progressive change, but the company's own drastic, blundering and oppressive policies have sent the cause of Women's Empowerment back a good number of decades. A quick Search in Second Life will results in almost no results for 'Matriarchy' or 'Gynarchy', while most results for 'Femdom' are male pornographically-inspired financial scams. A few good places still exist, but they are harder to find die to the company's incompetent changes over the past few years.

If you care about Matriarchy / Gynarchy / Female-Led Community and World / Real Societal Femdom, then join this new group. Gynarchy in Second Life is just starting out, but I hope to bring more real supporters and though-leaders into Second Life this way to help counter the current downward trend against women.

Join the Group Now
Watch some videos about Gynarchy

Monday, July 6, 2015

Defeating the Patriarchy In The New Digital Era: Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Societal Femdom

Great article by Meltem Arlkan, about the old analog systems of the patriarchy and the new digital systems that empower Matriarchy.

An inspirational and thought-provoking read.

Read the article here!

More about Technogynarchy

From Analog to Digital: The Revolution Against the Patriarchal World Order

- See more at:
From Analog to Digital: The Revolution Against the Patriarchal World Order - See more at:
From Analog to Digital: The Revolution Against the Patriarchal World Order - See more at:
From Analog to Digital: The Revolution Against the Patriarchal World Order - See more at:

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Eating Bon-Bons in Second Life: Femdom Chocolate Boutique: Tastes Better Than Men!

In the Sky Area high above the city of Future Femdom in Second Life, there is an area called the Chocolate Boutique.

One of the main unique aspects of Future Femdom is that the future is a wonderful, relaxing, fun and convenient time to be.

Dungeons? Medieval conditions? Dragging men around with Chains? thanks.

We can live our lives with all of the wonders and convenience of a modern era, without trying to echo very dark times in human history. (and men that think they can only worship us if we dress up like medieval queens are really out of touch). To this end, I have made sure Future Femdom is all about convenience and relaxation, where Sisters NEVER work for men, and NEVER need to bark orders.

And here you can have delicious chocolate!

You may enjoy men worshiping you as have a tasty treat, or may not. Either way, it's about you...and chocolate! In the Boutique area, there are a few fun play-areas that are all about the Goddess' favorite food.

With the Bon Bon Chair (pictured), you can safely devour one candy after another.  There are places for up to ten men to worship you while you sit, too.

The Chocolate Buffet Table is a cute way to combine two tastes, chocolate and men.

The chocolates themselves are lavender cream (and new flavours may be coming soon!)

Please visit the first Femdom Chocolate Boutique!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Women In The Video Game Industry: 2015 Report: Will Sisters Lead Interactive Media?

Maybe it only seems like the 'videogame' industry, but the world of digital interactive media is very important, like social media, virtual worlds and any engaging system that connects us.
Read this great article about some of the female-freindly highlights at the latest E3 event

We have been increasing our presence and impact in the interactive media fields. More Sisters creating games, playing games, featured in games as characters.....

The future is all about healthy connectivity, and the Sisterhood Leads in this entire principle. Defeating patriarchal 'norms' in ANY industry is important.

Read about Women in the Video Game Industry 2015. The artcile is a nice piece by Christina E. Janke

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Man Prays To My Pink Boots: Slave Brad's Cute Worship Letter: Femdom Boot Fetish Prayer

This was written by slave brad (in Second Life) who was obsessed with my pink cowboy boots....

Goddess Gina's Pink Boots
by slave brad

Goddess's pink boots before me as she towers over me
My gaze is swiftly captured by the vision that I see
Her body towers before me and below her as I stare
And I ponder what it would be like to be trapped inside of there

Or likely underneath them as her dark sole pushes down
Pinning my small frame between their smoothness and the ground
I wonder if Goddess Gina is devising up such plans
To make another victim of a tiny shrunken man

They're always sparkling clean even when she walks around
As Gina has her soles licked clean by slaves that can be found
Loyal to the privilige but selected at her whim
For a place under her soles where the devotion must begin

Her pink boots may excite you but be careful when you gaze
Goddess might just catch you watching and you may become her prey
A victim of their owner yet an honor most sincerely
Ensuring they're cleaned well because if not it could cost you dearly

Pink is not the only colour many hues Goddess does own
That her gorgeous sublime feet have as a place to call their home
But this particular poem is both a labor and tribute
To the amazing Goddess Gina & her exceptional pink boots

Read More slave-submitted prayers and stories

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Matriarchal Style Report: Female-Led Architectural Design

A growing topic of interest right now is the paradigm shifts in design that can (and will) occur with a growing Matriarchy.  Design cultures (including within the field of architecture) that I consider wonderful examples of initial explorations Matriarchal Systems can be found throughout the world, growing slowly in number and influence.

For those who know my work, then you already know that when I discuss Matriarchal vs patriarchal systems, I am not talking about the sexuality of human beings (hello!)....I am talking about Systems. The way they are designed, the way they operate. If you object to the correlation I draw constantly between system-types and Matriarchy (vs patriarchy), let's save THAT discussion for later. For now, let's mention a very exciting aspect of architecture that I consider 100% relevant to Matriarchal Systems.

There is very little new about domed designs for living spaces. (igloos, etc) but modern approaches have proven highly efficient on so many levels, applying new materials and technology to time-tested philosophies. No, I don't work for the company DomeSpace in any way, but I applaud their efforts to popularize beautiful 'free-feeling' domed houses around the world. These are real homes, available now. It is not only about energy efficiency; it is about the pysche of living within a space without hard edges. A space wherein you can really live.

I love their work, and you may notice much of the architecture in my own Future Femdom city in Second Life adheres to certain design cultures you won't find in a 'mans' world of squares, sharp corners and impossible towers! (I do consider patriarchal design a form of 'manspeak'....shall I call it 'mandesign'?)

Matriarchy is a subtle shift, naturally destined, that exists more and more in every aspect of life. Look around: you may even see it in the buildings nearby!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ginette Pinazzo on Twitter: Tweet Me Your Questions About Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Societal Femdom and the Female-Led Future

Ginette Pinazzo is on Twitter: Tweet Me Your Questions About Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Societal Femdom and the Female-Led Future!

Easy To Find!
Just search Ginette Pinazzo

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Sun of the Sisterhood Shines Upon You! Gynarchy Meme, Femdom Meme, Matriarchy Meme

Help spread the positive message of a Coming Matriarchy by sharing this meme.

Unlike the 'dominant' systems of patriarchy, real Matriarchy means la loving embrace for all refusing to 'dominate' but striving to 'connect'.

Sisters, let's work together to Lead the World.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Facebook: Overrun By Misogynists? Ginette Pinazzo Keeps Fire Burning

Part of the Future Femdom movement has incorporated Social Media and some great work has been accomplished globally with these systems.

While not as 'complete' as the Virtual World system of Second LIfe, Facebook has been an effective way to raise Matriarchal awareness, engage in meaningful dialogue about Gynarchy and Feminism, and seriously impact those in areas where the oppression and abuse of Sisters is at its worst.

Of course, regardless of the platform, expect attacks from misogynists (or MRAs as some call them). I have noticed a recent  increase in trolling techniques in various systems, especially Facebook.

It doesn't help that Facebook's own (and very recently revised) anti-alias policy has cut down on the voices of those who (for safety and security) choose wisely to keep certain personal information private. The Facebook policy now insists all users expose their 100% 'real' names publically, which,  if you think about it, puts many at risk for speaking their minds. This is an assault on freedom and Empowerment.

My 'inbox' is filled with threats of all types, every day. Imagine if these misogynists made it to my doorstep. Facebook has, in effect, threatened anyone with a strong belief by disallowing pseudonyms. Apparently no one told them at the front office of the real dangers of NOT using pseudonyms.

In any case, I continue the mission regardless of FB policy (still fighting with them over this). Precedent has been set recently with cases where certain alternative lifestyle communities have sued Facebook to demand safety for their own lives by stopping the practice of 'fake name reporting'. (that is the practice where ANYONE can claim someone is using a fake name and get their account disabled). If you pay close attention, this is a scenario from an Orwellian nightmare. (Reporting others to silence their voices) Is it any surprise that anti-feminists groups are employing this technique?

The mission continues!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review of Future Femdom: Female-Led Matriarchy in Second LIfe and Beyond

A sweet little essay written by adrian about the city and group Future Femdom, within Second Life, and the part that FF plays in 'the larger picture' of Gynarchal movements.

Read the review here...

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Matriarchal Sharing System: Hollaback vs Street Harassment

With great examples of Matriarchal Sharing Systems designed to improve the world, the Hollaback organisation is doing wonderful work to foster the creation and growth of databases that increase the awareness of, and seek to end the phenomenon of, street harassment.

To me, systems such as these connect Sisters. They prioritize Sisterhood by sharing stories and detailed information about sexist practices across the globe.

The more we report and share individual cases of misogyny, the greater our ability to marginalize them into a state of non-existence.

Hollaback also has an all new system being set up to end Online Harassment! This is even more exciting to me and I cannot wait to see the progress. Please get involved with Hollaback and work towards a peaceful future.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Men Who Worship Jeans? So Funny!: Femdom Prayers From Jeans Slaves

We've posted some cute prayers from slaves who recently seem to have a fixation on my jeans in Second Life. I actually designed this pair myself (called 'Hana'), and they still are my go-to jeans in SL.

Your favorite pair of jeans can become even more comfortable and cozy when men are praying to them and worshiping them. It's so cute. That's been my experience so far, anyway. At least the men have good taste! (worshiping something I actually like wearing)

Two prayers are now on the Future Femdom website:

A lovely bit of prose by 'slave shy' about my jeans, and a very surprisingly detailed series of worship prayers by slave alan! This has turned into some very good training in what I call 'Hyperfetishism'. (a very fun technique)
Read the prayers in the Future Femdom Library.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Great Article! Marketing in the New Matriarchy

Mia von Sadovszky has written an amazingly insightful article about advertising, marketing, brand management and the New Matriarchy. Pieces like this should remove doubt from anyone's mind about the reality of the growing Matriarchy.

It's not something to fight about. It's already here.

Read 'Marketing in the New Matriarchy: Women Have Never Had It So Good The Rise of Feminine Values in Society Is Creating Better Marketing'


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NEW Facebook Group: Slave Worships Boot Goddess Gina and All Women: Femdom and Matriarchy Fan Group

A cute new Facebook Group has been started by a cute little worshiping fan! As with any project associated with me, I will make sure it adheres to proper principles and precepts of Societal Femdom, positive and inspirational content for education, motivation and awareness. This will not be a 'bdsm slave thing' as I am opposed to such things. It will be a group about worshiping all Goddesses (such as myself) with the understanding all Woman can be Goddes-Empowered. I wish the group's founder good luck and am interested to see how it develops!

Slave Worships Boot Goddess Gina and All Women

Saturday, March 28, 2015

NEW BLOG: Rise of the Sisterhood: Femdom Society of Love, Peace and Passion

I'm so happy to announce a new blog run by a wonderful worshiper entitled"Rise of the Sisterhood: Femdom Society of Love, Peace and Passion"

I am helping the new blog in its early stages, and am excited to see it positively develop. The main purpose will be to provide unique content that outlines exact steps from the present to the future, to prepare for the coming Matriarchy. There will essays on Societal Femdom, Gynarchal movements, Matriarchal Philosophy and Practices, Sisterhood and various Goddess principles.

The blog's emphasis will be on three points:

1. Practical short and long range steps to prepare for the Sisterhood (things YOU can do!)

2. Introductions to new concepts, terms and traditions that make Matriarchal Systems more accessible.

3. Question and Answer Posts, where I provide insight into reader's suggested topics.

Please Follow, Read, Bookmark, Comment On, and Share this new blog and any of its posts!
Help spread the understanding of the Rise of the Sisterhood!

Start Reading Now!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gina Takes A Coffee Break: Femdom Story For Slave Training

I run a fun slave training program in a Facebook group and this story was a 'reward' for some of the more active worshipers in the program.

Here is the Facebook Group

In the program, I use HyperFetishism to immerse worshipers so they eventually learn absolute love and passion for the Sisterhood.

The story is called Gina Takes A Coffee Break and here it is!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Marketing The Fem-Led Future: Matriarchy - Gynarchy - Societal Femdom

I have started a new organization (a FB group) called:
Marketing The Fem-Led Future: Matriarchy - Gynarchy - Societal Femdom

The team is for Marketing and Publicity staff who ACTIVELY work daily to spread the messages of the Sisterhood. For inspiration, awareness and promotion of Our Precepts and Principles. Despite our inevitable differences, we concentrate on our commonalities here.

Tasks will be assigned to staff, but the real process here is to encourage staffers to be creative and develop their own ideas too. Matriarchal Systems do not need to 'lead from the top down'...that is the way of men. Rather, we seek to inspire better communication and movements in everyone around Us. 

If are you experienced in any aspects of Marketing or Publicity (or simply have a passionate willingness) ...OR if you are a content creator (artist, media creator, writer etc) contact me for a discussion. - Gina (aka Ginette Pinazzo)

Contact Gina

Link to the new group:

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Boot Goddess Channel Goes Live! Gynarchy, Matriarchy, Femdom, Female Supremacy, Boot Worship, Boot Fetish

The Boot Goddess Channel Goes Live!
A wonderful worshiper of the Sisterhood has created an all new YouTube Channel simply called the Boot Goddess Channel. (and others  may contribute to the channel, too! Just contact the channel!)

This promises to be one convenient place to learn about the principles of HyperFetishism that I preach as part of the  New Matriarchy movements. As with all of my work, the videos you see on this fan-made channel , regardless of their HyperFetish content, always are in tandem with the 100% Respect, Love and Worship of All Woman that is key for the Peace in the Future that only The Sisterhood can bring. This NOT about bdsm kink: this is about Goddess-Worship (as WE are all Goddesses, and men exist to worship Us)

On this specific new channel, the videos are part of ongoing Training Programs where I employ HyperFetishism (in this case, worship of the many leather boots I like to wear!) to introduce men to the absolute worship state they must discover as part of the path to their destiny: Worship of All Woman.

It doesn't hurt that my nickname (Boot Goddess Gina) come from the fact I always have worn boots all year long, and find them to the most fun and comfortable to wear.
Go to the Boot Goddess Channel now!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Redefining Femdom: Convenient Men NOT Slaves: Sense Our Energy

This is part of a series about the reclamation of the term 'Femdom', away from pornographers and as an important part of the loving, progressive Matriarchy. 'Femdom' means 'Female Dominated' which does NOT simply mean sexual kink. The term refers to actual domination (as in, overwhelming nature), such as 'We dominate in the medical field, etc). It is patriarchal-speak to think of domination as power and power abuse. The Sisterhood has nothing to do with those archaic models.

Men: Be More Convenient
As the coming Matriarchy will demonstrate, men may seem to have little or no use. This is an illusion, however. while they become useless for labour and leadership, they still exist for a wonderful and positive reason: to be fun, loving and entertaining.

For labour? We can do it ourselves, thank you very much. That's a key part of real empowerment.

For leadership? We take the world and humanity in our own hands, thank you very much.

This has some very strong implications. If men are for fun only, they CANNOT be an effort to maintain. That means We don't need to 'control' them, or spend any energy training them, disciplining them, taking 'care ' of them. In short, men must be more convenient. If the plaything requires too much effort, why bother with it? Find one that is no effort, right?

To this end, real Matriarchy is not abut 'barking orders' to men, punishing or chastising them, or acting in any way to prioritize their desires.

Sensing Our Whims
One main aspect of convenient men is that they must svolve to learn and even anticipate our thoughts, wishes and whims. We KNOW they cannot 'read minds', that is unrealistic, but they can get close to that. 

The principle is this:

We transmit our energy all the time, our feelings and thoughts. We are constantly projecting them around us and into the environment. It is the duty of men to become aware and sensitive to that energy. We transmit; they must learn to receive. Those who do not, are not convenient and are less likely to continue breeding into the future. As men see these new standards, many will improve themselves and train to be better. This is good!

So, the next time you want some chocolate, don't 'order' a man to get it for you. Just project tjose sensations and see whch one receives the message. Haha

Thursday, February 19, 2015

NEW VIDEO: All Men: Worship Our Boots: Femdom and Matriarchy

All Men Belong Under Our Boots.

As part of the ongoing TRAINING we are running in one of my many Facebook groups,  this new video (by the staff of Creative Planet) is a new type of statement, that links  hyperfetish techniques of men to the coming New Matriarchy.

More about HyperFetishism later.

This is a video for all slaves to watch, and Sisters too, who want to have fun with those adorable worms we sometimes call 'men'. 

Watch the video HERE

The Facebook Group: Boot Slaves and Tiny Worshipers That Get Crushed By A Goddess

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why Matriarchy Is The Answer: Contest Resuts

We ran a small contest in Second Life recently, where everyone was asked to submit a notecard with their own ideas to explain 'Why Matriarchy Is The Answer'

The two winners have been posted on the Future Femdom website.

I will be continuing the contest (Phase two!) in Facebook groups next!

Read: Why Matriarchy Is The Answer: Contest Results