Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hard Work!

It fascinates me how much hard work is really required to run a place in SL. Especially a place with ANY type of rules or specific culture. As we tend to attract many 'newbies' (either new to SL or new to our place) it can sometimes be a constant flow of arrivals who have no idea what to do or how to behave. Few actually read signs or notices or touch kiosks for notecards. (I will guess that 3/4 do not).

This means that someone (often myself!) can get 'caught' at the Landing Point, directing newbies and in some sad cases, kicking them out. On busy days, this can be tiring work.

In any case, it's one more reason I am horrfied when anyone thinks everything should be 'free' in SL. Running a city or any type of realm is endless work, but actually dealing with people with such intensity is far beyond that. It's real time. It's very demanding and requires high professionalism. Not for the 'faint-hearted'!

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