Monday, June 29, 2015

Women In The Video Game Industry: 2015 Report: Will Sisters Lead Interactive Media?

Maybe it only seems like the 'videogame' industry, but the world of digital interactive media is very important, like social media, virtual worlds and any engaging system that connects us.
Read this great article about some of the female-freindly highlights at the latest E3 event

We have been increasing our presence and impact in the interactive media fields. More Sisters creating games, playing games, featured in games as characters.....

The future is all about healthy connectivity, and the Sisterhood Leads in this entire principle. Defeating patriarchal 'norms' in ANY industry is important.

Read about Women in the Video Game Industry 2015. The artcile is a nice piece by Christina E. Janke

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Man Prays To My Pink Boots: Slave Brad's Cute Worship Letter: Femdom Boot Fetish Prayer

This was written by slave brad (in Second Life) who was obsessed with my pink cowboy boots....

Goddess Gina's Pink Boots
by slave brad

Goddess's pink boots before me as she towers over me
My gaze is swiftly captured by the vision that I see
Her body towers before me and below her as I stare
And I ponder what it would be like to be trapped inside of there

Or likely underneath them as her dark sole pushes down
Pinning my small frame between their smoothness and the ground
I wonder if Goddess Gina is devising up such plans
To make another victim of a tiny shrunken man

They're always sparkling clean even when she walks around
As Gina has her soles licked clean by slaves that can be found
Loyal to the privilige but selected at her whim
For a place under her soles where the devotion must begin

Her pink boots may excite you but be careful when you gaze
Goddess might just catch you watching and you may become her prey
A victim of their owner yet an honor most sincerely
Ensuring they're cleaned well because if not it could cost you dearly

Pink is not the only colour many hues Goddess does own
That her gorgeous sublime feet have as a place to call their home
But this particular poem is both a labor and tribute
To the amazing Goddess Gina & her exceptional pink boots

Read More slave-submitted prayers and stories

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Matriarchal Style Report: Female-Led Architectural Design

A growing topic of interest right now is the paradigm shifts in design that can (and will) occur with a growing Matriarchy.  Design cultures (including within the field of architecture) that I consider wonderful examples of initial explorations Matriarchal Systems can be found throughout the world, growing slowly in number and influence.

For those who know my work, then you already know that when I discuss Matriarchal vs patriarchal systems, I am not talking about the sexuality of human beings (hello!)....I am talking about Systems. The way they are designed, the way they operate. If you object to the correlation I draw constantly between system-types and Matriarchy (vs patriarchy), let's save THAT discussion for later. For now, let's mention a very exciting aspect of architecture that I consider 100% relevant to Matriarchal Systems.

There is very little new about domed designs for living spaces. (igloos, etc) but modern approaches have proven highly efficient on so many levels, applying new materials and technology to time-tested philosophies. No, I don't work for the company DomeSpace in any way, but I applaud their efforts to popularize beautiful 'free-feeling' domed houses around the world. These are real homes, available now. It is not only about energy efficiency; it is about the pysche of living within a space without hard edges. A space wherein you can really live.

I love their work, and you may notice much of the architecture in my own Future Femdom city in Second Life adheres to certain design cultures you won't find in a 'mans' world of squares, sharp corners and impossible towers! (I do consider patriarchal design a form of 'manspeak'....shall I call it 'mandesign'?)

Matriarchy is a subtle shift, naturally destined, that exists more and more in every aspect of life. Look around: you may even see it in the buildings nearby!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ginette Pinazzo on Twitter: Tweet Me Your Questions About Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Societal Femdom and the Female-Led Future

Ginette Pinazzo is on Twitter: Tweet Me Your Questions About Matriarchy, Gynarchy, Societal Femdom and the Female-Led Future!

Easy To Find!
Just search Ginette Pinazzo

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Sun of the Sisterhood Shines Upon You! Gynarchy Meme, Femdom Meme, Matriarchy Meme

Help spread the positive message of a Coming Matriarchy by sharing this meme.

Unlike the 'dominant' systems of patriarchy, real Matriarchy means la loving embrace for all refusing to 'dominate' but striving to 'connect'.

Sisters, let's work together to Lead the World.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Facebook: Overrun By Misogynists? Ginette Pinazzo Keeps Fire Burning

Part of the Future Femdom movement has incorporated Social Media and some great work has been accomplished globally with these systems.

While not as 'complete' as the Virtual World system of Second LIfe, Facebook has been an effective way to raise Matriarchal awareness, engage in meaningful dialogue about Gynarchy and Feminism, and seriously impact those in areas where the oppression and abuse of Sisters is at its worst.

Of course, regardless of the platform, expect attacks from misogynists (or MRAs as some call them). I have noticed a recent  increase in trolling techniques in various systems, especially Facebook.

It doesn't help that Facebook's own (and very recently revised) anti-alias policy has cut down on the voices of those who (for safety and security) choose wisely to keep certain personal information private. The Facebook policy now insists all users expose their 100% 'real' names publically, which,  if you think about it, puts many at risk for speaking their minds. This is an assault on freedom and Empowerment.

My 'inbox' is filled with threats of all types, every day. Imagine if these misogynists made it to my doorstep. Facebook has, in effect, threatened anyone with a strong belief by disallowing pseudonyms. Apparently no one told them at the front office of the real dangers of NOT using pseudonyms.

In any case, I continue the mission regardless of FB policy (still fighting with them over this). Precedent has been set recently with cases where certain alternative lifestyle communities have sued Facebook to demand safety for their own lives by stopping the practice of 'fake name reporting'. (that is the practice where ANYONE can claim someone is using a fake name and get their account disabled). If you pay close attention, this is a scenario from an Orwellian nightmare. (Reporting others to silence their voices) Is it any surprise that anti-feminists groups are employing this technique?

The mission continues!