Monday, December 28, 2009

Precepts of the Future Goddess


...To provide some understanding of the ways and insight into the attitudes of the Next Generation of Woman, these Precepts shall indicate Living Guidelines for a world where humanity shall be Evolved.


1. slaves are a species of playthings created for the pleasure of Women - and are inferior to Women as a Whole

2. We Play as We May - yet even if a Woman crawls, She is higher than a slave

3. slaves are not to be coveted, nor are they to be the source of any disagreement or agitation - 1,000 slaves are not worth one Woman's tear

4. We gain strength with Our connections and Our superiority must therefore be greatly Known, and woven into the fabric of society

5. As Women, We Play Together to keep the World in motion and the Harmony in Balance

6. When one Woman cannot walk, Her Sisters take her Steps

7. One Woman's insistence on freedom and indivuality inspires such powers in Us All

8. Depart from anger and breathe in the Wisdom of Your Ancestry

9. Strive For the Future as it must be endlessly obtained through Our Efforts

10. We Laugh and Cry together, in equal measure, as this is Our World Forever.

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