Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Over 500 Members

At some point recently, Future Femdom city passed the 500 member mark and I never had the chance to really celebrate it. Of course, in Second Life, you cannot always see that because the traffic is so 'random'. While Sl is filled with danceclubs and sexclubs (sometimes the same thing!) who are most concerned with traffic, I am happy to continue my policy of a enjoyable casual less stressful (and less laggy) environment.

The focus here is not on crowds, but on principles. I have noticed a continuous flow of visitors, some new, some returning, some old, some noobie! Future Femdom is really about a slow and subtle societal shift that is inevitable and underlying in all other areas of life. Do extreme things happen at FF? Of course. Fantastical? Certainly. But the point is that the evolution is never overnight. Slowly, we make the difference!

Friday, May 21, 2010

MAY 2010 Catalog/Guide Out Now

Here is the cover and inside spread of the new MAY 2010 Future Femdom Catalog/Guide available inworld. The catalog is also on the Future Femdom website and many items are now being listed on XStreet (merchant name: Ginette Pinazzo)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Future Femdom at ZEXPO 2010

Here is a view of the Future Femdom 'Play Area' at ZEXPO 2010, including the new ErotiCafe. We're having events there every day and some fun toys to try.
Teleport Now to Future Femdom at ZEXPO

ZEXPO 2010 Welcome Area

Monday, May 3, 2010

ErotiCafe Debuts at ZEXPO 2010

I'm very excited about the debut of Future Femdom's new ErotiCafe, with demonstrations running everyday throughout the weeklong ZEXPO 2010 (Second Life's Zindra Expo, celebrating the 'adult continent')
Teleport to the show now!
ZEXPO runs from FRI May 7 through the 16th.
The ErotiCafe features an intelligent sensor that recommends exotic (erotic!) beverages based on biorhythms, and also features ways to capture the 'essence of men' as a drink additive if desired. Mmmm!