Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All Men Are Worms!

I was amused recently when a few slaves seemed uncomfortable with being called 'worms' (or they were at least perplexed by it). This is funny to me, because I don't think they realized the simple reasons that the term is so popular, at least with me!

It's one syllable, nice and short (like 'slave' , 'man' or 'flea', etc) so that makes the term appealing. But the real reason is simple: worms wriggle!

When I see a man wriggling on the floor, or I WANT to see that, I often call them worms. To me, it's a cute expression. It carries that lovely sentiment of a cute, small, wriggly thing that MIGHT be disgusting and gross at times, depending on Mood. It's all about Mood.

The more I think about it, the more perfect the term 'worm' seems under almost any situation. Its fun to watch them wriggle, and if the Moos is right, fun to step on too!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

ZEXPO 2010 Tshirts!

This is one of the new cute sleeveless tops designed for the upcoming Zindra Expo (ZEXPO! 2010), the celebration of the adult continent of Second Life. The shirts are available at the Expo Welcome Area.
Teleport There Now!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everyday Play

I decided a long time ago that, no matter how hectic my schedule became, I would always 'make time' for play time.

Relaxation and meditation are so necessary to stay balanced, and there are many ways to destress, but Playing is also very important as a way to stay connected to the fun and positive energy that makes daily life enjoyable.

It is easy to become pulled in so many directions that will eventually take you away from healthy Playtime, so the challenge is to make new time, to set aside moments of fun and frivolity. An hour playing with a few slaves can feel like en entire day of healthy energy and make the rest of your time more rewarding, and the stresses easier to handle.

Not enough time for Playing? I think that's an illusion, because if you make the time then you will have the time.

Stay healthy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


For Immediate Release

Zindra Expo Features Diverse Celebrity Guests

This year's historic Zindra Expo will feature a full range of attractions, events and eye-opening presentations designed to celebrate and promote the 'adult continent' of Second Life, and is complemented by a lineup of exciting professionals from across the SL spectrum.

Adult film star Jennnna Jameson will present some of her new movies in the ZEXPO Screening Room, and take questions about her exhaustive creative work in Second Life. Jennnna has acted in, and directed over 30 films, and will be available for autographs and interviews throughout the show.

Kyra Roxan is a successful artist who works in innovative 3D virtual media. Her KyrArt gallery features an incredible, unending body of inspiring and dynamic work. Apart from creating this year's exclusive ZEXPO sculpture, Kyra will have a special exhibit on permanent display during the event and will be the subject of a live presentation by her inworld representative GeeJAnn Blackadder.

Abramelin Wolfe is the brains behind the well-known and respected Abranimations company, an innovator in avatar animation and pose products. A true Second Life success story, Abramelin will do a special presentation event to discuss business and entrepreneur challenges in SL. His current range of games and other interactive products will also be featured.

Mistress Vought operates the Regime Imperia website, and its inworld companion, the Regime Imperia femdom realm, a fascinating, fully realized world where 'Wives Rule Their Husbands'. Her expertise in publishing and writing makes great material for her presentation and live reading. The 'femdom author' will also have a display area, where expo attendees can explore some of her realm's possibilities for themselves.

ZEXPO 2010 runs from May 7th through 16th and will feature unique Play Areas, performances, contests, merchant displays, panel discussions and a wealth of provocative creations from across the Second Life globe.

Event Inquiries: Lias Leandros
Exhibitor and Play Area Inquiries: Titania Bracken
XXXplicit Area Inquiries: Kaddan Yue
Educational Inquiries: JeZeBeLe Dagger
Marketing Director: Ginette Pinazzo

FACEBOOK GROUP: Zindra Community

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Catalog Out Now

The cover and inside spread of the new April 2010 issue of the Future Femdom Catalog and Guide (promoting the new Hair Worship toys!). See the online version here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Exercise is fun! (well, it can be)
This new 'trampling toy' is a three-speed Treadmill with a simple menu that allows some enjoyable workout on top of a worshiping slave. We have it near the Pool area of the city.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Future Femdom at The FET

We have set up a basic InfoBooth at the FET
and will be running some events (2 per month) to see how things work out.
The FET is an open community for those in the BDSM & FETish lifestyles. We are run by members of FetLife, with the goal of creating a community where you can meet, network and learn.
Future Femdom is not really a bdsm, fetish place, I know. (though plenty of play happens everyday here!) It's a city of the Sisterhood. But the presence is possibly helpful.
Go To The FET

Monday, April 5, 2010

ZEXPO Gateway

A picture of the 'Gateway' InfoHub for the Zindra Expo 2010 (ZEXPO), SL's celebration of the new 'adult continent' ('s about a year old anyway). The Gateway has the latest information for attendees and exhibitors alike. Stop by and visit!
Gateway Address Is Here