Saturday, February 24, 2018

Gyanrchy In Second Life! Join the Group For Matriarchal and Femdom Progress!

The virtual world of Second Life has been through many changes over the years. Residents have interacted for many different reasons, from community to commercial to recreational to educational.  Don't overlook SL as a medium through which Gynarchy values can be addressed and promoted!

In the past, various interconnected Feminist, Matriarchal, Gynarchal and Femdom groups have worked through challenges to bring about awareness and change throughout Second Life.

When concentrating on our mutual beliefs (not our differences) Sister Groups have had great impact during collaborations. Though SL's overall culture has changed drastically over time, the virtual world can still be a dynamic and meaningful avenue for those seeking to express and even experience Female-Led culture and principles.

One way to start is to join the Gynarchy In Second Life inworld group.
(and contact me inworld 'Ginette Pinazzo' for any guidance or support!!)

Join the Gynarchy in Second Life group now!

Friday, February 2, 2018

FREE Custom Jewelry Throughout February at Future Femdom in Second Life!

Stop by the city of Future Femdom throughout the month of February (the Month of Romance!) and get FREE custom jewelry pieces available only at FF, designed by Gina!!!

Earrings, Belt Buckles and more!
Each week a new freebie!

(plus these make great gifts, so men: come and get them also!)


Sunday, January 28, 2018

NEW Future Femdom Winter 2018 Catalog and Guide: Fetish Toys, Kinky Play Areas, Matriarchy in Second Life

The all new Future Femdom Winter 2018 Catalog / Guide is out now!

The Catalog is filled with all of the unique, EXCLUSIVE 'femdom' items only available at FF, with teleport links to each item and pictures, too!

The Guide section is filled with descriptions and links (and pictures!) for all of the many areas in the city of Future Femdom. Whether you wish to relax and meditate, play with slaves or socialise, enjoy the best coffee in Second Life (no kidding!), or startb a group play party, there are plenty of inspirational areas of the city!

Please visit Future Femdom and grab your copy of the Winter 2018 Catalog/Guide! Not only does it make your FF experience more exciting and convenient, but it also helps show support for Matriarchy in Second Life when you shop at FF!

Teleport the FF Landing Point now!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Goddess AZA Steps on A Slave: CBT Fetish Fun at Future Femdom

Here are some fun pictures sent in by Goddess AZA, trying out the infamous Stomping Steps in the city of Future Femdom in Second Life.

The locals tell me this is known as 'CBT' 

Great work, AZA!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

By slave erik: How To Worship Gina's Ass

"A notecard on worshiping the Ass of Goddess Ginette"
- by Erik Zamani (Erik Palmer).

Slave instructions on worshiping the Ass of Goddess Ginette

The beautiful round and soft ass of Goddess Ginette deserves to be worshiped - any time of the day. It needs to be worshiped, always. Whatever she is doing, wherever she is doing it. Therefore, slave, you must be prepared to worship the Goddess ass in any way you can. Be prepared. Learn the following 7 types of ass worship by head so you can get quickly into position when she requires you:

1) The Sandwich: This first method of this step is to have the Goddess lying on her stomach, her ass upwards. You will proceed to bury your face into the ass. Optional: Someone else will push your face harder into the ass. Ask a fellow slave or Goddess to help you with that. The more you are buried the better (this also holds for the other positions).

2) Against the Wall: You sit up against a wall and the Goddess backs her ass into your face, making sure her ass is completely smothering your face.

3) The Crab: This position is difficult to describe. You lie on the floor, facing upwards. The Goddess bends backwards, so that her feet and hands are on the ground, but her stomach is facing the ceiling. The Goddess then rubs her ass into your face, once again making sure she is smothering the poor slave.

4) The Prayer: You get down on your knees and insert your face into the woman's ass.

5) Another method of ass worship is for a Goddess to be sitting on a chair, but the majority of her ass is hanging off. The man, on his knees, then digs in. This can also be done with a chair that has a hole in the seat, the slave is then firmly tied under the chair with his head in the proper position for her to sit on.

6) Your Goddess may require you to lie down so she can sit comfortably on your face using you as a cushion.  This can be a tough position and you may not be able to breath but you will worship her ass with heart and soul.

7) The Goddess may require her ass to be kissed, licked and cleaned by the slave, using his mouth and tongue in the best way he can.