Friday, March 31, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Slave-Built Shrines at Future Femdom: Goddess Worship in the Matriarchy in Second Life

I encourage all worshipers of the Sisterhood to be imaginative and demonstrate their love with their original creations. One tradition I strongly promote at Future Femdom is the building of Shrines by the slaves.

There are a number of them scattered throughout the city, and here are links to three of them:

Shrine by slave russel
Shrine 2 by slave russel
Shrine by slave neil

These cute slave-built areas can be fun and decorative, and also nice places for them to spend time in their worshiping when alone.

I suggest all slaves try to make one for the Sisterhood!

(Men: if you want permission to build one at Future Femdom, contact me, Ginette Pinazzo, as soon as possible)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Athena Leather Jacket and Mikawa Boots

Jacket: 'Athena' in Wine Leather by Ginette Pinazzo

Jeans: 'Starburst' by **Mis**

Top: Balentino Bustier by Jenny Heying

Boots: 'Mikawa' in Wine Leather by Ginette Pinazzo

Earrings: 'Venus' pink./white diamond earrings by Lisa Lowe

Nails: 'Delight' by Ginette Pinazzo

Location: LEMON BEACH in Second Life

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Chill Room at Future Femdom: Relaxation Slave Training Hangout Area in Second Life

Come hang out in the small Chill Room area of Future Femdom in Second Life!

A trio of our famous 'Power Benches' surround a large tatami mat. Each bench seats up to three Sisters and holds up to 10 men!

Also, we have a many pairs of old boots laying around on the mat, so the slaves can practice worship, and squirm all over each other. It's pretty amusing.

Teleport to the Chill Room at Future Femdom

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Cosmos Petal Chairs at Future Femdom for Relaxation Goddess Worship Foot Slaves Massage Fetish Kink!

I'm very happy to announce the new Cosmos Petal Chairs at Future Femdom. They contain all new fun animations plus a glow-light that turns on/off.

Relax on these new, very decadent chairs while waiting for 'your turn' on the Massage Table!
NOTE: These were designed to also look good set up in a circle!

Perfect for Relaxation

Teleport to this item NOW

Friday, March 17, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Giraffe Cami and Brown BAX Boots

Top: SWA Cami w/ lace Trim (Giraffe print)
Jeans: Hana jeans by Ginette Pinazo
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots in Camel
Purse: Seduction Purse by Paradisis
Earrings: 'Goddess' by Odessa's PrimPixel
Bracelets: Autumn Bangles by Bonita's
Nails: 'Autumn' by Ginette Pinazo

Location: Sommergewitter in Second Life

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

GINA's Hairbrush with Animation at Future Femdom in Second Life: In The Hair Worship Salon

I'm thrilled to announce the release of the first in a series of unique animated hairbrushes exclusively available at Future Femdom.

My new series of 'Gina's Hairbrushes' starts with the easy-to-use (and very affordable)  'Quick Brush' model.

Available in Future Femdom's Hair Worship Salon or in the Catalog Room.

Grab one for yourself, and men: grab one as a gift for a Woman you know!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Foot Shoe Boot Worship in the Red Room at Future Femdom: Have Men Where They Belong!

There is a cute area in the city of Future Femdom (in Second Life) called the Red Room, where there many way to relax and chat w/ friends while having yourself worshiped by many men!

Whether you wear boots, shoes or enjoy going barefoot, this spot has some interesting options for group play!

There is the simple Femdom Sofa,, where you can rest booth feet on a man.

Then there is the Femdom Squueze Chair, where you can 'milk' a man if you want, using your feet (well, I keep my boots on)

Finally, there is multipurpose Femdom Foot Worship Settee, with room for up to four slaves at once!

BTW, Thirsty? Try our fun Nectarpop drink!

So, next time in Future Femdom, make sure to try the Red Room!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Worn Black Riding Boots and Zebra Jacket

Jacket: Zebra jacket by Gina (custom)
Top: White Blouse by Roxyette Wise
Jeans:  low rise leather jeans in white by Sioux Legend
Boots: Worn Riding Boots (black) by Eru Yao
Buckle: Beauty Buckle in black (shown in open mode) by Gina (custom)
Nails: Celestia by Gina (custom)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Shrinking Men to be Tiny Worshipers: What the Slave* Group Tag Means in Future Femdom: Second Life Giantess GTS

In Second Life, the Matriarchal City (and group) of Future Femdom has countless fun ways to play and relax, using men as our playthings. One of the more unusual and fantastical features if a system that allows men to be shrunk to very small size!

All members in the Future Femdom group are given a basic 'member' group tag once they first join. If they pass certain basic tests (to ensure they understand the FF principles and will respect them), they are then graduated to more specific tags.

Anyone wandering Future Femdom city or browsing the group's membership will be able to tell, at a glance, who has reached that point.

All Women graduate to the 'Goddess' group tag.
Men graduate to the 'slave' tag.
SOME men also have the 'slave*' tag.

The asterisk indicates that the man in shrinkable! Now, any  Goddess will know that the men can be shrunk. Very convenient. (if she tells the man to 'SHRINK' he must do so)

NOTE: The actual Shrunken Slave System required to be shrunk is available at Future Femdom's Slave Shrinking Center. This a system designed to work specifically with many types of furniture and poses. Other such systems designed elsewhere (while they may look prettier)  may not be compatible.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New Future Femdom Catalog and Guidebook: Best Femdom Furniture and Accessories in Second Life

The New Spring 2017 Future Femdom Catalog and Guide is Here!

Your source for the BEST Femdom furniture and accessories in Second Life!

Items designed by a Woman from a true Femcentric perspective. We don''t have repurposed 'maledom' or 'bdsm' gadgets.  Everything in Future Femdom is for Femdom-use only.
Whether it's a Massage Table for relaxation, a Trampling Mat for stepping on men, a cute 'Loving Ring' to watch slaves play with each as they worship, we have it all! 

Femdom = Freedom AND Creativity.

All of the items come with a real purpose. To inspire imaginative play options, where men are created to be convenient worshipers, as part of everyday life. Where Sisters work and play together, with a complete de-prioritization of men. You don't need to dress up in fetish clothes. Be yourself and have fun!

The Catalog contains images, descriptions and even teleport locations for each every item in Future Femdom city.  (a great resource for exploring!) Also a Guide, there are links to many 'play areas' of the city.

1. Enter Second Life and Visit Future Femdom. The Catalog/Guide is Available at the Landing Point.
One main way is to get it from the interactive Reading Seat there!  There is also a Reading Seat in the city's Catalog Room.
2. Contact Ginette Pinazzo in Second Life (via Notecard is best) to ask for a copy!
You can also get a FREE copy of the Reading Seat (with catalog inside!) to use at your own place.
3. There is almost-up-date version on the FF website here

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Online Tour of Future Femdom: Matriarchy City in Second Life

The city of Future Femdom is Second Life's Societal Matriarchy. where All men are bred to Worship All Women. You can take an 'online tour' of the city on the Future Femdom website.
There a descriptions, images and teleport links for every area of the city, as well as for specifci items/furniture.  Future Femdom is constantly being updated inworld, so the wesbiet is not quite as fersh as being in Second Life.

Take the Tour!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Tan Leather Skirt and Boots

Top: - gold shimmer top by LinaLena Loon
Skirt: - Nicole tan leather skirt (custom)
Boots: - tan Katarina zip boots (custom)
Earrings: - Gold Hoops by Odessa Desideri
Bracelets: - Gold Wristbands by Bonita's: (upper floors)
Nails: Moonwhisper (custom)

Oral Stimulator Demo at Future Femdom with Ginette Pinazzo in Second Life: Trampling After Using a Slave

A nice time at Future Femdom, running a demonstration of the Oral Stimulator, a cute little rug with many uses.
(here I am using it for stomping on a man after using him 'orally'. Note: the other slave waiting its turn underneath!)

We have many unusual and unique items like this scattered throughout he city of Future Femdom. This one is inside one of the many 'greenhouses' that extend outward from the Landing Point.

With me is CrimsonWendy! It was fun hanging out with her!

Teleport to Future Femdom!