Thursday, April 28, 2011

Facesitting Times Two! Sit On Two Men At Once

It seems that 'Facesitting' is quite popular in Second Life (it's a term I had not met before) Depending upon Mood, I find it fun to sit on men, I'll admit it, though there was always something I never quite understood about it. Why does any one slave deserve such attention? It seems to me that 'Facesitting' as it is often practiced tends to appease some male desire for possessiveness I am very much opposed to. Of course, this is all solved now that i realized it's much more fun and meaningful to sit on more than one slave at a time. To illustrate this principle, we now have the Dual Facesitter available at Future Femdom (its under the Play Garden area of the city and also ion the Catalog Room). Trust me! After sitting on multiple men, you'll never go back to one again!
See the Dual Facesitter in Our Catalog
See the Dual Facesitter to try it!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Library of Erotica Opens in Second Life

The Library Of Erotica is an interesting literary find in Second Life, and features a wide variety of works, curated by the energetic Jazz Danitz (and I noticed the equally energetic Beth Quander is involved too). The books are well organised and the library promises to have events and attactions soon, live performances in their amphitheater or author's book signings, perhaps? I know I will visiting often and will keep annoying the staff until they open an official 'Matriarchal' section. Anyway, I recommend a visit to the Library of Erotica

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Second Life Femdom Making Moves To The Future

Its been very gratifying to see Sisterhood moving in a good direction over the years, as the 'Femdom' worlds of Second Life have shown a wonderful evolution. Less about bedroom bdsm, secret kinks, or 'collared boys'. much of the matriarchal scene in SL is moving into a loving connection of Sisterhood, where different organisations have embraced empowerment ideals and positive advances that put Woman first, worshiping slave second. Events like the current gridwide Femdom Hunt (an unprecedented treasure hunt-style event across all of Second Life's matriarchal organisations) prove that more and more Sisters are coming together across the mainstream, bringing Our Leadership into the front where it belongs. Networks like the Femdom Community of SL are also clear signs that connections are improving. New clubs like MELB (Music Earth Love and Birth) are also evidence that love of the Sisterhood can be an element in everyday SL.
It's wonderful to see these developments, and Future Femdom will always be here (come and visit us!) to continue the message of our great future destiny!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Orange On The Seder Plate?

For those who celebrate Passover, consider the fairly modern custom of adding an orange to the traditional seder plate. This 'custom of inclusiveness' (generally evolved into a feminist statement during the high holiday) has an amusing origin (read below) but is gaining ground as a new recognition of Woman in Judaism.

Since the early 1980s, a custom has arisen (especially among more liberal and feminist Jews) to include an orange on the Seder plate. This custom is often explained as having arisen in response to a man who confronted a Jewish feminist who was giving a speech and opposed the right of women to become rabbis, supposedly declaring that women had as much place on the bimah as an orange had on the seder plate.

However, Susannah Heschel, a Jewish scholar who is widely credited with beginning this custom, has explained it as a symbol of the fruitfulness of all Jews, including gay men and lesbians.

After hearing that some college students were placing crusts of bread on their seder plates as a protest against the exclusion of homosexuals from Judaism, Heschel substituted the fruit (originally a tangerine) on the plate instead.

Today, there are seder plates made with seven spots, an extra for the orange on the seder plate, such as Michael Aram's Pomegranate Seder Plate[5]

Friday, April 15, 2011

Gridwide Femdom Hunt 2011 starts today in Second Life

The first fully grid-wide (everywhere!) treasure hutn begins today across all 'femdom' communities and retailers of Second Life. Future Femdom is happy to participate in this exciting 2 week event, as residents travel all over the virtual world of SL to collect amazing prizes, exploring the many Female-Led communities and organizations related to femdom culture and practices. (we specifically have 6 fun prizes to find throughout the Future Femdom city....start your adventure at the Future Femdom Landing Point!) This Femdom Hunt runs through the last day in April.
Femdom Hunt 2011 Blog

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Music in Second Life Helps Celebrate International Womens Day

Congratulations to Nadia Lane who posted a great piece about the SL festivities that helped promote and celebrate International Women's Day, March 8 (yes, I know I'ma bit behind with this)
Read the amazing piece on CNN's site abnd all about the amazing women who performed at the music festival
Music in Second Life Helps Celebrate International Womens Day

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Policy: Slaves wearing Group Tags

The Future Femdom group is open for anyone to join (and many do!) but this month we are instituting a new polciy that all men must wear their 'slave' or '*slave' group tag while in FF. The display of this tag proves that the man has been 'approved' and understands the basic principles and precepts of the societal matriarchy.

Sisters: if you see man with this tag, feel fairly confident it has been screened and probably a good worshiper. Otherwise, he may be new and unaware of some of the customs and rules here.

Slaves: if you don't have the correct tag yet, contact Ginette Pinazzo ASAP to get screened.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Twin Goddess Kissing Mats

We started with our new series of Twin Goddess kissing Mats for a reason: it seemed when I really looked around Second Life, I could never find furniture/poses for 2 Sisters to tenderly be together. Everything I found was either for man + woman or, if it was for 2 Sisters, has us jumping into bed right away for sex! Doesn't anyone just lightly kiss anymore??? Anywya, that was the reason, and here they are! There are 7 mats in the series, available separately or in a very cost-effective boxset. They are in our Catalog Room, and also in our new Kissing Garden or Kissing Room areas of Future Femdom.