Thursday, December 31, 2009

FF in 2010

I have been holding audiences at my Temple in Popke for the past few days, to hear anyone who wishes to air their New Years Resolutions. Now I will mention just a few of the resolutions that Future Femdom itself will make!

More Connectivity!
We will be setting up better ways for all group members to stay connected, find each other and meet. The old issue of 'popping in and out' and 'missing each other' must be dealt with!

The House Of The Future!
There will be a working model of a house, with many 'modern' conveniences, including all of those features that will demonstrate how societal slaves are integrated into the culture.

Reconditioning Center
To increases the quality and involvement of all slaves we will be opening and running the Reconditioning Center officially. (Now we only use it for occasional classes)

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