Monday, November 23, 2009

Gifts For A Goddess

(a reprint from an article I wrote for a magazine a long time ago...but it's the season to start thinking about gifts, right?)

Gifts For A Goddess

by Ginette Pinazzo (aka Boot Goddess Gina)

In the spirit of the holiday season, I have compiled this suggestion list of innovative ideas that any little slave can use as inspiration in its pursuit of that perfect 'gift' for its Goddess. I will preface this list with three pieces of advice:
1. Do not use a gift of any kind as a substitute for the fulfillment of your regular, expected, required duties and acts of devotion. Gifts are an 'extra' way to please Us.
2. Do not expect increased attention or preferential treatment as a result of gift-giving. Your reward is the giving, and any knowledge that you may have given well.
3. For a Goddess, any and every day may be a holiday, and if you do not think it is a holiday, you may make it a holiday with the right gift!

Now on to the list!

10 Ways To Please

1. SCULPTURE: It may seem old-fashioned, but a sculpture in Her image is not inappropriate IF it is done well. Consider the hiring of a truly professional artist and have relevant source materials at hand! Bear in mind that this gift may or may not be displayed in Her Realm, but may, in fact, be installed in a Shrine or other such location. (She may not 'keep it' but it will get used nonetheless) Her Image is best, as an abstract piece of art or other subject matter may not suit Her design tastes.

2. SHOPPING: Regarding design (and fashion) tastes, the gift of jewelry, accessories or even clothes is not not advised as such are matters of private preference. Instead, consider a 'Gift Card' to a shop that specializes in high-end merchandise AND good customer service. (rare but critical) For the best experience, spend the extra money and arrange for a store representative to be available as a Shopping Assistant for the time when She uses the Gift. Personally, I believe Jewelry is the safest choice as there is literally no end to the jewelry requirements We normally have!

3. FLOWERS: Another type of Gift Card to consider is one for a Flower and Gardening Shop. Resist the predictable notion of buying flowers and allow her to browse and choose her own arrangements, to her personal taste. A shop with a hired Shopping Assistant is recommended for this, too. Do not expect to attend these shopping experiences. You will probably 'get in the way'.

4. TIME: An obvious but unbeatable gift is Time, particularly when that time is spent relaxing, meditating and communing with the Universe. Research an ideal 'vacation spot' and pay for a few days and nights. There are many such beautiful places that may be rented. Do not expect to share the vacation. The point is the Alone Time.

5. MUSIC: This requires research and much hard work (but if you were a lazy slave you probably do not know a Goddess anyway).
Follow these steps:
...Discover the various styles of music She enjoys. Be persistent until you have a good, long list and a true understanding of her tastes. More than the names of artists or 'bands', but a good understanding of what aspects of music Move Her.
....Research LIVE Events and make a list of any and all such Events you feel will fit Her tastes. Compile a list that spans many week's worth of time.
...If possible, compile a list of links to any music videos or audio that shows examples of the artists in any of those Events
...Give Her these lists in an organized fashion so that She has a calendar with which to plan her schedule. The benefit of this? The time-consuming work of finding good LIve Music Events is now being addressed. Quite lovely. an extra option, be available as a guest to go with Her to some of the Events OR notify her closer friends to see if they also want to go. Concerts can be fun with others, notably friends.

6. READING: If possible, spend time with Her in conversation that is deeper than usual. (I am aware that this task is not for all slaves!) Discuss philosophy, science, art, any topic that engages the intellect and imagination. Based on these conversations, research literature that you feel will interest Her. A Gift of a compelling book (in whatever form of media is expedient) is a treasure.

7. WRITING: a well-written series of prayers, poems, prose pieces and other words of praise to a Goddess is always enjoyable. Short pieces that work together to form a larger, impressive body of work are the best as the work may be enjoyed in small doses at a time.

8. SLAVES: for the Goddess that enjoys a multitude of worshippers (as I do), consider the fabulous prospect of presenting Her with a large group of new slaves. This may be done in a ceremonial manner or in a more casual party atmosphere, depending upon the nature of The Goddess.

9. CEREMONY: A well executed ceremony designed to praise a Goddess is very traditional but still in style. A few points: Ensure that She has time to be present for the Ceremony. (Scheduling!) Involve many participants....a ceremony with just you is hardly a ceremony....Keep it Interesting! Have many parts to the Ceremony, but keep each section short and fast-moving, so that the entire Ceremony does not exceed one hour. Include music, dancing, impressive visual effects, props, etc.

10. Chocolate

Happy Holidays! - GINA

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