Friday, October 9, 2015

Call Us Women....Not Girls! Feminist Campaign For Respect

We are adults, not children.

Respect includes that basic acknowledgement. 

Why is this language so important?
By calling any adult a 'child' you are, in effect, saying they do not have the ability to take responsibility for their own actions. You are not giving them the same respect you would another adult.

Empowerment means claiming the ability to take responsibility for your own actions. For the sake of real empowerment, reject being called a child.

Sisters, we can be just as guilty. We do it to ourselves.  We also call men  'boys' at times. This too, removes the expectation from them that they must be responsibility for their actions. Stop calling men 'boys' and force them to assume responsibility for their actions as adults. As men.

Stop calling Women 'girls', because it is essential that All Women rise to lead in this world, and that means Empowerment is key. Referring to us with the condescending term 'girls' only illustrates your refusal to take what Women do and say seriously.

Call Us Women...Not Girls

Spread the message!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Build A Shrine 1: Riding Boot Slave Makes Cute Goddess Worship Shrine: Femdom Training

As part of continuing Hyperfetishim training, it's wonderful to see men creating 'shrines'. This slave (neil) made one in Second Life, devoted to one of my old pairs of  riding boots! So sweet!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Slave Training Programs: Goddess Worship, Boot Fetish, Bootslaves, Hyperfetishism

Men: get involved in our positive system of Goddess-Worship training that uses Hyperfetishism to refocus male energy into beautiful, peaceful Worship Energy.


(techniques to harness the energy of men rather than suppress it)

We run very specialized programs to accentuate the strong, passionate energy of men to train them to better Worship the Matriarchy.  The technique of Hyperfetishism redirects their efforts towards very specific, focused  'fetishes'. This serves to take them away from their normally self-centered egos and into a place where they truly work together, collaborate as a group, to concentrate on something/someone else. This can be evolved into total Worship of The Sisterhood,
Leaders of the World.

We are opposed to methods of chastity, rsstraint, imprisonment and mutilation. In short, anything that is unhealthy and is a negative system. Hyperfetishism is an example of a positive system that works within the natural order.

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IMPORTANT: Only active and passionate men allowed. Worship is always willing and that means you must prove it with participation.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Support A Female-Led Virtual World: Gynarchy in Second LIfe

While we have Gynarchy groups for most every part of the world (every nation, every state), what about the Virtual Worlds?

The Gynarchy in Second Life group functions as an 'in-world' presence related to the Gynarchy movements  such as the Gynarchy groups on Facebook and other global work.

Second Life is an evolved, more advanced version of a social media system, with the potential for more interaction and global connections than ever before. The environment has proven beneficial for connecting Women, spreading the Matriarchal Message and inspiring change.

Please support our Matriarchal movements in every world, including in Second Life! 

Also: Teleport to Future Femdom (the city) in Second Life

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Second Life Staring Contest: Failure in Virtual World For Interactivity: Are Men Taking Over SL?

In my recent travels across the world of Second Life, researching and documenting the current 'State Of Matriarchy' in SL, I have encountered many surprising developments.

While the enhanced social media system that Second Life can perhaps offer the best interactive and immersive experiences, my journey lately has shown that the trend has been reversing towards less interactivity and more isolation.

I cannot list all of the places I have visited where residents stand around and simply 'stare' at each other. Are they reading each others' profiles? Maybe. Are they sending direct messages (IMs)? Perhaps. The one thing they are NOT doing is sharing in Public Chat. They are not conversing with dialogue that can be inclusive. They are not actually exploring the 'social aspect' of social media.

This is getting bad in the many so-called 'femdom' places in SL, where everyone just looks at each other for hours. Worse yet, the countless 'lower end' kink places and sex places (using 'femdom' in their keywords for Search, but having no Matriarchal values at all) are nothing but throngs of SL residents leering at each other with no chat whatsoever.

This would not be so horrible if it were open to change, and sometimes, when I say hello or try to start a discussion, there is response...but more often than not, people don't respond at all, or even tell me they don't talk in Chat.

It was not always this way. With all of the other sad developments over the past few years in SL, I relate this trend to the exodus of Women from Second Life. As Matriarchal values seem harder and harder to find in SL, and scams like 'financial domination' and evils like misogyny groups are on the rise, I believe this is due to the dilution of Women's SL organisations.

As more Sisters have left, the standards of communication and networking have suffered. Case in point: Even in one of the more popular 'femdom places', I tried (hopelessly) to start a discussion about Matriarchy and was informed by a man there that such 'womens issues' topics made him uncomfortable. Another man (who actually worked there!) told me to 'drop the topic'.

In the end, what is left? Why go through the learning curve to enter Second Life if there is no  interaction to explore?

The good news: there are those of us out there who still like to have discussions about something more meaningful than some man's sex drive. We just need to find each other.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Looking for Social Media / Marketing Team Members: Gynarchy, Matriarchy, Femdom

Looking for Social Media / Marketing Team Members
Some of you may know that my work/mission extends into many areas, such as social media, Second Life, video production and much much more. What I do is also very connected to real world movements and change, on community and global levels.

I work in many ways, mainly to increase awareness, inspiration and education about Matriarchy, Gynarchy and Societal Femdom.

If you have skills and experience in social media, marketing, especially networking and positive communication OR just are very willing to try, (that's what matters) then contact me to talk about how you could join the team.  Whatever you do, we will start off small and build from there - Gina

Comment on THIS post to inquire OR contact me (Ginette Pinazzo) in Second Life.
You can also send a message to me direct through the Boot Goddess Channel (on Youtube)