Friday, May 26, 2017

Portraits of Ginette Pinazo by Artist by IshtarAngel Micheline: Femdom Art in Second Life

We've arranged a new exhibit area with a collection of portraits done by artist IshtarAngel Micheline, and each created as a limited print run.

How can art be 'limited run' in Second Life?
Each 'print' is numbered and only a limited amount have been created. Each print is original (cannot be copied or modified). Once they are sold, no more will be made.

IshtarAngel Micheline is a wonderful artist who had seemed to have a lot of fun making these portraits. This exhibit is easy to find in the city of Future Femdom. Please visit and buy one to show support for Second Life's Societal Femdom.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Durango Cowboy Boots Sexy Ass Jeans at Fitch Lekvoda's Penumbra in Second Life

Top: Gold Shimmer by LilaLena Loon

Jeans: Sexy Ass Jeans by drawmachine (in dk blue)

Boots: Durango white ostrich w/ gold by S&G

Earrings: Gold Hoops by Odessa Desideri

Necklace: Riviere de Roses by Lunr

Bracelets: Autumn bangle 16 by Bonita's

Nails: 'Autumn' by Ginette Pinazzo

Penumbra by Fitch Lekvoda
(exact spot: Rose House Somnium)
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Monday, May 15, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Black and Gold with Dolphin!

Top:  Black Gold by Ginette Pinazzo

Jeans: Black Gold by Ginette Pinazzo

Boots: Mika Boots in Chocolate by Ginette Pinazzo

Earrings: Woodstone Dangly #1  w/ 2 hoops by Bonitas

Bracelets: Gold Diamond Bangles (unknown btand)

Nails: "Moonwhisper" by Ginette Pinazzo   

Location: Future Femdom (in Second Life)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Greenhouses at Future Femdom: Matriarchy City in Second Life: Fun Fetish Toys

In the city of Future Femdom, there are 6 glass corridors that radiate from the Landing Point. Each of these 'Greenhouses' is filled with fun and unusual 'toys',  exclusive toys to Future Femdom. Keep wandering the Greenhouses as we will be adding new toys all the time!

Walking along the top of each Greenhouse to the end, you will see Slave Pile Rugs. These are unique toys on their own and should not be missed. (each Greenhouse roof has one)

Read more about what is in each Greenhouse!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Gina's OOTD: Green in The Garden: White Leather Jeans and Green Leather Boots

Top:  Cami TShirt in Jade Floral by SWA

Jeans: White Low-Rise Leather Pants by Sioxie Legend 

Boots: Zipped Boots in Ice Mint by TB

Earrings: Platinum Earrings w/ Pearls by BB Carina

Necklace: Kaleidoscape Pendant by Ashira's

Bracelets: Peries Athena by Fanny-Wise

Nails: "Gaia" by Ginette Pinazzo   

Location: Gardens By The Bay (in Second Life)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New Shrine by slave justin: Goddess Worship at Future Femdom in Second Life

Slave justin is the latest worshiper to make a shrine at Future Femdom.

Teleport: Shrine by slave justin

I encourage all worshipers of the Sisterhood to be imaginative and demonstrate their love with their original creations. One tradition I strongly promote at Future Femdom is the building of Shrines by the slaves.

There are others scattered throughout the city, such as:

Shrine by slave russel
Shrine 2 by slave russel
Shrine by slave neil

I suggest all slaves try to make one for the Sisterhood!

(Men: if you want permission to build one at Future Femdom, contact me, Ginette Pinazzo, as soon as possible)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Photos by Sapphire Viking: Second Life Photography: The Slavearium at Future Femdom

Please explore Sapphire Viking's photostream! She documents her many adventures in Second Life, including recents images for a party we had at the Slavearium at Future Femdom.

Sapphire also has a great art gallery of her own and a unique style.