Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Slave-Submitted Prayer from slave helban part three

For my Adored Goddess

Wriggle your hips and kick my body with your heels
you'll be surprised how lovely it feels

And see me licking your heels
To show others how warming it feels

You only wanna kick your slave dedicated to your heels
And I betcha not any one of them knows how that good it feels

How grand it feels to lick your Goddess heels
And dive in devotion and the feels

At your pointed heels
Submissive Helban kneel

Barbarisms by Adored Goddess with pointed heels
Victorious victories and I kneel and surrender for brand new spanking deals

Lock your legs round me and dig in with your heels
For the closer we get, and, the better it feels

How grand it feels
To lick your heels   

How grand it feels
To worship your heels

How grand it feels
to be your the slave of your boots  heels



Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Slave-Submitted Prayer from slave helban part two

Thinking of you and writing this

By your stilettos you rise,
Your Heels that gives your legs this madness,
My fiery body pierced with your heels like swords,
I surrender to The icon Goddess set on his pedestal

And this image that my Adored Goddess wants to convey,
Yes! you want me to remember it,
As if to reassure you in your femininity domination.

Under the folds of your skirts raised by the wind.
Some will see nothing more than the moon,
Without even suspecting the beauty that lives in you My Adored Goddess.

The highest heels give to your step,
An incredible accent that resonates in my body and my soul,
On the stairs of the Seductions and domination, at each step,
Illuminate your star with a surplus of shards.

But walking so high can be perilous,
With your heels you take up this challenge,
But do you need to give me this proof?
Your slender figure is already my paradise?

Helban Dagger

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Slave-Submitted Prayer from slave helban part one

To my adored Goddess.

You carry my dreams to your feet, it's already a pretty way to make my dreams a reality.

Your high heels bring me more pleasure than pain because for me a woman with beautiful shoes with heels is always very pretty sensual and attractive.

A goddess wears pretty clothes. But the heels bear the goddess that's why I love the heels of my goddess

You do not need to walk when you wear high heels. My goddess have her heels that are worshiped so she can conquer the world because higher is better. It's a question of logic. In some ways, high heels empower women.

How can you live a life at the top if you do not wear high heels like my beloved Goddess.


Helban Dagger

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Slave-Submitted Prayer: Poem From Footslave

A cute little poem submitted by footslave:

I want my life to give my life
At her legs I want to wake up
From your own pain to rejoice
Keep your eyes locked
For her pleasure, let her heart be let out
And shake it

I give her everything that her heart desires
Because she is the only one
The only one for which my heart hurts
She all means to me  

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Femdom Hunt VIII in Second Life Starts This Week!!! Female-Led Fetish Fun!

Yay! Future Femdom is proud to be part of this year's exciting Femdom Hunt in Second Life!

TP to Future Femdom now!

I must say, this event is one of the more organised I've seen in Second Life. Always a great job by the team at Z&A Productions!

For those who don't know.....
The Femdom Hunt VII is an adult-themed treasure hunt in the virtual world of Second Life, created by and organised by Z&A Productions. It was first thought of around September 2010 and six hunts have taken place since (in April 2011October 2011October 2012October 2013October 2014 and October 2015).

The idea behind the hunt is to interweave a traditional grid-wide hunt (one that includes shops of all types (fashion, household, fetish, RLV toys, etc...) with a hunt that links together and showcases many of the Femdom sims and locations to be found in Second Life. To this end the Femdoms who are supporting the hunt are spaced evenly throughout the location list, and the hunt itself is designed as a circular hunt. The last location in the hunt points to the first and we encourage everyone to treat any Femdom region (or indeed any location on the hunt) as their starting location.

The hunt starts at midnight on October 13th (the midnight between the 12th and the 13th, Second Life time) and runs until the end of October 30th (Second Life time).

There is an SL group for the hunt:


The group will be used to keep people informed of hunt-related news and everyone will be encouraged to use group chat to support and help each other -- and possibly have some Femdom-related fun along the way.

The Hunt's blog:

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fall 2017 Future Femdom Guidebook Out Now! Fun Fetish Toys in Second Life's City of Matriarchy

The all new Fall 2017 Future Femdom Guidebook is out now!

Updated with the latest unique items for your Second Life experience!

Every item and furniture is specially designed to promote a wonderful Goddess Worship message, with items that allow for group worship and group play, ranging in style from relaxed activity to more intensity.

The Guidebook features Landmarks (teleports) to each and every part of Future Femdom city, grouped in convenient categories, along with images to help you navigate. Want to see the Chest-Sitting Mat or the Smothering Bowl, the Foot Pleasure Chair or the Meditation Pillows? Just click on the link in the Guide!

Note: Everything in Future Femdom is exclusive! (not available anyplace else)

Teleport to Future Femdom in Second Life and Get The New Catalog/Guidebook!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hire A Sister! Fempowerment Doesn't Mean Using Men For Work

I find it curious that many assume (and not just in bdsm-circles or Matriarchy advocacy groups) that a FemLed society equates with a Female-Controlled male workforce.

Fantasies of Sisters barking orders and punishing men, in efforts to 'control' them and make them labour, baffle me.

Sisters, that is not the road to empowerment and not a vision that promotes sustainable Matriarchy.

Empowerment is gained with the assumption of responsibility, and that includes work. If you hope to 'own' anything, don't try to 'own' men. Instead, 'own' work. Making men do labour is simply taking your focus away from your own growth and development, your own path to freedom. Making men do the work is akin to giving them more and more responsibility to support society, when Sisters ourselves should be doing that.

When in doubt, never use men to do work for you.
If you really can't do something yourself, Hire a Sister!