Thursday, October 8, 2009

Liberation, Love and Worship

What is a free slave?
To restrict a slave in chains, prison bars, collars and chastity, is to stifle the energy of slaves and undermine the role they must play in the future. Men must learn to Worship. That requires great passion. A caged animal is fearful, hurt and may one day rebel or lash out. This is not a path to Worship. In Societal Femdom, we breed them to love. That means they must be free to do so. They must learn to be active and energetic, exercised and fit. They must always be working hard to amuse, please and ........worship!
I do not find any true passion from one that is so limited in its ability to express itself. Furniture that occasionally grunts is not a man to me. A slave that grovels immediately and prays to the bottom of my boot upon the mere sight of it, and offers its heart and body to all of Us without question...that is beautiful to me.
I am always warmed when I see slaves become 'free' from the chains of proprietary ownership and join the mass of men that are learning the ways of the love of the Sisterhood.


  1. Male supremacists based their claim on brute strength and body mass.
    This is a primitive approach to the issue which became passe
    when the world left the Dark Ages and progressed until now
    it is an advanced civilization.

    In this type of society women have proven that their strengths
    stand them in good stead

    as this link demonstrates, women are in demand as managers.

    Each year more and more political, business, academicand scientific leadership roles are being taken by women until most of the
    management of human affairs will be
    handled by them.

  2. Acceptance of female domination and worship of domanant girls as earthly goddesses is an act of love and an exercise in the virtue of humility

  3. Beautifully said, though eventually, we can replace 'dominant girls' with 'any Woman on earth who has learned to embrace her natural Goddess energy'.......I really want to shift the focus away from the male fantasy of a 'dominant woman' to the reality of 'evolved Woman' (Goddess)