Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nice Essay About Matriarchy by Russel

Here is a cute piece by slave russel!

When first landing on the lands of a Female Supremacy sim, it often causes one to turn their head first left and then right, to notice if there is anything different from it and the "quote" real world. Instantly a few judgmental thoughts may go through the minds of the ignorant that there is something wrong with the picture. However, what they deem as "wrong" is in reality the working harmony of a Woman-led society. A society where life problems are solved through peaceful negotiations a spirit of love, a working unity, and most importantly the full devotion and submission of the male slaves to the Goddesses.

Having the privilege and honor of being allowed to serve and worship as a slave the Goddesses that rule over a society, I have seen that problems are caused when outside the statutes of a female led society than within. When speaking with the Goddesses, it becomes clear that hostility , selfishness, and the competitive weak natures of men are what will bring a society down. Men that define themselves by strength, pride, egotism and setting limits for what they can or can't do are what will destroy a civilization. It is much better to cast submission and full obedience to the commands of the Goddesses rather than taking a chance at disrupting a harmonized community.

The changes that can be brought by a Female led society will begin to see a change in global relations, the Goddesses bound together in sisterhood as they work through the problems that arise with the logical female mind. And the males, all knowing that they will serve and worship the Goddesses however commanded, in whatever way constantly so that these leaders can advance and further our world.

Imagine a world without wars, a world where devastating disasters are not feared, diseases are not a threat, and above all there is no fear of the unknown. The next question will be, how can such a change take place.  Such a place is desirable but it is a slow process to get there. As the message spreads slowly and the proper genders each realize their respective roles, the world will gradually begin to shift. Slaves must realize that Women have had us all along in their control, how weak we can fall for them, and how their word becomes our command. In metaphorical and literal terms, Goddesses have always had worthless males by the balls. Our existence is to worship and serve them. What can we really do or contribute by ourselves?  Once we realize that it is better to submit than to foolishly push forward with things that cannot work, we will see immediate improvement.  Soon people will not be going to a Female led society to see what is different and how it is better, they will be living in one.

- russel

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Little Buckle Slave: A Funny Femdom Story

I wrote this based on my amusement recently over the way some men have been demonstrating obsession over the smallest detail....

Recently I 'rediscovered' an older pair of black motorcycle boots`and have been wearing them a lot. While I am very used to (and enjoy) men groveling and praying to me or whatever I'm wearing, I am always surprised when they focus on something very specific. 

I found a number of men have been worshiping the little buckles on the ankles of those boots. Of course, I decided to have fun with that. I pulled out any pairs with details like that, and also found a great pair of riding boots with nice ankle straps and buckles. 

Now I've been having great fun trying to see how many men will pray to them and become enslaved by them. It's been very easy! - G

Read the Full Story here!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October is The Month Of The Love Of Magic: Dazzling Sisters Unite!

Every month in the year is a Month Of Love...

October is the Month of the Love of Magic: 

Ancient Roots, Powerful Minds, love that comes from within to dazzle, entrance, inspire


  1. Create a Piece of Art that evokes Beautiful Magic
  2. Remember and Look For Magic Moments in your own Life
  3. Give someone a Gift that is Inspirational to them
  4. Dress in a Magical Way
  5. Find a Way To Recapture your Childhood
  6. Inspire your Friends with New Positive Energy
  7. See a Woman you know in a New Magical Way
  8. Start a Blog or other Online Place to Share your own Magical Passions
  9. Bless others everyday with your love
  10. Make a List of Wonderful Wishes, and start the work to fulfill them
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Art of Worshiping Women: The Goddess Movement Explained

Nice article that attempts to explain to the unenlightened of the world (you know who you are!) the meaning of the Goddess Movement. 

It's time for Sisters to claim the terms 'Goddess' and 'Worship' as their modern definitions and embrace the Empowerment within. 

Read the article and learn something! - Gina

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Love Of Humanity! Things To Do In September!

Each month in the Year Of Love is very special in the Matriarchy. Each month is an aspect of the many forms of Love, and each has its own version of the Femstar Symbol.

September is the Month of the Love of Humanity: The ship that We Guide towards Destiny, love of science and learning

We are Responsible and We Persevere,  to create a better world for Us all!


  1. Teach! Tutor someone about a subject you know well
  2. Teach! Run a class for your community
  3. Study! Challenge yourself to learn more about a topic...take the time to research
  4. Promote! Education for Girls (especially in backward societies)
  5. Enlighten! Girls about Feminism, Responsibility and their innate gifts
  6. Meditate! (there are countless ways) every day
  7. Explore! an aspect of Science
  8. Read! some science fiction stories
  9. Inspire! Write/blog something to spark interest in Science for Sisters!
  10. Think about the term TechnoGynarchy and what it means for you and the world

 More about the Femstar and the Months of Love: 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sisterhood Means Standing Together, Respecting Each Other and Honoring Each Other's Dignity

< The photo is from Pro Mujer... Please find out about this wonderful organisation and support Women In Business! - Gina

What does Sisterhood Mean?

It means everything.

Today I want to talk about how it means respecting and honouring each other.

Men, well, we know what they can be like. Sometimes they feel not quite as evolved as they could be! As Sisters, as we evolve, part of our Responsibility is to weed out the bad ones and only condone the good ones. Sounds easy, I know.The progress of a civilised world depends on Our Leadership in this, and so many other areas.

Sisters must stand together as much as possible, and never let the manipulations of men come between Us. This can be challenging because the manipulations are not always so obvious.

Today's point for Sisters: accepting men who are disrespectful to other Sisters is tantamount to yourself disrespecting other Sisters. How so? Let me explain further....

If a man is cheating, lying, abusing or in any way disrespecting a Sister, We have an obligation to condemn that man for the bad behavior. We have the obligation to each other, and to society.

Any Sister who 'accepts' a man who has done these things, or is doing them currently, is undermining Sisterhood and an evolved civilisation.  Think about it......We deserve better treatment from each other. We don't ever need to fall into the patriarchal traps of negative behaviors. If a man is disrespectful to another Woman (even if she on the farthest side of the ocean from you) never accpet him because you are, in effect, dishonouring her., We must collaborate and share information so that the 'bad ones' learn to improve, AND that they make any reparations required to demonstrate their progress.

Does a bad man deserve another chance? < big question
Here is my answer to that.
1. The man must do full reparations to anyone affected by his disrespect, even of that means all of society
2. THEN, after that....He must be able to explain what he did wrong and what he has learned
3. THEN, after that, he must apply this 'new understanding'  by actively respecting all Sisters

Along with these steps, each of Us must maintain full respect of each other, and honour each other.

With these simple steps, the chance of a bad man turning good is possible. I know full well that some won't evolve, and for those We need to dismiss them altogether forever.

I hope this opened a few eyes and maybe even helped is some small way.
Sisterhood Is The Future!