Monday, October 12, 2009

No Hunting, Stealing, Fishing!

Just a reminder that certain sneaky practices are prohibited in the city of Future Femdom. Of course, what would life be like without grey areas, especially Second Life, but nevertheless.,....we must try to have some standards, no?)
I define hunting, stealing and fishing this way:
The practice of coming to a realm (especially an Open Society such as Future Femdom) with the intent to 'capture men', take them away from the city and own them, or otherwise restrict them so they cannot return or be usable to All. This practice is a PLAGUE in SL, and is even connected to some real scams. We are not and never will be exclusive. We refuse to deny slaves to the Sisterhood; all men are to be usable to All. This makes us an 'easy target' for hunters, stealers, and fishers. Any men that fall for these tricks and get restricted will be removed for this society and probably banned. I have no tolerance for it. (I consider it a major insult to the Sisterhood) Any Women that engage in the practices obviously do not understand Societal Femdom and also cannot be involved in FF anymore. Liberation is what keeps an Open Society thriving.

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