Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Second Life Staring Contest: Failure in Virtual World For Interactivity: Are Men Taking Over SL?

In my recent travels across the world of Second Life, researching and documenting the current 'State Of Matriarchy' in SL, I have encountered many surprising developments.

While the enhanced social media system that Second Life can perhaps offer the best interactive and immersive experiences, my journey lately has shown that the trend has been reversing towards less interactivity and more isolation.

I cannot list all of the places I have visited where residents stand around and simply 'stare' at each other. Are they reading each others' profiles? Maybe. Are they sending direct messages (IMs)? Perhaps. The one thing they are NOT doing is sharing in Public Chat. They are not conversing with dialogue that can be inclusive. They are not actually exploring the 'social aspect' of social media.

This is getting bad in the many so-called 'femdom' places in SL, where everyone just looks at each other for hours. Worse yet, the countless 'lower end' kink places and sex places (using 'femdom' in their keywords for Search, but having no Matriarchal values at all) are nothing but throngs of SL residents leering at each other with no chat whatsoever.

This would not be so horrible if it were open to change, and sometimes, when I say hello or try to start a discussion, there is response...but more often than not, people don't respond at all, or even tell me they don't talk in Chat.

It was not always this way. With all of the other sad developments over the past few years in SL, I relate this trend to the exodus of Women from Second Life. As Matriarchal values seem harder and harder to find in SL, and scams like 'financial domination' and evils like misogyny groups are on the rise, I believe this is due to the dilution of Women's SL organisations.

As more Sisters have left, the standards of communication and networking have suffered. Case in point: Even in one of the more popular 'femdom places', I tried (hopelessly) to start a discussion about Matriarchy and was informed by a man there that such 'womens issues' topics made him uncomfortable. Another man (who actually worked there!) told me to 'drop the topic'.

In the end, what is left? Why go through the learning curve to enter Second Life if there is no  interaction to explore?

The good news: there are those of us out there who still like to have discussions about something more meaningful than some man's sex drive. We just need to find each other.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Looking for Social Media / Marketing Team Members: Gynarchy, Matriarchy, Femdom

Looking for Social Media / Marketing Team Members
Some of you may know that my work/mission extends into many areas, such as social media, Second Life, video production and much much more. What I do is also very connected to real world movements and change, on community and global levels.

I work in many ways, mainly to increase awareness, inspiration and education about Matriarchy, Gynarchy and Societal Femdom.

If you have skills and experience in social media, marketing, especially networking and positive communication OR just are very willing to try, (that's what matters) then contact me to talk about how you could join the team.  Whatever you do, we will start off small and build from there - Gina

Comment on THIS post to inquire OR contact me (Ginette Pinazzo) in Second Life.
You can also send a message to me direct through the Boot Goddess Channel (on Youtube)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cute! Gynarchy on TV

Thanks, Kristy for sharing this cute video! Directed by Michael Patrick Jann

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Gynarchy Video! 10 Ways To Support Matriarchy Ep 2: Female-Led Circles in Real Femdom Society

I'm very excited to announce an all new video in the '10 Ways To Support Matriarchy' series:

Episode 2 : Recognize and Support Woman Organisations, Groups and Circles In Your Community

This video is very special because it is an overview of an actual Matriarchal System anyone can employ today in their own communities and societies.

For example, when considering ways to manage issues, solve problems or design a system that will empower, think about ways to implement the principles in this 'Female-Led Circles' process.

Watch Video Now!

Like all videos in this series, while I write the material and executive produce, the real credit must go to the staff at Creative Planet, who create these videos! Thanks so much!

 Outline of the Circles System:
1. NETWORK: Be Social. Attend Events; Help Plan New Events
2. ISSUES: Identify Issues in your Community that Need to be Addressed/Needs that must be Fulfilled
3. BRAINSTORMING: Propose Events Where People Can Meet and Brainstorm New Ideas
4. PROPOSALS: Events where people can present proposals for new ideas or ideas that address existing issues
5. FORMING CIRCLES: People working together on short-term or long-term projects
6. GROWING CIRCLES: help Circles gain new members, work with them to publicize them
7. CONNECTING CIRCLES: find innovative ways that Circles can mutually benefit each other
8. CIRCLE EVENTS: where a Circle gains publicity and outreach with the community and beyond
9. LARGER EVENTS: Where multiple Circle combine in mutually beneficial events
10. EVERY SISTER IS CONNECTED: welcome every Sister into the greater Circle that is the community's Matriarchy

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Loving Ring: Group Goddess Worship at Future Femdom

We have an new rug at Future Femdom. The Loving Ring is designed for up to four men, as they curl around your feet.

This new rug helps reinforce the concept that men must work together to worship Us.  The days of bickering, fighting and war are over: when men learn to cooperate under our heels, they learn to be as one in their chorus of loving worship. This is a key to peace.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Slave Creates Boot Fetish Video About My Manolo Blahniks

A cute video created by a worshiper has made it to Youtube. See it on the Boot Goddess Channel!

I have to say I have a lot of pairs of boots, including some nice Manolos. A favorite black pair of mine has been the subject of some recent 'slave-training' (using Hyperfetishism techniques) and a wonderful worshiper has created this (and other) nice videos about the pair.

I am very impressed when I see men show such effort and creativity!

Watch: In The Mood for Love to Gina's Manolo Blahniks

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Femdom and Feminization: The Message That Sissies Send to Undermine Empowerment

A casual tour through Second Life can reveal much, and one of the many surprising phenomena I encounter often is that of 'Sissies'.

I admit I am not versed in the bdsm culture, though I am always confident every kink imaginable is explored by humanity. I enjoy exploring many of them myself! Sometimes I am amazed, though, by certain trends being more popular than I would have ever guessed!

From what I can tell (and I apologize if I don't have all details correct..) men dressing in 'women's clothes' (as they perceive women's clothes to be) and acting like maids (often very 'submissively') are known as Sissies.

On the basic level, I certainly don't care what people do sexually if it is consensual and not criminal, but the point of this article is to examine the message the behavior transmits to those who may witness or become involved in that behavior. In other words: the possible meaning and impact of a behavior or culture.

Every 'Sissy' I have encountered to date wants to be submissive, often to the most degrading extent. They may identify with terms like 'slut' or 'whore', etc. Their idea of our clothing seems to center around lingerie, maid's outfits, ballet skirts or some strange combination. (I don't recall every seeing a  Sissy wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but maybe that's just my experience)

What strikes me right away (and I have pointed this out directly with normally dreadful results) is that they seem to feel the need to 'dress' like a Woman to be submissive. The message to me is that these men cannot fathom worshiping Woman unless they assume the role of one. In essence, I construe this as a not-too-subtle assumption that only by being a Woman can one be submissive. It is hard for me to conclude anything other than this is a message that goes against every theme of Empowerment.

I usually ask them to drop the pretense and be proud to 'be a man' and worship us as such. Why? Many reasons....but the main one is this: men will only learn to worship Us if they stop trying to apologize for it, or trying to disguise it. The message must be clear: the men must worship. Thinking only a Woman can worship is only reinforcing anti-feminist stereotypes.

The 'Sissy' phenomenon is also related to 'feminization', a somewhat more broad term. I know Sisters who enjoy doing this to men, on some level, though I confess I don't relate to it, for the reason I stated in the last paragraph. What strikes me as even more odd, and ethically wrong, is the practice of forced feminization. That is an obviously nonconsensual practice and I am 100% opposed to such methods.

In Summary:
Men, if you think you must dress in female bedroom clothes to be 'submissive' then have fun with it. All that I ask is that you consider the dynamics of it, the message it sends, to yourself and those around you. Perhaps you could try being a worshiper as a man. That's what the Coming matriarchy is all about after all.

Sisters, if you enjoy dressing men in female bedroom clothes then have fun with it, too. Again, all that I ask is consider the message as it relates to Our Empowerment. Especially when the public may witness the behavior.

And finally, to all Sissies and Feminization fans: Please direct your angry letters to yourselves. This is my attempt at social behavior analysis and is not meant to belittle anyone. Well, maybe misogynists, I don't mind belittling them.