Saturday, February 28, 2015

Redefining Femdom: Convenient Men NOT Slaves: Sense Our Energy

This is part of a series about the reclamation of the term 'Femdom', away from pornographers and as an important part of the loving, progressive Matriarchy. 'Femdom' means 'Female Dominated' which does NOT simply mean sexual kink. The term refers to actual domination (as in, overwhelming nature), such as 'We dominate in the medical field, etc). It is patriarchal-speak to think of domination as power and power abuse. The Sisterhood has nothing to do with those archaic models.

Men: Be More Convenient
As the coming Matriarchy will demonstrate, men may seem to have little or no use. This is an illusion, however. while they become useless for labour and leadership, they still exist for a wonderful and positive reason: to be fun, loving and entertaining.

For labour? We can do it ourselves, thank you very much. That's a key part of real empowerment.

For leadership? We take the world and humanity in our own hands, thank you very much.

This has some very strong implications. If men are for fun only, they CANNOT be an effort to maintain. That means We don't need to 'control' them, or spend any energy training them, disciplining them, taking 'care ' of them. In short, men must be more convenient. If the plaything requires too much effort, why bother with it? Find one that is no effort, right?

To this end, real Matriarchy is not abut 'barking orders' to men, punishing or chastising them, or acting in any way to prioritize their desires.

Sensing Our Whims
One main aspect of convenient men is that they must svolve to learn and even anticipate our thoughts, wishes and whims. We KNOW they cannot 'read minds', that is unrealistic, but they can get close to that. 

The principle is this:

We transmit our energy all the time, our feelings and thoughts. We are constantly projecting them around us and into the environment. It is the duty of men to become aware and sensitive to that energy. We transmit; they must learn to receive. Those who do not, are not convenient and are less likely to continue breeding into the future. As men see these new standards, many will improve themselves and train to be better. This is good!

So, the next time you want some chocolate, don't 'order' a man to get it for you. Just project tjose sensations and see whch one receives the message. Haha

Thursday, February 19, 2015

NEW VIDEO: All Men: Worship Our Boots: Femdom and Matriarchy

All Men Belong Under Our Boots.

As part of the ongoing TRAINING we are running in one of my many Facebook groups,  this new video (by the staff of Creative Planet) is a new type of statement, that links  hyperfetish techniques of men to the coming New Matriarchy.

More about HyperFetishism later.

This is a video for all slaves to watch, and Sisters too, who want to have fun with those adorable worms we sometimes call 'men'. 

Watch the video HERE

The Facebook Group: Boot Slaves and Tiny Worshipers That Get Crushed By A Goddess

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why Matriarchy Is The Answer: Contest Resuts

We ran a small contest in Second Life recently, where everyone was asked to submit a notecard with their own ideas to explain 'Why Matriarchy Is The Answer'

The two winners have been posted on the Future Femdom website.

I will be continuing the contest (Phase two!) in Facebook groups next!

Read: Why Matriarchy Is The Answer: Contest Results

Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015: What Will YOU DO for Matriarchy?

What will you do for the New Year of 2015?

What is your resolution to help support and promote the cause of true Matriarchy?

What will you pledge to do in your immediate community? In your family? Your neighborhood? Your town?

How will you spread the word? (think outside the box....there are infinite, creative ways to do it)

What clever ways can you include Matriarchal Principles in your current work and practices?

Remember, worship can mean many thing and all things. It can mean a very very high level of respect and prioritization. How will you show the world (though big ways or small ways) the path towards Peace and Progress by the Hands and Hearts of the Sisterhood?

Think of these questions. Answer as many as you can if you are truly pledging to follow through.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Peace from the Sisterhood by Ginette Pinazzo

As your heart warms during the holidays, remember the warmth of love the Sisterhood represents, and that warmth is all year long. (The Sun, her fire burns and glows every day!)

The warmth of Peace, or Loving Progress.  

As you think of those around you, and those far away, realize your thoughts and feelings combine with all Humanity, and this great connection between everyone shapes the world. 

You live your own destiny, with all others, in this  adventure, where The Goddesses  take hold your hand and heart. 

- Gina

Friday, December 12, 2014

New Slave-Submitted Art: Femdom Art and Matriarchy Art

I've started an all-new section on the Future Femdom website as part of the LIbrary/Resources section entitled 'Slave Submitted Art'

The first piece is from andrew nightingale and seems to be all about one of my pairs of motorcycle boots! Very cute!

See the Femdom Art Here!

If you would like to submit art for this section, contact Gina.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Female Domination? The REAL Defintion of Domination

This idea that we want to 'dominate' men is so twisted from the start, mostly because the way it is commonly interpreted....

1. Domination as a forceful action is the way of men, who insist in 'dominating' everyone forcefully because they can't think of the entire world around them....So.....We don't 'need' to dominate men.....Matriarchy is not a mirror of patriarchy. What we do is breed out bad behaviors, and weed out those who refuse to evolve to a state of 'willing worship' of the Sisterhood. (in other words, we don't do the work to 'dominate' do the work to 'worship' in the end, they cannot be lazy). So men, get to work and don't wait for orders, because we have no interest in wasting our time on giving them incessantly. Learn to CHANGE your fantasies!

2. The way the term 'domination' is used by men (and sadly, almost everyone these days) is misleading. 'Domination' does not need to literally mean forceful action. (that is manspeak) Domination can simply be a State or Condition.....
for example.....
Women 'dominate the medical profession' does not mean we beat men with stethoscopes, it means we overwhelm them in that environment. When you realize the bigger definition, you realize that Woman is destined to 'Dominate' but not by using force. Matriarchy works very differently!