Sunday, April 19, 2015

Men Who Worship Jeans? So Funny!: Femdom Prayers From Jeans Slaves

We've posted some cute prayers from slaves who recently seem to have a fixation on my jeans in Second Life. I actually designed this pair myself (called 'Hana'), and they still are my go-to jeans in SL.

Your favorite pair of jeans can become even more comfortable and cozy when men are praying to them and worshiping them. It's so cute. That's been my experience so far, anyway. At least the men have good taste! (worshiping something I actually like wearing)

Two prayers are now on the Future Femdom website:

A lovely bit of prose by 'slave shy' about my jeans, and a very surprisingly detailed series of worship prayers by slave alan! This has turned into some very good training in what I call 'Hyperfetishism'. (a very fun technique)
Read the prayers in the Future Femdom Library.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Great Article! Marketing in the New Matriarchy

Mia von Sadovszky has written an amazingly insightful article about advertising, marketing, brand management and the New Matriarchy. Pieces like this should remove doubt from anyone's mind about the reality of the growing Matriarchy.

It's not something to fight about. It's already here.

Read 'Marketing in the New Matriarchy: Women Have Never Had It So Good The Rise of Feminine Values in Society Is Creating Better Marketing'


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NEW Facebook Group: Slave Worships Boot Goddess Gina and All Women: Femdom and Matriarchy Fan Group

A cute new Facebook Group has been started by a cute little worshiping fan! As with any project associated with me, I will make sure it adheres to proper principles and precepts of Societal Femdom, positive and inspirational content for education, motivation and awareness. This will not be a 'bdsm slave thing' as I am opposed to such things. It will be a group about worshiping all Goddesses (such as myself) with the understanding all Woman can be Goddes-Empowered. I wish the group's founder good luck and am interested to see how it develops!

Slave Worships Boot Goddess Gina and All Women

Saturday, March 28, 2015

NEW BLOG: Rise of the Sisterhood: Femdom Society of Love, Peace and Passion

I'm so happy to announce a new blog run by a wonderful worshiper entitled"Rise of the Sisterhood: Femdom Society of Love, Peace and Passion"

I am helping the new blog in its early stages, and am excited to see it positively develop. The main purpose will be to provide unique content that outlines exact steps from the present to the future, to prepare for the coming Matriarchy. There will essays on Societal Femdom, Gynarchal movements, Matriarchal Philosophy and Practices, Sisterhood and various Goddess principles.

The blog's emphasis will be on three points:

1. Practical short and long range steps to prepare for the Sisterhood (things YOU can do!)

2. Introductions to new concepts, terms and traditions that make Matriarchal Systems more accessible.

3. Question and Answer Posts, where I provide insight into reader's suggested topics.

Please Follow, Read, Bookmark, Comment On, and Share this new blog and any of its posts!
Help spread the understanding of the Rise of the Sisterhood!

Start Reading Now!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gina Takes A Coffee Break: Femdom Story For Slave Training

I run a fun slave training program in a Facebook group and this story was a 'reward' for some of the more active worshipers in the program.

Here is the Facebook Group

In the program, I use HyperFetishism to immerse worshipers so they eventually learn absolute love and passion for the Sisterhood.

The story is called Gina Takes A Coffee Break and here it is!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Marketing The Fem-Led Future: Matriarchy - Gynarchy - Societal Femdom

I have started a new organization (a FB group) called:
Marketing The Fem-Led Future: Matriarchy - Gynarchy - Societal Femdom

The team is for Marketing and Publicity staff who ACTIVELY work daily to spread the messages of the Sisterhood. For inspiration, awareness and promotion of Our Precepts and Principles. Despite our inevitable differences, we concentrate on our commonalities here.

Tasks will be assigned to staff, but the real process here is to encourage staffers to be creative and develop their own ideas too. Matriarchal Systems do not need to 'lead from the top down'...that is the way of men. Rather, we seek to inspire better communication and movements in everyone around Us. 

If are you experienced in any aspects of Marketing or Publicity (or simply have a passionate willingness) ...OR if you are a content creator (artist, media creator, writer etc) contact me for a discussion. - Gina (aka Ginette Pinazzo)

Contact Gina

Link to the new group:

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Boot Goddess Channel Goes Live! Gynarchy, Matriarchy, Femdom, Female Supremacy, Boot Worship, Boot Fetish

The Boot Goddess Channel Goes Live!
A wonderful worshiper of the Sisterhood has created an all new YouTube Channel simply called the Boot Goddess Channel. (and others  may contribute to the channel, too! Just contact the channel!)

This promises to be one convenient place to learn about the principles of HyperFetishism that I preach as part of the  New Matriarchy movements. As with all of my work, the videos you see on this fan-made channel , regardless of their HyperFetish content, always are in tandem with the 100% Respect, Love and Worship of All Woman that is key for the Peace in the Future that only The Sisterhood can bring. This NOT about bdsm kink: this is about Goddess-Worship (as WE are all Goddesses, and men exist to worship Us)

On this specific new channel, the videos are part of ongoing Training Programs where I employ HyperFetishism (in this case, worship of the many leather boots I like to wear!) to introduce men to the absolute worship state they must discover as part of the path to their destiny: Worship of All Woman.

It doesn't hurt that my nickname (Boot Goddess Gina) come from the fact I always have worn boots all year long, and find them to the most fun and comfortable to wear.
Go to the Boot Goddess Channel now!