Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Femdom Hunt VIII in Second Life Starts This Week!!! Female-Led Fetish Fun!

Yay! Future Femdom is proud to be part of this year's exciting Femdom Hunt in Second Life!

TP to Future Femdom now!

I must say, this event is one of the more organised I've seen in Second Life. Always a great job by the team at Z&A Productions!

For those who don't know.....
The Femdom Hunt VII is an adult-themed treasure hunt in the virtual world of Second Life, created by and organised by Z&A Productions. It was first thought of around September 2010 and six hunts have taken place since (in April 2011October 2011October 2012October 2013October 2014 and October 2015).

The idea behind the hunt is to interweave a traditional grid-wide hunt (one that includes shops of all types (fashion, household, fetish, RLV toys, etc...) with a hunt that links together and showcases many of the Femdom sims and locations to be found in Second Life. To this end the Femdoms who are supporting the hunt are spaced evenly throughout the location list, and the hunt itself is designed as a circular hunt. The last location in the hunt points to the first and we encourage everyone to treat any Femdom region (or indeed any location on the hunt) as their starting location.

The hunt starts at midnight on October 13th (the midnight between the 12th and the 13th, Second Life time) and runs until the end of October 30th (Second Life time).

There is an SL group for the hunt:


The group will be used to keep people informed of hunt-related news and everyone will be encouraged to use group chat to support and help each other -- and possibly have some Femdom-related fun along the way.

The Hunt's blog:

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fall 2017 Future Femdom Guidebook Out Now! Fun Fetish Toys in Second Life's City of Matriarchy

The all new Fall 2017 Future Femdom Guidebook is out now!

Updated with the latest unique items for your Second Life experience!

Every item and furniture is specially designed to promote a wonderful Goddess Worship message, with items that allow for group worship and group play, ranging in style from relaxed activity to more intensity.

The Guidebook features Landmarks (teleports) to each and every part of Future Femdom city, grouped in convenient categories, along with images to help you navigate. Want to see the Chest-Sitting Mat or the Smothering Bowl, the Foot Pleasure Chair or the Meditation Pillows? Just click on the link in the Guide!

Note: Everything in Future Femdom is exclusive! (not available anyplace else)

Teleport to Future Femdom in Second Life and Get The New Catalog/Guidebook!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hire A Sister! Fempowerment Doesn't Mean Using Men For Work

I find it curious that many assume (and not just in bdsm-circles or Matriarchy advocacy groups) that a FemLed society equates with a Female-Controlled male workforce.

Fantasies of Sisters barking orders and punishing men, in efforts to 'control' them and make them labour, baffle me.

Sisters, that is not the road to empowerment and not a vision that promotes sustainable Matriarchy.

Empowerment is gained with the assumption of responsibility, and that includes work. If you hope to 'own' anything, don't try to 'own' men. Instead, 'own' work. Making men do labour is simply taking your focus away from your own growth and development, your own path to freedom. Making men do the work is akin to giving them more and more responsibility to support society, when Sisters ourselves should be doing that.

When in doubt, never use men to do work for you.
If you really can't do something yourself, Hire a Sister!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Future Femdom Open House Party THU AUG 17 in Second Life: Matriarchy City

We're having a special Open House Party at Future Femdom THU AUG 17 at 11PM SLT (Second Life Time)

Featuring DJ Ashley
Plus Prizes!

Discover SL's Open Matriarchal City and Group. 

100% Goddess-Empowerment for Everywoman.

100% Group-Level Goddess Worship

Teleport To FF

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

GINA's Hyperlatte: Best Coffee In Second Life: For Women Only: at Future Femdom Matriarchy City

For Women Only! BEST COFFEE IN Second Life! Try GINA's Hyperlatte
Stop by and grab a cup of the BEST COFFEE IN SL!

CAUTION! This is TOO STRONG for men to drink!
(it might kill them)

Teleport to the coffee machine here

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

European Femdom Community (EFC) Starts in Second Life: A Matriarchal Circle in SL

Recently, I was happy to speak with Savana Blanco about her new initiative to create a Circle of Matriarchal groups and sims in Second Life, focusing on European membership.

As I've mentioned in this blog before (and elsewhere!), Second Life once had a much more vibrant Sisterhood but has, over the years, become overrun by financial domination scams, bdsm places that use 'femdom' or 'matriarchy' as convenient keywords only, and some groups that don't practice true Sisterhood between themselves. The days of the 'femdom networks' have long gone.......BUT.....

Sisters like Savana are on the right path:

Savana's general idea is to create a big European Femdom community. (SL is not always the most convenient for those in European timezones, as the virtual world can be less populated at those times. So far, her plan is gaining some good momentum.

"We want to create a European femdom circle. It means that members will be more strong as we could share information about events and others. The community will advertise your land, and you will join the group, and put the European board in your land as member", says Savana.

While others are certainly discussing and developing other collaborative ideas to nurture better inter-connectivity amongst matriarchal organisations in Second Life, I really appreciate Savana's apparent intentions to build a real Circle, that incorporates a sharing and respectful Sisterhood into its structure. I am excited to see how her plan develops!

Teleport to the European Femdom Community Main Area now!
And Join their SL Group, too!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Beware the MISC: Misogynists In Slave Clothing: Matriarchy Gynarchy Femdom Meme

While there are plenty of men out there who show various levels of disrespect, either knowingly or unknowingly, there are certain ones that are definitely exhibiting behavior that reveals their actual hatred of Women.

(Feel free to share this meme image!)

I don't believe in tossing around terms such as 'misogynist' so liberally.  For this, I refer to the most literal definition.... Misogyny: hatred of Women.

In the often surreal world of 'Femdom', where it is very common to find men professing to be slaves, etc, it is sadly, also a truth that some of them, reveal themselves to be quite the opposite.

M.I.S.C. some in various 'flavours'.....

Some MISC seem like the most extreme, devoted, passionate of all worshipers, often surprisingly quick to placate themselves, but once their very exact 'needs' are not being met (sometimes in the smallest way) , they flip personalities into venomous detractors of a Woman (or Women in general). It is very much like a light being switched on/off.

Other MISC are more sinister as they 'play along' for some time, often being overly polite. They may seem docile, and extremely courteous, to the point you may think they are going through a well-rehearsed script. Again, the instant something does not 'match their script', they become rude and eventually reveal their manipulative and controlling nature. Of course you will find many cases of 'topping from the bottom' (which is disrespectful enough), but I am speaking specifically about those who are doing so based on an innate hatred of Woman. ) and yes, if they really want to subjugate Us, I am equating that w/ hatred)

Finally, there is a very strange category of MISC that present themselves as very intellectual, very enlightened. They may be most interested in heated debate and 'challenging you'. At the outset, this may seem refreshing, (unless you like passive men, which I don't), but this specific type is really 'trolling' you. They are interrogating and spying, to gain information they can use against you. Many MRAs use this technique (so-called 'Mens Rights Activists'), and may even pretend to be strong believers in FemLed culture, until their research or mission is complete.

Sisters, I have many tests I perform to 'out' these MISC as early as possible. Never a perfect system, but I recommend developing one that works for you.

And men, if you know a MISC yourself, don't be afraid to inform the nearest Goddess!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Femdom Is Not A Scary Word: Every Woman Can Be A Goddess

Help spread the word that 'femdom' doesn't need to be a scary word. 

Tell every Woman you know she can become 'Goddess-Empowered' at Future Femdom.

You don't need to dress any special way or carry any gadgets.  No dungeons and torture devices needed. Just breathe the air of empowerment and freedom in a modern setting.  Deprioritize men and use them if/when you want (or not).

This isn't about catering to men....but about becoming free from their manipulations! Spread the good word!!! -GINA

Teleport to Future Femdom

Friday, June 9, 2017

No Female Slavery or Submission Allowed at Future Femdom. Period! The World Has Enough Of That

Over the years, I've had to become very strict over this.  While there are obviously other places in SL that allow this, anything resembling 'female slavery' is contrary to the exact mission and purpose of Future Femdom, a Matriarchy that teaches Goddess Worship culture.  

The point of FF is to teach that all men must worship all Woman, and while Sisters may do as they wish, FF is simply not the place to exercise 'female submission' in any form. 

Thanks, Gina

Sunday, June 4, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Silver and Liquid Metal Outfit w/ Black Wrinkle Boots at Domina Palace

Stopped by Domina Palace (a popular Femdom area in Second Life) to visit Catz Alexander!

Top: Silver Ruffel Top by Paris Metro
Jeans: Liquid Metal by [AD]

Boots: sculpted Wrinkle Boots in black by !Foot Fetish

Nails: 'Jazzle' by Ginette Pinazzo
Bracelets: titanium bracelets by Ding!
Earrings: Nemesis by Ginette Pinazzo

LOCATION: Domina Palace

Friday, May 26, 2017

Portraits of Ginette Pinazo by Artist by IshtarAngel Micheline: Femdom Art in Second Life

We've arranged a new exhibit area with a collection of portraits done by artist IshtarAngel Micheline, and each created as a limited print run.

How can art be 'limited run' in Second Life?
Each 'print' is numbered and only a limited amount have been created. Each print is original (cannot be copied or modified). Once they are sold, no more will be made.

IshtarAngel Micheline is a wonderful artist who had seemed to have a lot of fun making these portraits. This exhibit is easy to find in the city of Future Femdom. Please visit and buy one to show support for Second Life's Societal Femdom.

Teleport Now

Thursday, May 25, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Durango Cowboy Boots Sexy Ass Jeans at Fitch Lekvoda's Penumbra in Second Life

Top: Gold Shimmer by LilaLena Loon

Jeans: Sexy Ass Jeans by drawmachine (in dk blue)

Boots: Durango white ostrich w/ gold by S&G

Earrings: Gold Hoops by Odessa Desideri

Necklace: Riviere de Roses by Lunr

Bracelets: Autumn bangle 16 by Bonita's

Nails: 'Autumn' by Ginette Pinazzo

Penumbra by Fitch Lekvoda
(exact spot: Rose House Somnium)
Teleport there now!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Black and Gold with Dolphin!

Top:  Black Gold by Ginette Pinazzo

Jeans: Black Gold by Ginette Pinazzo

Boots: Mika Boots in Chocolate by Ginette Pinazzo

Earrings: Woodstone Dangly #1  w/ 2 hoops by Bonitas

Bracelets: Gold Diamond Bangles (unknown btand)

Nails: "Moonwhisper" by Ginette Pinazzo   

Location: Future Femdom (in Second Life)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Greenhouses at Future Femdom: Matriarchy City in Second Life: Fun Fetish Toys

In the city of Future Femdom, there are 6 glass corridors that radiate from the Landing Point. Each of these 'Greenhouses' is filled with fun and unusual 'toys',  exclusive toys to Future Femdom. Keep wandering the Greenhouses as we will be adding new toys all the time!

Walking along the top of each Greenhouse to the end, you will see Slave Pile Rugs. These are unique toys on their own and should not be missed. (each Greenhouse roof has one)

Read more about what is in each Greenhouse!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Gina's OOTD: Green in The Garden: White Leather Jeans and Green Leather Boots

Top:  Cami TShirt in Jade Floral by SWA

Jeans: White Low-Rise Leather Pants by Sioxie Legend 

Boots: Zipped Boots in Ice Mint by TB

Earrings: Platinum Earrings w/ Pearls by BB Carina

Necklace: Kaleidoscape Pendant by Ashira's

Bracelets: Peries Athena by Fanny-Wise

Nails: "Gaia" by Ginette Pinazzo   

Location: Gardens By The Bay (in Second Life)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New Shrine by slave justin: Goddess Worship at Future Femdom in Second Life

Slave justin is the latest worshiper to make a shrine at Future Femdom.

Teleport: Shrine by slave justin

I encourage all worshipers of the Sisterhood to be imaginative and demonstrate their love with their original creations. One tradition I strongly promote at Future Femdom is the building of Shrines by the slaves.

There are others scattered throughout the city, such as:

Shrine by slave russel
Shrine 2 by slave russel
Shrine by slave neil

I suggest all slaves try to make one for the Sisterhood!

(Men: if you want permission to build one at Future Femdom, contact me, Ginette Pinazzo, as soon as possible)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Photos by Sapphire Viking: Second Life Photography: The Slavearium at Future Femdom

Please explore Sapphire Viking's photostream! She documents her many adventures in Second Life, including recents images for a party we had at the Slavearium at Future Femdom.

Sapphire also has a great art gallery of her own and a unique style.

Friday, April 28, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Black Leather Biker Jacket and Cowboy Boots

Jacket: Badass Studded Leather Biker Jacket by An@rchy Ink

Jeans: Hana by Ginette Pinazzo   

Top: Dark Light Trees by Nicci Winsmore

Boots: Black Cowboy Boots by D2TK

Earrings: Wanda's Valentine Earrings in Gold: by Wanda's

Nails: "Delight" by Ginette Pinazzo   

Location: at my friend Zedya's!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Pirate Jacket and Riding Boots

Jacket and Leggings: Seductive Pirate Red by Diwama Capalini

Top: white tank by Diwama Capalini

Boots: Acropolis in black by Ginette Pinazzo
Earrings: platinum earrings with pearl by BB Carina

Nails: 'Delight' by Ginette Pinazzo

Location: somewhere in Elysee

Friday, April 14, 2017

Future Femdom at Femdom International EXPO in Second Life by OWK: Weekend-Long Female-Led Celebration

It has arrived! This year's FEMDOM INTERNATIONAL EXPO EVENT begins tonight at midnight and runs for the entire weekend!

Future Femdom will be there with a play area. secret free gift, and information about the city and group. This event is produced by The Oracle of Women’s Knowledge (OWK) and features many different femdom places and organisations.

Goddess Shayna ThetiSheri, Owner and Founder of OWK, stated in an interview: “The intent of the Femdom International Expo is to provide a first-class networking venue to help Femdom owned sims/groups better promote themselves and recruit new members. It is also anticipated that the Expo with provide an environment for all of us to strengthen our sense of community in Second Life, to learn from each other and to share experiences”.
Plans are underway to make the Expo a regular, recurring event. I fully support and endorse this much-needed effort in Second Life. Come and show your support too! - GINA

Teleport direct to Event Location (anytime Apr 15 - 16th, 2017)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Shrunken Slave Garden at Future Femdom: Be a Giantess! Shrinking Men Down to Size!

Designed by Marideath Morpoke exclusively for Future Femdom, this adorable plant pot has a very pretty miniature park, just the right size for tiny men!

The slaves can wander through the park or sit on any of the small pedestals!

Perfect For Slave Inspections and using with Shrunken Slaves

Teleport to this item NOW

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Purple Leather Jeans and Cowboy Boots

Top: Siren Sundress Top in Hawaii  Pink by SWA
Jeans: Lucella Purpel Leather Jeans by Ginette Pinazzo
Boots: White Cowboy Boots by D2TK
Earrings: Venus Pink/white Diamond ball by Lisa Lowe
Bracelets: Wide Purple Shine Bead and Bangle by Bonita's
Necklace: Kaleidoscope Necklace by Ahira

Location: The Nothing at Mirage Island

Lighting: Funky Funky Funky

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Video Bench at Future Femdom: Foot Worhip Furniture Fetish Kink in Second Life

We've acute new furniture item at Future Femdom, called the Video Bench. Room for up to 3 Sisters and holds up to 3 male slaves.

Watch an inspirational slideshow about Sisterhood, while being worshiped from below!

The screen moves up and down. There are also 'Vibrating Chatballs' to use when sitting on the bench!
Many options!

Read More about the Video Bench

Friday, March 31, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Slave-Built Shrines at Future Femdom: Goddess Worship in the Matriarchy in Second Life

I encourage all worshipers of the Sisterhood to be imaginative and demonstrate their love with their original creations. One tradition I strongly promote at Future Femdom is the building of Shrines by the slaves.

There are a number of them scattered throughout the city, and here are links to three of them:

Shrine by slave russel
Shrine 2 by slave russel
Shrine by slave neil

These cute slave-built areas can be fun and decorative, and also nice places for them to spend time in their worshiping when alone.

I suggest all slaves try to make one for the Sisterhood!

(Men: if you want permission to build one at Future Femdom, contact me, Ginette Pinazzo, as soon as possible)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Athena Leather Jacket and Mikawa Boots

Jacket: 'Athena' in Wine Leather by Ginette Pinazzo

Jeans: 'Starburst' by **Mis**

Top: Balentino Bustier by Jenny Heying

Boots: 'Mikawa' in Wine Leather by Ginette Pinazzo

Earrings: 'Venus' pink./white diamond earrings by Lisa Lowe

Nails: 'Delight' by Ginette Pinazzo

Location: LEMON BEACH in Second Life

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Chill Room at Future Femdom: Relaxation Slave Training Hangout Area in Second Life

Come hang out in the small Chill Room area of Future Femdom in Second Life!

A trio of our famous 'Power Benches' surround a large tatami mat. Each bench seats up to three Sisters and holds up to 10 men!

Also, we have a many pairs of old boots laying around on the mat, so the slaves can practice worship, and squirm all over each other. It's pretty amusing.

Teleport to the Chill Room at Future Femdom

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Cosmos Petal Chairs at Future Femdom for Relaxation Goddess Worship Foot Slaves Massage Fetish Kink!

I'm very happy to announce the new Cosmos Petal Chairs at Future Femdom. They contain all new fun animations plus a glow-light that turns on/off.

Relax on these new, very decadent chairs while waiting for 'your turn' on the Massage Table!
NOTE: These were designed to also look good set up in a circle!

Perfect for Relaxation

Teleport to this item NOW

Friday, March 17, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Giraffe Cami and Brown BAX Boots

Top: SWA Cami w/ lace Trim (Giraffe print)
Jeans: Hana jeans by Ginette Pinazo
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots in Camel
Purse: Seduction Purse by Paradisis
Earrings: 'Goddess' by Odessa's PrimPixel
Bracelets: Autumn Bangles by Bonita's
Nails: 'Autumn' by Ginette Pinazo

Location: Sommergewitter in Second Life

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

GINA's Hairbrush with Animation at Future Femdom in Second Life: In The Hair Worship Salon

I'm thrilled to announce the release of the first in a series of unique animated hairbrushes exclusively available at Future Femdom.

My new series of 'Gina's Hairbrushes' starts with the easy-to-use (and very affordable)  'Quick Brush' model.

Available in Future Femdom's Hair Worship Salon or in the Catalog Room.

Grab one for yourself, and men: grab one as a gift for a Woman you know!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Foot Shoe Boot Worship in the Red Room at Future Femdom: Have Men Where They Belong!

There is a cute area in the city of Future Femdom (in Second Life) called the Red Room, where there many way to relax and chat w/ friends while having yourself worshiped by many men!

Whether you wear boots, shoes or enjoy going barefoot, this spot has some interesting options for group play!

There is the simple Femdom Sofa,, where you can rest booth feet on a man.

Then there is the Femdom Squueze Chair, where you can 'milk' a man if you want, using your feet (well, I keep my boots on)

Finally, there is multipurpose Femdom Foot Worship Settee, with room for up to four slaves at once!

BTW, Thirsty? Try our fun Nectarpop drink!

So, next time in Future Femdom, make sure to try the Red Room!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Worn Black Riding Boots and Zebra Jacket

Jacket: Zebra jacket by Gina (custom)
Top: White Blouse by Roxyette Wise
Jeans:  low rise leather jeans in white by Sioux Legend
Boots: Worn Riding Boots (black) by Eru Yao
Buckle: Beauty Buckle in black (shown in open mode) by Gina (custom)
Nails: Celestia by Gina (custom)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Shrinking Men to be Tiny Worshipers: What the Slave* Group Tag Means in Future Femdom: Second Life Giantess GTS

In Second Life, the Matriarchal City (and group) of Future Femdom has countless fun ways to play and relax, using men as our playthings. One of the more unusual and fantastical features if a system that allows men to be shrunk to very small size!

All members in the Future Femdom group are given a basic 'member' group tag once they first join. If they pass certain basic tests (to ensure they understand the FF principles and will respect them), they are then graduated to more specific tags.

Anyone wandering Future Femdom city or browsing the group's membership will be able to tell, at a glance, who has reached that point.

All Women graduate to the 'Goddess' group tag.
Men graduate to the 'slave' tag.
SOME men also have the 'slave*' tag.

The asterisk indicates that the man in shrinkable! Now, any  Goddess will know that the men can be shrunk. Very convenient. (if she tells the man to 'SHRINK' he must do so)

NOTE: The actual Shrunken Slave System required to be shrunk is available at Future Femdom's Slave Shrinking Center. This a system designed to work specifically with many types of furniture and poses. Other such systems designed elsewhere (while they may look prettier)  may not be compatible.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New Future Femdom Catalog and Guidebook: Best Femdom Furniture and Accessories in Second Life

The New Spring 2017 Future Femdom Catalog and Guide is Here!

Your source for the BEST Femdom furniture and accessories in Second Life!

Items designed by a Woman from a true Femcentric perspective. We don''t have repurposed 'maledom' or 'bdsm' gadgets.  Everything in Future Femdom is for Femdom-use only.
Whether it's a Massage Table for relaxation, a Trampling Mat for stepping on men, a cute 'Loving Ring' to watch slaves play with each as they worship, we have it all! 

Femdom = Freedom AND Creativity.

All of the items come with a real purpose. To inspire imaginative play options, where men are created to be convenient worshipers, as part of everyday life. Where Sisters work and play together, with a complete de-prioritization of men. You don't need to dress up in fetish clothes. Be yourself and have fun!

The Catalog contains images, descriptions and even teleport locations for each every item in Future Femdom city.  (a great resource for exploring!) Also a Guide, there are links to many 'play areas' of the city.

1. Enter Second Life and Visit Future Femdom. The Catalog/Guide is Available at the Landing Point.
One main way is to get it from the interactive Reading Seat there!  There is also a Reading Seat in the city's Catalog Room.
2. Contact Ginette Pinazzo in Second Life (via Notecard is best) to ask for a copy!
You can also get a FREE copy of the Reading Seat (with catalog inside!) to use at your own place.
3. There is almost-up-date version on the FF website here

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Online Tour of Future Femdom: Matriarchy City in Second Life

The city of Future Femdom is Second Life's Societal Matriarchy. where All men are bred to Worship All Women. You can take an 'online tour' of the city on the Future Femdom website.
There a descriptions, images and teleport links for every area of the city, as well as for specifci items/furniture.  Future Femdom is constantly being updated inworld, so the wesbiet is not quite as fersh as being in Second Life.

Take the Tour!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

GINA's OOTD: Tan Leather Skirt and Boots

Top: - gold shimmer top by LinaLena Loon
Skirt: - Nicole tan leather skirt (custom)
Boots: - tan Katarina zip boots (custom)
Earrings: - Gold Hoops by Odessa Desideri
Bracelets: - Gold Wristbands by Bonita's: (upper floors)
Nails: Moonwhisper (custom)

Oral Stimulator Demo at Future Femdom with Ginette Pinazzo in Second Life: Trampling After Using a Slave

A nice time at Future Femdom, running a demonstration of the Oral Stimulator, a cute little rug with many uses.
(here I am using it for stomping on a man after using him 'orally'. Note: the other slave waiting its turn underneath!)

We have many unusual and unique items like this scattered throughout he city of Future Femdom. This one is inside one of the many 'greenhouses' that extend outward from the Landing Point.

With me is CrimsonWendy! It was fun hanging out with her!

Teleport to Future Femdom!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Have a Femdom Play Party! New Definition for 2017! The Female-Led Future is Fun! CFNM Goddess Worship Matriarchy Kink Fetish Events!

Welcome to the Future (which starts now!)
Here is your 'Phrase of the Future'! (which you can use right away, of course! I expect the slogan 'Come To Our Party' on sleeveless tops everywhere!).....

Introducing 'Play Parties!'

Not to be confused with the old-fashioned generic term for a social event, or even the current term for BDSM gatherings/munches.

In the Matriarchy, where all Sisters are Goddess-Empowered, and men have become the often-enjoyable stressless no-hassle playthings they were bred to be, The phenomenon of the 'Play Party' arises. 

No crazy costumes required, no whips and chains, no dirty dungeons. No prioritization of men, not in any way.

A 'Play Party' is simple a enjoyable get-together, usually small-to-medium, at any location, and may be announced in advance or, very often, announced as a last-minute happening on social media. Women and men (Sisters and slaves) are all invited.

The concept of the Play Party is simple. Sisters 'take a break' from the work of the everyday and, as a group, are worshiped by, as group, men. Sometimes, the Party will have many many men (the best!). The higher the ratio of men to Women, the better, This is not about 1 to 1....this is about groups of men coming together to Worship Us, collaborating/cooperating in their love and passion as our playthings.

You never know what you'll get: Sometimes it will be a few men and many Sisters, or the opposite. The important part of any good Play Party is to stay flexible, try new things, and soak in the worship energy of those passionate men. (any men that can't worship passionately enough, or become arrogant,  should immediately be removed. NEVER waste energy 'punishing them'. Only their exclusion will really teach them anything,. )
In Second Life, where I manage the city and group called Future Femdom, all members (Goddesses AND slaves) are strongly encouraged to initiative Play Parties. A real Matriarchy evolves from the ground-up, in small circles, then to the community level and beyond. Everyone must do their part to show the effort! This inspires more to get involved!

1. Teleport to Future Femdom
2. 'Call Out' in the Future Femdom Group Chat (you need to be an FF member to do this) to everyone to encourage them to come you. The more that arrive, the better!`You can make it a call for a general Play Party or add some spicy details.....
3. Take some photos and maybe have someone write a notecard to review the Party!

'Play Party! We're sitting one men's faces! Get over here!!!'
'Play Party! There are men here begging to worship Goddesses! Please come!'
'Play Party! Free Sparkling Beverages!"

etc, etc

1. Start a database of Sisters and slaves that can be contacted easily.
2. 'Call Out' as often as you can!!!
(I'll write more about this in another post!)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Interactive Slave Sculpture by Ginette Pinazzo: Femdom Art in Second Life

I've set up a new 'attraction' in Future Femdom, the Matriarchal city in Second Life. The 'Interactive Slave Sculpture' are a series of five works created by myself with an added twist.....

Men can 'sit' on the statues and become immersed in the art in a variety of fun slave poses. It's art on top of art!

These statues are in the Play Garden area of Future Femdom. Have fun there and feel to take pix! Also, the art is fopr sale, so show support by female-led culture in Second Life by picking one up!

Teleport to FF's main Landing Point to get the Welcome Card, with updated rules and tips

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

GINA'S OOTD: Pink Leather Jacket and Cowboy Boots

Top: Balentino Bustier
Jeans: 'V2 Indigo' by Realizm
Boots: Pink Cowboy Boots w/ chrome heel and toe rands by DT2K
Jacket: 'Asia' Leather Jacket 'Isis' by Blueberry
Nails: Custom 'Jazzle' design

On Location: Divine Sadism in Second Life

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Slave Jono's Prayer to Boot Goddess Gina and All Women: Femdom Writing Makes Us Happy!

I encourage all men to learn how writing prayers to Us, the Matriarchal leaders of the Future (ie: Women!) is a wonderful exercise. Not only does this make Us feel great, it also trains men to be better writers, communicators and more detail-oriented worshipers. A win-win!

Prayer to the Divine

Goddess i beg your notice for but a moment
to feel your eyes over my unworthy self
prostrate and naked vulnerable and exposed
willing and obedient existing only to serve
Pain and humiliation is my reward for your pleasure and amusement
to bear the marks of your dominance a patina upon my skin
i bleed and sweat in devoted adoration the stripes a blessing marking my flesh
kissing your feet in worship.. my mouth yours to command my body yours to abuse.. and yet nothing is mine.. as it is all yours
to feel your touch as velvet is just as desirable as feeling your palm strike my face.
by your grace grant me a moment.. and let me worship you in exquisite pain and rapture at the sight of your pleasing smile.
In Service Goddess.. now and always.

- slave jono

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Join Femdom, Gynarchy and Matriarchy Groups in Second Life: Female-Led Virtual World: Sisterhood, Giantess

An important part of the world of Second Life, are Groups. Make sure to fidn ones that promote Gynarchy, Matriarchy and real Femdom in SL.

A brief use of the SL Search tool (inworld) will give anyone a sense of the vast diversity of groups available.  Combined with the ability of almost anyone to create a new group, this feature can be a wonderful asset to spread a message and organise.

Like anything in Second Life, you will need to weed out the many scams or misdirections. The 'Financial Domination' groups are everywhere, as are other groups that liberally use the 'femdom' term but don't represent Empowerment and Female-Led Future, but only promote pornography.

I've run many groups in SL.
My main one is Future Femdom (the same name as its associated sim/location in SL)
Joining FF inworld:
Read about the FF group online:

I also started a new group called Gynarchy in Second Life
Joining GSL inworld:
Read about the GSL group online:

Finally, I have fun group about the playful concept of 'shrinking' men and using them that way 
Joining Club Giantess inworld:
Read about Club Giantess online:

Good luck and do your best to get involved!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Furure Femdom in Second Life: New Landing Information, Rules, Guide to the Matriarchal City

I've redesigned the Welcome Information at the Landing Point of Future Femdom, the Matriarchal City in Sercond Life.

Please stop by to visit, and pick up the new Welcome Notecard, with streamlined information, such as sim rules, tips and principles.

I have always realised that FF  (intentionally) has a very different culture and mission than most 'femdom' places throughout SL. For this reason, it is very important for newcomers to understand the underlying concepts and practices. at the earliest opportunity. (a good idea for all members to stop by and update their information, too)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gina's OOTD: Hippie Top, Jeans and White Go-Go Boots

Top: Hippie Shirt by Chandni Khondji
Jeans: 'Sexy Ass Jeans by drawmachine
Boots: Cheermaster Cheerleading Boots in white
Earrings:  Silver Hoop 3-hoop earrings by Bonitas
Necklace: 'Kaleidoscope' by Ashira
Buckle: Custom 'Heart' jeans buckle
Nails: Custom 'Jazzle' design

Monday, February 6, 2017

Robbie's Enslavement: New Femdom Story Submitted by My Leather Skirt Slave

Here is a cute new set of stories submitted by slave robbie!
For this and all of the slave-submitted stories, go to the archives on the FF website!


It was 3pm me and a couple of friends were having some drinks at the local bar, while everyone was talking i noticed this woman sitting in a table alone reading a book. She had a very elegant posture, sitting with her legs crossed, wearing some brown boots, a long brown leather skirt, and a brown corset top. For some reason i kept staring at her skirt, watching as it moved as she moved her legs.

At this point i wasn't talking to my friends or even paying attention to what they were saying as i was just mesmerized by her skirt, and by her flawless figure. At one moment as i was shifting my eyes up watching her i realized she was staring right back at me, i panicked and just looked another way, hoping she didnt figure out i was gazing at her the whole time. After a minute or so i looked at her again and she was back at reading her book, so i just went back to staring at her skirt.

When my friends decided to leave i said i was staying just a little bit as i told them i was meeting someone, i needed to know more about this beautiful woman. I stayed there ten more minutes trying to come out with some excuse to talk to her, when i finally thought about something i stood up and walked to her table, as i was about to interrupt her reading she closed her book stood up and looked right into my eyes.

Everything i thought up before going there was gone now and before i even had the chance to say anything she asked me "were you staring at my skirt this whole time?" i couldnt lie, her look just made me feel weak and i answered "i...yes Ma'am". She smirked, put her hand on my shoulder and push me down to my knees "well then take a closer look... and its Goddess to you" i quickly replied "Yes Goddess" as i stared at her skirt defined by her flawless figure.

"Go ahead you can touch it...just the skirt not my skin!" she said with a commanding voice, i promptly obeyed, feeling it not just with my hands but rubbing my face as well on it. I knew there were people watching, probably making fun of me, but i didnt care about anything, just worshipping the Goddess standing before me and her brown leather skirt.

Suddenly she just pressed her boot against my chest pushing me away from her and said "Enough, i have to go now..." still on my knees i begged her not to "Please...please Goddess dont leave" she laughed at me and said "...i may be back..or not" she picked her things and left, i just stood there on my knees for a while just trying to make sense of what happened. Now i go there everyday at the same time waiting patiently for my Goddess's return.

PART TWO  'Goddess Gina's Return'

I waited patiently for her return, everyday i went to that same place, but to no avail.

One day as i was returning home from the bar, i saw her, she was wearing a different outfit but with that same beautiful brown leather skirt. I saw her from far away but there was no doubt in my mind it was my Goddess. She was getting into a cab, so i ran as fast as i could in her direction. When i got there she was already entering the cab, so in fear of her driving off, i got into it as well.

Still trying to catch my breath now with both her and the cab driver looking at me surprised, i could only mutter the words "Goddess, please...", still looking at me surprised, she said "oh...i remmember you!". The cab driver a bit confused by what was happening asked "where to Ma'am?", she gave him an address, "And you sir?" i didnt say a word, infact wasnt even listening i kept admiring her beauty, she replied for me "dont worry about him..".

As he drove off, i, now more composed, said "Goddess... can i...can i worship you and your skirt?" she laughed at me and asked "I didnt get off your mind these past weeks havent i? .... well you're in luck slave, i am in a good mood today and feel like playing..",

i had not been called a slave before, it felt appropriate as she did infact enslaved my mind since the moment i saw her for the first time,  she then took her purse out of her lap, and i imediately started worshiping her skirt putting my hands on her thighs placing them carefully so that i wouldnt touch her skin, as she ordered me not to before, and rubbed my face in the leather. As i was worshiping my Goddess's skirt i felt an indescribable high, a result from that overwhelming urge to see her again, to worship her. 

While i was in an complete altered state, i noticed that her skirt had two gold zippers, one on each side, something about it caught my attention. She started playing with one of them with her fingers, at first just tapping on it with her fingernails and then pushing it up and down, Goddess knew she had my attention so asked me "Do you want to kiss it?", "Yes please Goddess please let me kiss it!!", "Its not good enough slave... you'll have to do a lot better than'll have to beg for it",

"Oh please Goddess please i'll do anything, i beg you Goddess let me kiss it" she didnt say anything,she smirked, just snapped her fingers and pointed down at the gold zipper she was playing with, and i quickly rushed to kiss it passionately. Goddess seems to be pushing me deeper and deeper into subservience, i dont know where we are going but the cab stopped, we have arrived.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Femdom in Second Life? It Still Exists! Ginette Pinazzo Talks Matriarchy in the Virtual World: Female-Led Society

While the nature and conditions of Second Life have changed greatly over the years, so has the state of Matriarchal movements there.

There have always been a number of 'femdom' places in Second Life, and I suspect there always will be. Over recent years, however, the positive, large-scale Sisterhood undercurrents have taken a great deal of damage.

Major networks and coalitions of femdom sims, including those with real-word ties and impact, have greatly diminished. Many are stagnant. A great deal of this is a direct of result of Linden Labs own policy changes, which have severely restrained, if not eliminated, community strengths and aspects. (I know, I have been intimately involved with those disastrous changes. I did my best to resist them)

But it is not just the Lab. Many of the femdom sims, by their own designs and practices, simply were not sustainable on a long term. It is natural, of course, and very organic, that sims and groups will come and go, ebb and flow in this virtual environment. However, it is my opinion that those sims with less-than-sustainable social models, have only heightened the situation.

After a prolonged absence on my part (illness), I returned to SL (about 2 years ago) to find most actual 'femdom' had been overtaken by so-called financial domination scams. I am not against sustainable and positive business fact, I think they are key....but TOO MANY of the 'findom' places are actual unethical scams to drain victims of money and create very poor behaviors. Their overwhelming effect has also been to drown more ethical and honest Matriarchal movements in SL. Try to search 'femdom' in the SL Search system and see what I mean!

Add to this the fact that some femdom sims use tricky techniques to 'compete', such as using 'robots to artificially inflate their apparent traffic, or even paid residents to stand around and boost the numbers. This competition (and the jealousy/fighting/stealing of men, rather than sharing) has also contributed to an unhealthy snapshot of the current Matriarchal cultures in Second Life.

In my more recent research, I have started to find a pleasant backlash.  Some sims popping up that promote more sharing and less competition. More Open/Free Matriarchal Societies rather than only  ownership-driven BDSM places. A strong backlash against the tide of 'findomming' and its related scams.

Perhaps it is time for new 'Femdom Coalitions' where sims with similar positive and collaborative atittudes and work together and perhaps, just perhaps, rekindle the Matriarchal flame in SL

- Gina


Join and Support the Sisterhood by entering Second Life and exploring the city of Future Femdom, a 100% immersive societal matriarchy in SL. At Future Femdom, all men are bred to worship the entire Matriarchy.  It's not about 'bedroom sex' or 'slave ownership'...this isn't a BDSM place. Future Femdom is about Empowerment and Leadership, as Sisters lead the world. It is about working together to lead, as men learn to worship us as we do.

Learn more:

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Gina's OOTD: Brown Leather Reina Skirt and Brown Mika Boots

Skirt: Custom Reina Leather Skirt in Chocolate Brown w/ Gold Zippers
Boots: Custom Mika Leather Boots in Chocolate Brown
Top: Leather Vest in Chocolate by SWA
Necklace: Dark Wood Wrapped Beads by Bonita's
Earrings:  Woodstone #1 Dangly w/ 2 Hoops by Bonita's
(my Bracelets are not visible in the photo, so..oh well...)

Location: The 'House of the Future' at Future Femdom

Come into Second Life and visit me!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

All Men Must Be Naked! NEW POLICY at Future Femdom: Second LIfe Matriarchy CFNM

As of this week, we are updating the Policies at Future Femdom in Second Life.

Effective immediately:

Upon arrival at the sim, men must be naked (or become naked as fast as possible) while on the Landing Point.

Under no conditions may men enter Future Femdom unless they are naked. Violators will be ejected and possibly banned.

Note: as with all FF policies, these are 'house rules' that override any 'personal rules' that visitors may have, and override any orders given to a man by anyone else at FF.  (as an example, if a Sister instructs a man to wear clothes of any type, that instruction cannot be followed)  All must respect house rules.

Why this new policy?
1. Members have been asking for it for a very long time.
2. The policy is completely in accordance with Future Femdom's principles

3.  This is step towards building a new, strong network of Societal Femdom sims in SL that hold similar principles, including 'CFNM" culture. This is also a step towards helping simpllfy rules AND inspiring  (seeding) new Societal Femdom sims in Second Life.