Thursday, July 29, 2010

All Womens Drum Circle at IFD 2010

Just posted a gallery of some fun photos from the All Womens Drum Circle, part of International Femdom Day in SL, presented by Femdom Community in SL as an event run by Future Femdom. It was a high energy session, with some naked men squirming around, some dancing, and lots of transcendental beats.
See the Full Photo Gallery

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boots Go Formal

Had a big disagreement with someone recently about whether or not boots can work with an gown. My position? A resounding YES (it's not only done...but there are classic looks that incorporate it). Anywhere here is an article and soem photos about the topic: Wearing Boots With Gowns

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Definition of Goddess

Here is how we define 'Goddess'....

A Goddess is:

1) a Woman who loves and uses positive energy in all things, who never resorts to anger or negative emotions. Sadness is not is part of beauty and love...but anger and hatred have no place in heaven.

2) a Woman who recognizes and embraces the existence of all other Goddesses, the Sisterhood, the Matriarchy and seeks to help us Connect. Selfishness, ego and isolation have no place in heaven.

3) a Woman who fights for her principles, philosophies and Precepts., who represents her Aspect with faith and commitment and cannot be swayed or undermined. Laziness or lack of clarity have no place in heaven!

4) a Woman who realizes that Power or Rights are nothing compared to Responsibilty, as it is when we assume great Responsibilty that we direct the path of the world.
Our natural evolution is to become Goddess-Empowered, which requires the recognition and removal of the manipulations of men and the growth of our own abilities and responsibilities. Liberation means Connecting.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Slaves Make Me Laugh

I think one of the wonderful qualities of men can be, that they sometimes make Us laugh, and that's a great break in day filled with stress. They are created to please Us, worship us, and amuse Us. It's the 'amusement' part I am thinking about now.
Sometimes, I line them up and have them tell jokes, or limericks. or funny anecdotes. Sometimes, I've just been through a lot of work and a quick laugh is just the thing to relax me. Teaching men to be relaxed themselves, and comfortable enough to be able to provide amusement, is important. Nervous, stressed or anxious men have little use.
So..the message? Teach men to relax and Make Us Laugh, so We can really enjoy them!
(this is a funny photo sent to em by slave andre)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

International Femdom Day Radio

Here is the link for the music stream for IFDinSL. A wild mix of music plus actual IFD commercials!
Remember to enter Second Life and join the THREE DAY celebrations as we have so much to do! Fashion Shows! Concerts! Dances! Slave Contests! More!!!
Presented by Femdom Community in SL and designed to coordinate with International Femdom Day throughout the world.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pillow Throne

We have a new toy that is comfortable and is designed for up to three men to wroship you at once,k as you relax on these stacked pillows. The Pillow Throne has multiple poses for Goddess and some very interesting poses for slaves.

Monday, July 12, 2010

FRIENDS: Four Projects For All Of Us


July is the Love of Friendship month, the time to make friends, and stay acquainted with old ones, to rekindle lost friendships and turn adversaries into allies. Throughout July, I try to really work on those four projects.

1. Making Friends
Expanding your social circle by getting out to more gatherings is a great way to contact more people. Accept those invitations! Go along for the ride! Be seen! There is never any guarantee a social circle will develop friendships, but it certainly is very difficult to make new friends of any type otherwise. It starts with being in circulation. I tend to go to more parties and more outings in July!

2. Staying In Touch
It is on everyone's shoulder, that perpetual nag to stay connected with friends when time is slipping by. As life becomes busier each and every second, the moments seem elusive where reaching out to a friend feels more of a luxury. It is human nature to feel that pressure, and because everyone has the same problem, everyone understands. That is why, making the time, making those moments, counts for so much. There is never enough time; we know that. We can slow down and breathe and make the time, however, and create our own space of luxury, where contacting a friend simply to stay up-to-date, makes both of us feel wonderful. I try to reach out to everyone on my 'Friends List' in July.

3. Rekindle Lost Friendships
Perhaps too much time has gone by, or incidents in the past have caused a drifting away. There are countless reasons why a friend from your past has slipped from you. Reach out; make the effort. Will it truly be rekindled, same as before? Not necessarily. Is it a good thing to do anyway? There is only one way to find out! Take the chance and reach out. I do my best to make that effort in July. Even if nothing much comes of it aside from a single 'catching up' conversation, the chance is taken and that can mean everything

4. Turn Adversaries into Allies
Maybe some old friends have become enemies, and there are those you know, who started out as enemies from day one. In any case, who needs that energy in their life? It may not be possible to make friends with enemies, but at least you can reach an understanding, perhaps even cooperation. A tiny pinch of friendship, perhaps, added to the recipe. A small dose of warmth to help reduce the cold. Can it be done? I like to think small steps in the right direction are huge leaps. In July, I try to ease the tension and soften the anxiety with adversaries. Any improvement is worth it.

Those are my four Friendship projects for July. I hope you find some benefit in them.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Femdom Community in SL

Future Femdom is now part of Femdom Community in SL (FCSL) a positive gathering of 'femdom leaders' in the world of Second Life. FCSL is actually the new name of The Femdom Network, the same group that produced Femdom Day and many other events with a focus on connecting femdom organisations and increasing awareness. This year, FCSL is producing the first ever International Femdom Day in SL, an event designed to coincide with the IFD events throughout the world in various cities.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Passion Park

A preview of our new relaxation and play area at Future Fedmom. Passion Park has seating for 5 Goddesses and 15 worshipers., plus additional pillows for even more. A total of 30 could fit here (but knowing SL, that would crash us all) In the center is a large Passion Egg (an energy fountain). We will be adding this area to the Future Femdom Guide soon.