Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Slave Creates Boot Fetish Video About My Manolo Blahniks

A cute video created by a worshiper has made it to Youtube. See it on the Boot Goddess Channel!

I have to say I have a lot of pairs of boots, including some nice Manolos. A favorite black pair of mine has been the subject of some recent 'slave-training' (using Hyperfetishism techniques) and a wonderful worshiper has created this (and other) nice videos about the pair.

I am very impressed when I see men show such effort and creativity!

Watch: In The Mood for Love to Gina's Manolo Blahniks

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Femdom and Feminization: The Message That Sissies Send to Undermine Empowerment

A casual tour through Second Life can reveal much, and one of the many surprising phenomena I encounter often is that of 'Sissies'.

I admit I am not versed in the bdsm culture, though I am always confident every kink imaginable is explored by humanity. I enjoy exploring many of them myself! Sometimes I am amazed, though, by certain trends being more popular than I would have ever guessed!

From what I can tell (and I apologize if I don't have all details correct..) men dressing in 'women's clothes' (as they perceive women's clothes to be) and acting like maids (often very 'submissively') are known as Sissies.

On the basic level, I certainly don't care what people do sexually if it is consensual and not criminal, but the point of this article is to examine the message the behavior transmits to those who may witness or become involved in that behavior. In other words: the possible meaning and impact of a behavior or culture.

Every 'Sissy' I have encountered to date wants to be submissive, often to the most degrading extent. They may identify with terms like 'slut' or 'whore', etc. Their idea of our clothing seems to center around lingerie, maid's outfits, ballet skirts or some strange combination. (I don't recall every seeing a  Sissy wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but maybe that's just my experience)

What strikes me right away (and I have pointed this out directly with normally dreadful results) is that they seem to feel the need to 'dress' like a Woman to be submissive. The message to me is that these men cannot fathom worshiping Woman unless they assume the role of one. In essence, I construe this as a not-too-subtle assumption that only by being a Woman can one be submissive. It is hard for me to conclude anything other than this is a message that goes against every theme of Empowerment.

I usually ask them to drop the pretense and be proud to 'be a man' and worship us as such. Why? Many reasons....but the main one is this: men will only learn to worship Us if they stop trying to apologize for it, or trying to disguise it. The message must be clear: the men must worship. Thinking only a Woman can worship is only reinforcing anti-feminist stereotypes.

The 'Sissy' phenomenon is also related to 'feminization', a somewhat more broad term. I know Sisters who enjoy doing this to men, on some level, though I confess I don't relate to it, for the reason I stated in the last paragraph. What strikes me as even more odd, and ethically wrong, is the practice of forced feminization. That is an obviously nonconsensual practice and I am 100% opposed to such methods.

In Summary:
Men, if you think you must dress in female bedroom clothes to be 'submissive' then have fun with it. All that I ask is that you consider the dynamics of it, the message it sends, to yourself and those around you. Perhaps you could try being a worshiper as a man. That's what the Coming matriarchy is all about after all.

Sisters, if you enjoy dressing men in female bedroom clothes then have fun with it, too. Again, all that I ask is consider the message as it relates to Our Empowerment. Especially when the public may witness the behavior.

And finally, to all Sissies and Feminization fans: Please direct your angry letters to yourselves. This is my attempt at social behavior analysis and is not meant to belittle anyone. Well, maybe misogynists, I don't mind belittling them.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Feminism, Matriarchy and Femdom are NOT Misandry: Get it Right

Let's set the Record Straight!

Empowerment for all Women, to gain equal opportunity, equal rights and freedom from oppression.

Female-Led Systems, designed to create a more positive, loving and free world. Women as Responsible Leaders in every aspect of life, for the benefit of communities, societies and  the world.

'Domination' not through violence, abuse or oppression, but through overwhelming love and brilliance, creativity and skill. Forget the pornographers' all-too-common definition. We are talking about Sisters leading everywhere for a better world for all. (and real leaders are not dictators, they are positive role models)

Any hint of 'man-hating' in those definitions? You won't find it. For real Feminism, Matriarchy and Femdom, there is NO hate, no destructive plans against men. When we discuss disabling, overriding or replacing patriarchy, it is not out of hate, it is out of love for a better way.

Sisters are continually under attack from 'mens' rights activists' (thinly disguised misogynists, most of them) for speaking their minds and being visible on these topics. Note that is a technique of manipulators to attempt control of conversation by labeling people and shoving them into categories   the manipulators themselves have invented. What could be more arrogant?

No man can 'define' you in his terms. You can have your own terms, regardless of what any man says.
Not to say men do this manipulation out of evil, as most of this is habit they have accumulated through years of exposure and immersion into a patriarchal society. There is no reason to hate anyone who is not even aware of what they are doing. You can hate the systems, but not those people, as they are victims of a negative system too. (now if you encounter an actual misogynist, prepare to deal with that, too. We'll save that topic for another post!)

So the next time anyone accuses you of misandry (man-hating), tell them the three terms and what they really mean. Explain the actual positive, healthy aspects of Feminism, Matriarchy and Femdom that are the true spirit of these movements.

I felt so good researching this artiucle I even kissed a few men (see photo)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gynarchy in Second Life: Group for Matriarchy, Sisterhood, Real Social Femdom, Female-Led Community

I've started a new group within the virtual social media system of Second Life entitled 'Gynarchy in Second LIfe'

This specific group will function as an 'in-world' presence related to the  popular, meaningful and extremely important Gynarchy movements I am involved with in other online venues, such as the Gynarchy groups on Facebook and other global work.

Why this new group?
Over recent years, despite the undeniable impact of the growing Matriarchal worldwide, things have regressed within Second Life. One would assume a liberating virtual environment would be the best place to see progressive change, but the company's own drastic, blundering and oppressive policies have sent the cause of Women's Empowerment back a good number of decades. A quick Search in Second Life will results in almost no results for 'Matriarchy' or 'Gynarchy', while most results for 'Femdom' are male pornographically-inspired financial scams. A few good places still exist, but they are harder to find die to the company's incompetent changes over the past few years.

If you care about Matriarchy / Gynarchy / Female-Led Community and World / Real Societal Femdom, then join this new group. Gynarchy in Second Life is just starting out, but I hope to bring more real supporters and though-leaders into Second Life this way to help counter the current downward trend against women.

Join the Group Now
Watch some videos about Gynarchy

Monday, July 6, 2015

Defeating the Patriarchy In The New Digital Era: Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Societal Femdom

Great article by Meltem Arlkan, about the old analog systems of the patriarchy and the new digital systems that empower Matriarchy.

An inspirational and thought-provoking read.

Read the article here!

More about Technogynarchy

From Analog to Digital: The Revolution Against the Patriarchal World Order

- See more at:
From Analog to Digital: The Revolution Against the Patriarchal World Order - See more at:
From Analog to Digital: The Revolution Against the Patriarchal World Order - See more at:
From Analog to Digital: The Revolution Against the Patriarchal World Order - See more at:

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Eating Bon-Bons in Second Life: Femdom Chocolate Boutique: Tastes Better Than Men!

In the Sky Area high above the city of Future Femdom in Second Life, there is an area called the Chocolate Boutique.

One of the main unique aspects of Future Femdom is that the future is a wonderful, relaxing, fun and convenient time to be.

Dungeons? Medieval conditions? Dragging men around with Chains? thanks.

We can live our lives with all of the wonders and convenience of a modern era, without trying to echo very dark times in human history. (and men that think they can only worship us if we dress up like medieval queens are really out of touch). To this end, I have made sure Future Femdom is all about convenience and relaxation, where Sisters NEVER work for men, and NEVER need to bark orders.

And here you can have delicious chocolate!

You may enjoy men worshiping you as have a tasty treat, or may not. Either way, it's about you...and chocolate! In the Boutique area, there are a few fun play-areas that are all about the Goddess' favorite food.

With the Bon Bon Chair (pictured), you can safely devour one candy after another.  There are places for up to ten men to worship you while you sit, too.

The Chocolate Buffet Table is a cute way to combine two tastes, chocolate and men.

The chocolates themselves are lavender cream (and new flavours may be coming soon!)

Please visit the first Femdom Chocolate Boutique!