Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yet Another Perplexing Moment in SL

They keep coming! Those perplexing moments!
A slave who started on 'shaky ground' a long time ago, finally seemed to be getter better. The man seemed to be learning the ways of Future Femdom and, while not the most active slave, was getting more involved a tiny bit at a time. (I am keeping this version of the possible very long story short on purpose).
As the result of an assignment, the slave wrote a very good piece about the Matriarchy. His essay was not perfect, but seemed cleverly put together and a good read about the future of the Sisterhood and humanity. I was pleased.
Oddly, that same slave began asking me to 'train' a mistress. This is something I do not really do ('training Sisters?). He claimed he was seeing her, but she was 'new' and needed guidance. I gave the slave polite encouragement and offered to meet her to, at least, chat and communicate (not train). This did not happen, though.
The next thing I know, when I IM the slave to congratulate the worm on his essay, my IMs are ignored.
The slave arrives eventually at the city and is rude, seemingly not following orders. It sits down finally and tells us he has now been owned by that mistress and cannot be used by any other Woman. This is a supreme insult to all Sisterhood, and I wasted no time in ridding of him for good.
Apparently, the worm's sudden discovery of a 'new mistress' was excuse for it to turn its back on all others (those who had been patient and loving with him for so long). This is ANOTHER example of why slave ownership is wrong. It turns respectful worshipers into rude filth, sometimes overnight.
There are good worshipers out there. I see them all the time. It amazes me that there are ones like this creature that still haunt Second Life, though.

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