Sunday, October 4, 2009

House Rules Come First

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it both saddens and surprises me....someone arrives in Future Femdom and tells me that their own , personal rules come first and that the 'house rules' (rules of the sim) do not. This is beyond amazing to me. In one case, a Sister arrived and had 2 slaves accompanying her. The slaves were not following house rules and she told me that they never do because Her rules are what they follow! Is this any way to behave when traveling? It's impolite to a shocking degree. Another seemed to think that a slave she 'knew' was excepted from the normal rules. When I explained to her that all must follow them, she seemed annoyed and eventually both left. I am not sure why anyone would think it is ok to go someplace and impose their own principles on the established principles of a house. Be a good host when you are home, but be a great guest when traveling. That means read the signs and follow the rules. And yes, to all the slaves out teher who get confused...remember: House Rules Come First (no matter which house you are in!)

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