Saturday, December 10, 2016

Femdom Prayers: For Men To Use Suggested by Shayna of Other World Kingdom

My good friend and Sister Feminactivist Shayna (Owner of the Other World Kingdom) has contributed ideas for two wonderful prayers that men can use everyday and night. 

Men, save these for use everyday!

 A Morning Prayer

 Oh Supreme Goddesses
 Bless this day,
 Keep me safe and whole

 Oh Supreme Goddesses
 Bless my path and
 Help me to act on Your Divine Wisdom

Evening Prayer

Thank You Supreme Goddess for this day
 for the blessings and lessons that came my way
 May my sleep be peaceful,
 and tomorrow may i do my best

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

OWK (Other World KIngdom) Owner Shayna Hanging Out With Ginette Pinazo at Future Femdom

Good friend Shayna stopped by Future Femdom recently (see pic) to chat about the latest Second Life news.

Shayna is well known as the owner of the prolific 'Femdom sim' Other World Kingdom (popularly known as OWK), which has a rich history in Second Life and beyond.

We both have weathered many Second Life storms! It was great to see her again, and while our schedules have never synched too well,  it is always a meaningful pleasure when we can meet and catch up!

The next time you are in Second Life, please visit OWK as well as Future Femdom, and show support for Matriarchy in SL!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Boot Fetish Slave's Drawing of My Bax Boots

As part of slave thomas' training, the adorable worm drew this wonderful picture of my Bax Perstige boots (in camel)

The slave has been very detail-oriented and keen. Precious!

Monday, December 21, 2015

New Slave Blog: Crushed Under Gina's Leather Boot: A Goddess Worshiper's Future Femdom Story of Shrinking and Fetish

A delightful man named thomas has begun an all new blog about his training and adventures in the city and group Future Femdom. He has been very good so far, very attentive and passionate. This cute one also seems to be obsessed with being shrunk and my cowboy boots. 

Hopefully, blogs like this can provide some glimpse for newcomers, into what a Societal Femdom can mean. As it can mean many things to many people, for slave thomas, it definitely has been proving results.

I look forward to his entries! - Gina

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Massage Contest at Future Femdom: Slaves Worshiping For Our Relaxation and Comfort

Had a fun time at today's Massage Contest at Future Femdom.

Slaves were challenged to emote well and earn points, the final score equal to the prize level that participating Sisters would receive.

I admit it is difficult to get interest for anything 'relaxing' in SL these days but I'm not going to stop trying!

Teleport to Future Femdom

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Goddess Gina's Party: A Vore Story written by slave john: shrinking and giantess

To be fair, I had no idea what 'vore' meant until spending a long time in Second Life. It seems that men have the ability to invent terms and acronyms for everything! So, I've been told 'vore' means that act of eating tiny men, like gumdrops? Since I think it's really fun to explore the idea of shrinking men to the size of ants as a 'fun way' to promote actual Goddess Worship principles, I thought I'd let slave john write a story illustrating the phenomenon.
Note: In Second Life, the slave is known as iiii5



John watched in vain as the worried men tried to escape the bowl vainly trying to reach the top of the bowl. They let out a collective yelp of surprise as the bowl was lifted by their captor.

John had long resigned himself to his faith despite his brethren’s fear of the unknown. John lay back he knew what was coming and none of them would escape this. The bowl was dropped down onto the table the others slowly picked themselves up as they listened as the Goddess left to answer the door. Distant voices could be heard John listened to their melody but his brethren had other ideas.

They stacked on top of one another like a human pyramid to at least allow one to see what was happening. John had to admire their commitment but as the first one reached the tip of the lid a shadow appeared over them all.

Ginette smirked “well well don’t we have a creative bunch here they already have decided to present us sacrifices” Without another word the Goddess took her prize lower herself letting the others watch as she pressed her snack past her lips and swallowed. The wet gulp echoed around the bowel spelling the faith for all those trapped in the bowel.

Ginette and her friend Heather ideally chatted to each other as they occasionally picked out a squirming tiny and did what they willed with him. Some ended up as noting but smears as Heather and Ginette pressed their feet together the force reducing them into pulp within an instant. Some of the others just begged the Goddess’s to take them next I just sat quietly awaiting my faith there were only half of our number left when we got the full attention of our Goddesses.

They peered into the bowl scanning each person. Heather winked to Ginette “Ginette sister would it be alright if I played a game with the last of them?”. Ginette lay back on the couch smiling “Of course my soles have been satisfied for now”. Heather looked back into the bowl smiling “very well then my little pets I’ve decided that I will test your will to survive or rather further please your Goddesses. I will lift this bowl over my mouth and you must try and stay alive or fall to your doom in my mouth”. Heather smirked as she lifted the bowl “game starts now”.

Yelps of surprise resounded around me as I made a run for the edge of the bowel as it became level. I had to jump in the last second to catch the tip of the bowl my arms straining.  I looked back to see Goddess Heather’s lips part as she opened her mouth wide to take up the others that failed to reach the tip. They slipped yelling out as they fell into her mouth.

Heather closed her lips chewing lightly crushing some of her pets inside her mouth while swallowing others whole. Heather had closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of all those she sent down her throat squirming and screaming. She peeked to see what was left I noticed there were two others of my kind that had survived. ...


Heather lowered the bowl to the table, quickly catching her lips as she let out a polite burp “Opps…. I think that was the last of their oxygen”. Goddess Ginette slid over to Heather pushing her hand onto Heather’s rubbing it as she sat back content. I watched as she peered back over to us and lifted her head staring at the last of us “Hmm seems we have our winners how should they be rewarded sister?”.

Goddess Ginette sat back contemplating her sisters words “I think they have proofed to be resilient and should be rewarded…we’ll make their ends special”. Goddess Ginette picked one of the others out and looked him over “Pray to me thank me for giving you such an honour of my attention”. He did as he was told he bowed in her grasp worshipping her. Goddess Ginette gave a light smirk before kneeling down and slipping the worm into the back of her boot. She stood up straight even I heard my brother squish as my Goddess let all her weight go down upon him. Goddess Ginette smiled looking to Heather “come Sister the next one is yours”.

Heather smiled sitting up peering down at the last of us she placed her finger to her lips teasing us “Hmm what to do?” Heather scanned over us and looked at my brother “you know I think I would have need of a new cushion”. She picked him up and peered at him closely “what do you have to say for this honour”. To his credit my brother lowered his head “I am unworthy of this my Goddess Heather I am grateful that you have chosen me for this task and I wish to only serve you in any means possible. Goddess Heather smiled “good” without another word she flung him to the couch and jumped up landing her rear right ontop of him. He lasted for a while under her as the couch had cushioned much of the impact but as Goddess Heather moved about I knew that he was nothing more than a stain on her jeans. Heather laughed happily.

I sat there as they chatted until Goddess Ginette broke the conversation again “We seem to have one last worshiper, Sister. I believe it is fitting that we both take care of this one”. Goddess Ginette picked me up and placed me on the couch between them. Goddess Ginette looked down upon me “Start praying for the fortune of getting both our attention”.

I bow may head “Oh glorious Goddess I thank you for acknowledging such a worm as I, truly I am undeserving but I am as ever under your wills”. Goddess Ginette smiled to Goddess Heather “Would you be able to handle half a snack Sister” Goddess Heater nodded smiling while patting her stomach. Goddess Ginette reached down and picked me up she pushed her lips together as if she was going to kiss me I braced myself as I saw nothing but her lips flesh cover me. I shivered as I felt Goddess Ginette tongue roll over me tasting me pulling my upper half into her mouth. I soon felt my feet covered in something warm I realized what was happening the Goddess were kissing with me in the middle I squirmed about as I passed Goddess Ginette’s teeth. It happened soo suddenly her teeth were like a guillotine as they separated me.

I finally realized what Goddess Ginette had meant by half Goddess Heather would have my legs and Goddess Ginette my upper body. It was starting to get dark as Goddess’s Ginette flicked her tongue back throwing my body to the back of her throat to swallow. With a wet gulp my faith was sealed my last thoughts were pleasant as I was happy to serve my Goddess.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Margot Wallström Puts Feminism FIRST in Foreign relations (as it should be)

It's time for the world to get on track and prioritize Feminist concerns (and by that I mean: stopping the oppression, abuse and inequal treatment of Women across the globe) when it comes to international relations.

Margot Wallström has taken the necessary stand (and of course, been vilified by the swarms of misogynists as you might expect) to put Feminism First in dealings with other nations.

This is the attitude any sane nation should maintain.

  1. Alter your relations with societies that still live in barbarism through their oppression of Women and Girls. Make your disapproval clear. Change policies based on this.
  2. Do not condone their practices but openly condemn them. Never support their barbarism. I am not suggesting cutting off communication (w/o communication, progress can't be made). I am saying: take a new approach. Insist on helping them improve, if they hope to be taken seriously on the global stage. In other words, put conditions on the friendship.
  3. Diplomats, earn the title.   You are only harming your own people, and the people in oppressed nations, by condoning (silently or otherwise) barbarism.  Take the stand. In the end, this will help everyone. Tip: The freedom of Sisters is MORE IMPORTANT than the stability of your government job.

    I hope to see more step up (Sisters as well as men) to stare the real issue in the face, across the globe: A society that oppresses Us needs to held in account, strictly, and MUST evolve if it expects to be included in the future.