Saturday, April 22, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Pirate Jacket and Riding Boots

Jacket and Leggings: Seductive Pirate Red by Diwama Capalini

Top: white tank by Diwama Capalini

Boots: Acropolis in black by Ginette Pinazzo
Earrings: platinum earrings with pearl by BB Carina

Nails: 'Delight' by Ginette Pinazzo

Location: somewhere in Elysee

Friday, April 14, 2017

Future Femdom at Femdom International EXPO in Second Life by OWK: Weekend-Long Female-Led Celebration

It has arrived! This year's FEMDOM INTERNATIONAL EXPO EVENT begins tonight at midnight and runs for the entire weekend!

Future Femdom will be there with a play area. secret free gift, and information about the city and group. This event is produced by The Oracle of Women’s Knowledge (OWK) and features many different femdom places and organisations.

Goddess Shayna ThetiSheri, Owner and Founder of OWK, stated in an interview: “The intent of the Femdom International Expo is to provide a first-class networking venue to help Femdom owned sims/groups better promote themselves and recruit new members. It is also anticipated that the Expo with provide an environment for all of us to strengthen our sense of community in Second Life, to learn from each other and to share experiences”.
Plans are underway to make the Expo a regular, recurring event. I fully support and endorse this much-needed effort in Second Life. Come and show your support too! - GINA

Teleport direct to Event Location (anytime Apr 15 - 16th, 2017)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Shrunken Slave Garden at Future Femdom: Be a Giantess! Shrinking Men Down to Size!

Designed by Marideath Morpoke exclusively for Future Femdom, this adorable plant pot has a very pretty miniature park, just the right size for tiny men!

The slaves can wander through the park or sit on any of the small pedestals!

Perfect For Slave Inspections and using with Shrunken Slaves

Teleport to this item NOW

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Purple Leather Jeans and Cowboy Boots

Top: Siren Sundress Top in Hawaii  Pink by SWA
Jeans: Lucella Purpel Leather Jeans by Ginette Pinazzo
Boots: White Cowboy Boots by D2TK
Earrings: Venus Pink/white Diamond ball by Lisa Lowe
Bracelets: Wide Purple Shine Bead and Bangle by Bonita's
Necklace: Kaleidoscope Necklace by Ahira

Location: The Nothing at Mirage Island

Lighting: Funky Funky Funky

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Video Bench at Future Femdom: Foot Worhip Furniture Fetish Kink in Second Life

We've acute new furniture item at Future Femdom, called the Video Bench. Room for up to 3 Sisters and holds up to 3 male slaves.

Watch an inspirational slideshow about Sisterhood, while being worshiped from below!

The screen moves up and down. There are also 'Vibrating Chatballs' to use when sitting on the bench!
Many options!

Read More about the Video Bench

Friday, March 31, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Slave-Built Shrines at Future Femdom: Goddess Worship in the Matriarchy in Second Life

I encourage all worshipers of the Sisterhood to be imaginative and demonstrate their love with their original creations. One tradition I strongly promote at Future Femdom is the building of Shrines by the slaves.

There are a number of them scattered throughout the city, and here are links to three of them:

Shrine by slave russel
Shrine 2 by slave russel
Shrine by slave neil

These cute slave-built areas can be fun and decorative, and also nice places for them to spend time in their worshiping when alone.

I suggest all slaves try to make one for the Sisterhood!

(Men: if you want permission to build one at Future Femdom, contact me, Ginette Pinazzo, as soon as possible)